Another week, another mock draft! This time I’ve added in some trades. If you’d like to know more, check out my Instagram where I profile every pick of the first round. In this article I’ll be focusing on the wide receivers who could be drafted in the 1st round. If you have any questions, comment below or hit me up on Instagram @thefantasyfirstdown or Twitter @FantasyFirstDwn. You can also find my rankings at ffdfantasyfootball.com


  • Player: Marvin Harrison Jr
  • School: Ohio State
  • Projected Pick: 1.04 to Arizona Cardinals

This draft class has a heap of top end quality. The first three picks will all be quarterbacks and good quarterbacks at that. The Cardinals are therefore in a fantastic position with the 4th pick. They can select from two elite wide receiver prospects or trade back with the Vikings, who will be keen to move up and snatch JJ McCarthy. The Cardinals already have two first round picks and have a desperate need at receiver so I expect they stick and pick Marvin Harrison Jr. Harrison is a fantastic route runner who is sensational at pulling in catches. He’s great along the sideline but can operate on the inside too. With great top speed he’s got a projected 40 time under 4.4s and has great explosiveness too. He’s tall though he lacks real strength which is the main knock on him. Harrison is one of the best wide receiver prospects we’ve seen this century, in the same ballpark as AJ Green and Calvin Johnson. He’s a no doubt 1st overall pick in dynasty, regardless of where he goes. In redraft it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up in the 1st round conversation, though that will depend more on his landing spot.


  • Player: Malik Nabers
  • School: LSU
  • Projected Pick: 1.06 to New York Giants

While Harrison gets most of the plaudits in this draft class, Malik Nabers is an elite prospect in his own right. In fact, some teams have Nabers rated higher than Harrison! The Chargers could certainly use a wide receiver with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams out of town, but I think the temptation to trade back with the Vikings will be too high. The Chargers also need an offensive tackle so it’s not out of the question to see them go for Joe Alt with the 5th pick. For that reason, I think the most likely landing spot for Nabers is New York. He will provide Daniel Jones the number one receiver he’s been lacking as the Giants give their quarterback one more chance to succeed. The LSU alum is a true burner who can make plays downfield or after the catch with his field vision. He’s a nuanced route runner though he lacks the size of Harrison and Rome Odunze to make contested catches. He should be the 2nd overall pick in dynasty rookie drafts come May.


  • Player: Rome Odunze
  • School: Washington
  • Projected Pick: 1.09 to Los Angeles Chargers

Now I know what you’re thinking, why do the Chargers have the 9th pick? The Jets are very much in the Rome Odunze sweepstakes and they pick 10th. Meanwhile, the Bears will likely select an edge rusher, so they can drop back and still take Jared Verse later on. I’m projecting the Chargers to leapfrog NYJ any number of other teams could do the same. Odunze is the third stud receiver in this class and he won’t make it out of the top ten. While Nabers is a speed freak and Harrison does his best work before the ball is thrown, Odunze is elite at the point of the catch. Despite his 6’3”, 212lb frame he still has 4.45 speed and is an adept route runner. There are question marks over his ability to separate from NFL cornerbacks but he’s no Quentin Johnston and is the third of the truly safe WR prospects in this class. He’ll likely be third off the board in most dynasty rookie drafts.


  • Player: Brian Thomas Jr
  • School: LSU
  • Projected Pick: 1.28 to Buffalo Bills

From picks 11-27 there’s few teams who badly need a wide receiver. But Brian Thomas Jr is too good to fall all the way to Buffalo. I suspect a team will see the value and either jump up to get him or go against need and pick him up anyway. Thomas often flies under the radar by playing alongside Malik Nabers and by graduating in a class with three brilliant receivers, but he’s a super player in his own right. Another speed merchant, Thomas is a true vertical threat who can line up across the formation. He’s a solid route runner but lacks the fluidity of Harrison and Nabers. His wooden hands and weak contested ball play are the reasons he’s going so much later. In fantasy rookie drafts, he will likely fall behind Brock Bowers, a couple of running backs and in Superflex, a few quarterbacks. But he’s still a high upside prospect who could become a real fantasy asset due to his ability to break off big plays and find the end zone.


  • Player: Adonai Mitchell
  • School: Texas
  • Projected Pick: 1.32 to Kansas City Chiefs

Adonai Mitchell isn’t my fifth favorite wide receiver, but he’s the consensus pick as the fifth receiver off the board and considered highly likely to get selected on Night 1 of the NFL Draft. I have the Chiefs picking him but he could easily go to the Bills, the 49ers or, in a trade up, the Panthers. Mitchell is big and wide with fluid movement and smart route running. He’s a little prone to drops and doesn’t play to his size but my biggest concern is his lack of strength both at the release and the point of the catch. His landing spot will dictate whether he’s a 1st rounder in rookie drafts or whether he falls a little. Unless he ends up with the Panthers, I think he could be a nice value pick in the latter part of the 1st round due mostly to his new quarterback.


  • Player: Xavier Legette
  • School: South Carolina
  • Projected Pick: Early 2nd round

Xavier Legette is my guy. I’ve had him in college fantasy for years and I absolutely love him. He’s not as tall as Odunze or Mitchell but he plays like a giant. He’s big and strong in the air with surprising deep speed. Legette’s strong in contested catches and uses his strength to bulldoze defenders with the ball in hand. He’s not a fluid mover, nor is he quick off the line of scrimmage, but he’s a high upside player who could develop into a true WR1. I love his upside, all he needs is quality coaching. All I can say is, please don’t go to the Panthers. He’ll likely fall to the second round of rookie drafts and I’ll be going out of my way to get him on my dynasty teams.


  • Player: Xavier Worthy
  • School: Texas
  • Projected Pick: Early 2nd round

Here’s another player who could sneak into the 1st round but I’m not entirely sure why. Xavier Worthy’s not particularly big or fast. He’s got good acceleration but lacks top speed. He’s a good route runner, but only when he feels like it. He can track the ball well but then he makes sloppy drops. He’s more of a situational weapon rather than an every down player and I can’t imagine why any team would draft him anywhere near the 1st round, he’s just not worthy. In dynasty, he’s a guy I’d rather let other guys reach for.



  • Player: Keon Coleman
  • School: Florida State

At one stage considered a clear first rounder, Coleman ran a sluggish 40 at the combine and will now likely fall into the second round. He’s big and strong with good hands but will need some development. His upside is a starting X receiver.


  • Player: Ricky Pearsall
  • School: Florida

Pearsall has been a riser through the draft process. He’s not overly big and his speed is good but not elite. But his movement is great both before and after the catch and he profiles as a solid starting slot receiver.


  • Player: Ladd McConkey
  • School: Georgia

A solid YAC receiver, McConkey lacks the speed to make up for his small frame. You’ll sometimes see him erroneously mocked in the 1st round but I think he’s more likely to fall deep into the 2nd. His injury history could see him fall even further but that shouldn’t scare you off too much in fantasy. He’ll be a solid 3rd round rookie pickup if he falls in the draft and that’s when he’ll offer some value.


  • Player: Troy Franklin
  • School: Oregon

As a big Tez Johnson fan thanks to college fantasy, I got to enjoy the Troy Franklin show most weeks. He looked fantastic in college but his solid speed and size won’t be enough to outweigh his skinny frame against NFL cornerbacks. He will need some development time but will hopefully grow into a solid No. 2 receiver.


  • Player: Jermaine Burton
  • School: Alabama

A talented player with 1st round upside, character concerns will likely see Burton drop as far as the 3rd or 4th rounds. He’s a good player to take a punt on later in rookie drafts as the upside if he hits is big.


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