Another of our great writers here at Razzball, Nic Romero, highlights the Tampa Bay-Seattle matchup as one that should yield some high scoring. With an over/under of 53 points, there’s a lot of fantasy production to be had, and as such, many of the players on these rosters will be featured as good options in this article. But honestly, the implied total of 23.5 points for the Buccaneers seems low. Since when is there a shootout with Tampa Bay involved where they don’t score like 70 points and still find a way to lose by 3?

Utilizing the odds allows us to see more juicy daily fantasy matchups, including some teams that don’t usually get too much love in addition to some fairly obvious picks.

Because DraftKings and FanDuel offer different prices for certain players and have a different cash total overall, one option may be better for a certain app than for the other app, and that will be noted. The first price is their DraftKings cost, and the second is the FanDuel cost.


Jameis Winston ($6,100/$7,500)

I don’t want to steal everything from Nic’s article, but a lot of what leads me to believe in Jameis this week comes right from the statistics that he used to delve into the likely shootout. So to supplement those stats, I’ll give you a few of my own.

Winston is the only quarterback, and I’m fairly certain of this, that can put up 20 fantasy points – a respectable number – while turning the ball over six times. In fact, Jameis has had two pretty good fantasy weeks in a row while turning the ball over at a high rate. That said, the two defenses he played against are ranked as the No. 7 and 8 defenses by Pro Football Focus. The Seahawks do not present a defensive-minded team, and are actually in the bottom five in generating pass rush and about average in coverage rankings. Their offense is capable of putting up points and really shouldn’t have too much trouble against the Bucs defense.

So, with Winston flinging the ball at high rates as usual, expect him to produce in fantasy, no matter how ugly the overall showing is.

Ryan Fitzpatrick ($4,800 – DraftKings only)

It’s gotta be pretty insulting for DraftKings to rank Fitzpatrick lower than Marcus Mariota this week, but his cost is so unbelievably cheap in a favorable matchup. As lost as the Dolphins are, this game will probably be pretty competitive, as the Jets are comparable in their offensive woes. The Jets have scored just 78 points on the season as compared to the Dolphins’ 77. So why trust Fitzpatrick this week in a game featuring two offenses that can’t score? Because the Jets should be able to score against the miserable Miami defense, leading some Fitzmagic to begin brewing. A couple of touchdowns are all that we ask of Fitzpatrick in this one to exceed his value based on price.

Other options: Derek Carr ($5,500/$7,300 – more worth it on DraftKings); Matthew Stafford ($6,800/$7,900)

Running Back

Get ready to spend on this position this week.

Dalvin Cook ($9,500/$9,000)

It’s no secret that the Chiefs struggle to defend the run. They’re the worst rushing defense in football, and it’s not really by a close margin. The Vikings, alternatively, have a top rush offense in the league. What’s even better for Minnesota is that, whether or not Mahomes plays, the offensive situation in Kansas City won’t require as much of a passing attack as teams usually need to utilize in order to keep up. Riding Dalvin Cook all game will undoubtedly be the Minnesota game plan, and his high price is reflective of the real possibility that he records a massive game. With a floor hovering around 120 yards and a touchdown, it’s impossible not to want his services on your roster this week.

Aaron Jones ($7,000/$7,700)

It’s a start-your-studs kind of week. The pricing isn’t great on a lot of the sneakier, cheaper options here, and neither are the matchups. However, Jones has another opportunity to be the number one running back in all of fantasy, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he and Cook ended up at the top of that list. The Chargers have a subpar rush defense, and especially struggle in making tackles in the open-field (a league-low 39.8 out of 100 in that category on Pro Football Focus), which should allow Jones to feast. 

Other options: Jaylen Samuels ($4,000/$5,000); Austin Ekeler ($6,000/$6,500)

Wide Receiver

Chris Godwin/Mike Evans ($7,300/7,200 – DraftKings Only)

FanDuel has the Tampa Bay pair ranked as the most expensive and second-most expensive options, respectively. That should clue you into the type of week that is coming for the pass-happy Buccaneers. The stack is almost too obvious here, but it doesn’t feel like a trap at all. Roll with one or both of these guys in your lineup, because Jameis is going to target both of them a ton, and reap the massive gains.

DeVante Parker ($4,400/$5,800)

Parker has been undeniably consistent this season, which is actually really surprising considering you don’t hear his name as a fantasy option at all. He’s shown good chemistry with Fitzpatrick and has had three straight weeks of solid fantasy production. The Jets also concede big numbers to opposing teams’ No. 1 wideouts, and around 24 ppg to opposing wide receiver corps overall. With Parker as the better option compared to Preston Williams, he has a high floor and high upside in this matchup.

Other options: Marvin Jones ($6,000/$5,700 – especially worth it on FanDuel); Keenan Allen ($6,400/$7,300)

Tight End

Zach Ertz ($4,700/$6,000)

What on earth has happened to Zach Ertz this season? An overreaction. That’s what has happened. Because in close, grind-it-out games like the one we’re going to see on Sunday between Philadelphia and Chicago, I still believe that there is no one Wentz would rather go to than his trusty tight end. The running game is always tough to come by against the Bears, and DeSean Jackson either a) returns, which stretches the field for Ertz and allows him to operate underneath, or b) doesn’t return, meaning Wentz has fewer options to throw to. Seems like a win-win.

Other options: Jack Doyle ($3,000/$5,000 – more worth it on DraftKings)


Buffalo Bills ($3,800/$5,000)

Haskins is starting. The franchise is in complete disarray. And the Bills mafia will be energizing them the whole way in what could be a brutal beatdown of Washington. FanDuel has this one right, as the Bills are priced higher than the Patriots are, which isn’t the case on DraftKings. So, especially take advantage of this on the latter app.