As we count down to NFL 2011 let’s take a look at the Razzball goings ons, the news and some links that don’t stink.

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Ok, here’s some news. Just a little amuse-bouche before the main course of free agency is served.

Tim Tebow: It looks more and more likely that Timmy will be the Bronco’s quarterback this season unless Satan wins. Kyle Orton is most likely on the trade block and should have plenty of suitors like Seattle, Arizona, Tennessee, and Minnesota. Tebow was fantasy gold at the end of last season, but I do think expectations should be tempered at least from those crazy numbers, but with his ability to score himself at the goal line and Brandon Lloyd’s ability to catch long off target passes, Tebow will have value.

DeAngelo Williams: Every new report has DWilly going to the Broncos so I’m just going to go with it. Tebow, DWilly and Moreno will be running every other play. This will hurt Moreno quite a bit, but we have seen two John Fox running backs both have value. Once Williams heads to Denver Moreno’s ADP will plummet even further and may become a worthwhile grab.

Arian Foster: Foster revealed that he played most of 2010 with a torn meniscus in his knee and kept it hidden so it wouldn’t be Kubiaked to the sidelines. All I hear are people saying, just think, if he can do that on a bad knee, what can he do this season!? Well, it’s not like playing on a torn meniscus is the best cure for that particular ailment so I’m just going to let this one alone. I’ll say that the longer than usual off season helps heal it up and he’ll be good to go, but it also adds a little bit of risk to him, but all RBs have risk.

Kevin Kolb: Some guy’s sources say that the Cardinals would trade Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie straight up for Kolb.  Everything is strongly suggesting that the Cardinals are going to go all out for Kolb and at this point they pretty much have to. They could go after Orton or McNabb or whatever castoff they can find, but Kolb is really the only player on the market that has any long term potential and since they didn’t get into the QB sweepstakes early in the draft it’s Kolb for them. And like I’ve said before, a box of hot garbage will be better than what they have now.

Cedric Benson: What the hell man? He went all Joe Pesci on his ex roommate knocking teeth out and just doing a number on his face. I don’t know what the CBA is going to say about the personal conduct policy, but Goodell is not going to be as lenient as the courts if he has any say in it.  Ced Ben deserves to be in the Fed Pen, but was only charged with a misdemeanor. The Bengals have been lenient on their players in the past and may go ahead and re-sign Benson, but now at a reduced rate. Unfortunately this makes him a possible target late in drafts. He would still be the main back on a team, which is hard to find. But there is no clear answer to this cluster eff yet.

Plaxico Burress: Plax shoots himself and is in jail for 2 years, Benson beats a guy senseless and gets a misdemeanor. Who knows? Anyway, Plax continues to be rumored to be grabbed by the Eagles. I don’t think he has a ton left in the tank, but could be a TD vulture since he doesn’t need all his speed to catch a ball up for grabs in the end zone. I’m not too worried yet, but I think Jeremy Maclin has the best shot at being hurt by Burress in an Eagles uniform.

And to get you extra crazy ready for some football here are some links I thought were pretty darn neat:

Our friend John over at 2 Mugs Fantasy Football takes a look at some really late round types that might be worth taking a look at, especially in deep dynasty leagues.

Jim Day over at Go Ahead Score is pumping out quality content at break neck speed. One pretty cool project he’s got going on is a Twitter Question of the Day where he asks Twitter fantasy football nerds like myself a fantasy football related question and then posts the answers plus giving his own take on the question. Today’s was, “Who do you want in a PPR Dynasty startup & why? Gore, SJackson or M Turner?” It’s interesting to see the views.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to besides shooting people at the OK Corral and drinking myself to death, well you can check out my posts over at FanDuel Insider. Lately I’ve been Nostradomusing on free agency.

My comrades in arms, Justin and Jason over at the NY Times Fifth Down Blog have their rankings up with a cool little interactive dealio going. I’m hep to those cats.

If you are looking for some Cliff Notes for your IDP draft take a look at this nice recap of an IDP only draft over at Pro Football Focus by our man Jeff Ratcliffe. It will make you less stupid.

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    From what I’ve read, it sounds like Denver has no confidence in Moreno at all so they feel they need another RB. I’ve seen where it’s been written that they have realized that it was a mistake to draft him. Based on that I’m hoping Deangelo goes to Denver. It would make him a decent mid round option and would obviously boost J-Stew in Carolina. More RB options is a good thing.

    I’ll be interested in what happens to Orton too.

    Speaking of rising up draft boards, I’d have to think Fitz will jump up to about the 4th WR off the board once Kolb becomes a Cardinal.

    If Philly gets Plax it may be just another reason to grab Vick in drafts. From what I’ve seen in mocks, and what I’ve read, the Vick hype has died down since last year some. That’s fine with me. I’ll still take him as my 1st QB off the board in the 1st round.

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yeah cedric is an idiot,the bungles will be terrible,and im ready for some football

  3. Hayden says:

    “better than I”

  4. Matt says:

    @Hayden: Incorrect. It’s better than me. Would you say “John is a better writer than I”? Nope.

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