Welcome to Week 6.  There will be surprises today. Many, many surprises. That is the only thing that will remain consistent from week to week. It can get infuriating. There will be some players that are consistent, at least in comparison to other players, but they are few and far between. As soon as you get past the top 10 or less at each position it often feels like a shot in the dark. We have the stats, the video, the analysis and still we’ll be watching today and be completely baffled. Yes, we’ll get some calls right and some wrong and hopefully we’ll get enough right to win our games, but it often feels like we might as well have a pack of kittens picking players. That’s what makes this game so fun of course, but sometimes it can feel like we are banging our heads against the walls. This is all to say that you have to be willing to cut your losses and stand firm all at the same time. Be stubborn and wishy-washy!

This post is going to be a cornucopia, plethora, deluge, flood, glut, overabundance, overkill,  profusion, superabundance, superfluity, surfeit, and a surplus if you will, of links and analysis.

Clint is working diligently on keeping the Week 6 Fantasy Football Injury Report up to date so go over there and make fun of him for working so hard.

I’ve been trying to tweak our App without causing World War III and this is what I’ve come up with — iPhone and Android.

Join our Week 6 FanDuel Tournament.

Denarius Moore: The hype has died off, but the ability is still there. I find it hard to really trust an Oakland receiver fully, but in these trying times of bye weekness I will often throw out the upside play over the safe/bluh play. The good news for Moore is that Joe Haden is out and even though it seems that Darrius Heyward-Bey is the #1 receiver and Haden’s absence would help him, teams have been playing Moore as if he was the #1 receiver. Last week when Moore got 6 targets and no receptions he was being covered by Jon Joseph (Jingleheimeschmidt) which was the main reason for the zero receptions. DHB will get his work as well and it’s hard to predict who will be the fantasy winner this week, but I like Moore’s upside.

If you like to keep track of targets during the games like I do, you should check out the ESPN Scoring Leaders page. You can sort by targets and teams and all kinds of stuff.

The Shutdown Corner Podcast is one of the few I check on and they talk with Greg Cosell who always makes you a little smarter about football when you listen.


Millenball – watch more funny videos

Marques Colston: My perception of Colston has change of late. I was worried about his knees for this season and then he goes and breaks his collarbone. He has been the #1 targeted receiver in New Orleans every year he’s been healthy and was fully back on the field last week. Jimmy Graham has been the main guy this season and will get some extra attention. The Buccaneers pass defense has been pretty sad this season. They do get Tanard Jackson back, but I think it will take him a while to get back into game shape. I like Colston.

Bill Simmons gives us his Week 6 picks and tells us what we have learned so far about this season.

Mike Silver asks 32 Questions. There happen to be 32 NFL teams.

Earnest Graham: Yeah you’re probably throwing him in your flex spot anyway. We have an injured LeGarrette Blount and the bye week blues, but I’m liking him a little more than most. He’s not a great running back, but he has shown an ability in space that I didn’t expect from him and hands in the receiving game that I also feel have improved. What I like about this matchup is that he won’t come off the field. The Saints are giving up 5.4 yards per carry and are the 5th worst in receiving yards yielded to running backs. I also don’t trust Josh Freeman with the Saints probably blitzing a lot. They will have to set up a lot of screen passes to combat that. If Graham doesn’t have 5+ receptions I’d be surprised.

Andy Benoit takes a look at the Week 5 film for each game at The 5th Down Blog.

If you haven’t been reading Mike Braude and Asher Molk‘s Matchup Article you should be!

Let’s see what Carl thinks of the recently deceased Al Davis’s Oakland Raiders vs. The Cleveland Browns:

Victor Cruz: I don’t want to like him because I like Manningham so much, but he is making shizz happen and Manning keeps targeting him. Last week Jason Avant had 9 receptions on 10 targets for 139 yards and plays the same position as Cruz. They won’t be able to ignore Hakeem Nicks or even Manningham and without Brandon Jacobs will need to pass even on running downs.

Tim Tebow is exciting and excruciating at the same time according to Pete Prisco.

My Target Watch at Rotoworld and Passing and Rushing Forecast at FanDuel Insider.

Evan Silva’s Week 6 Matchup Article.

Jerome Simpson: I think Cedric Benson and A.J. Green get the bulk of the fantasy points in this one, but the Colts are pretty darn bad in all aspects of defense right now. Last week Steve Breaston had a couple TDs on the other side of Dwayne Bowe and I think Simpson will have some room this week if you are looking for a bye week filler.

I’m thinking we need some kind of hair conduct policy implemented in the NFL.

  1. Lubey says:

    Just to f-up Moore’s situation even more, I believe Louis Murphy will be back this week. How many snaps he plays nobody knows!!

  2. John Barleycorn says:

    Here’s my “ugh” choice this week. Which one of these for flex WR in a PPR league?: Hines Ward, Laurent Robinson, Jerome Simpson, Preston Parker, Kevin Walter, Denarius Moore. I have Robinson, but the rest are available on the waiver wire.

  3. timmy riggins says:

    wr3- dmoore or little .5ppr? thanks

  4. Lubey says:

    @timmy riggins: I like little esp. ppr

  5. TD's n Beer says:

    Hi Doc, This is my first season using your site and I love the work you guys are doing, Great job!

    Im struggling with TE! (I’m sure thats surprising to you) Who do you like this week, Davis, Watson, or Miller?

  6. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    hey Doc:couple questions for today…..

    16 team ppr(rtn yds count),who to start at my 3rd flex spot?

    Sims-Walker,Cribbs,Roosevelt or Cooley?

    8 team ppr points league,better flex option?

    Torrain or Maclin?


  7. theguarantee says:

    To anyone:
    .5 PPR – Greg Little, Michael Crabtree or Steven Ridley.

  8. zaj says:

    1 pt PPR – Percy Harvin, David Nelson, or Greg Little?


  9. hideousmutants says:

    having mixed feelings about my Flex during a week I should dominate. Do you roll the dice in weeks like this or play it safe? Who to start in a 1pt PPR?

    Greg Little
    Shonn Greene

  10. PF says:

    With Julio out, should i flex D Moore or Harvin?

  11. slew says:

    Can you rank these three for today’s match-ups, non ppr?

    Harvin, Little, and V. Davis

  12. PF says:

    in another lg(non-ppr), i have to start 2 from J Stewart(1pm), Manningham(1pm), Meachem(4pm), Ridley(4pm).

    I’m leaning manningham & stewart because i don’t want to gamble on BGE being a late scratch and Ridley is going against the Dallas run D

  13. CL says:

    mornin’! nice day for some football here!

    Wayne or Pettigrew for my flex, 1 pt PPR?

    Rothlesberger, Sanchez, or Ryan? I’m leaning R-berger starting on a streak?

  14. John Barleycorn says:

    By the way, your target watch at rotoworld forgot the Baltimore Ravens.

  15. AB says:

    I’m going to need a WR to fill in for next week and the top guys available are D Moore (v KC), H Ward (@ARI), D Baldwin / M Williams (@CLE), Meachem (v IND). I’m leaning towards D Moore from that.

    Also, who to drop? My only other bench WR is M Floyd (bye), and RBs R Bush, I Redman, D Carter, and S Ridley

    Or should I just wait on it? Thanks

  16. eltoo says:

    PPR league. Already starting Torain…
    Play it safe and start Hightower as well or start D. Moore instead?

  17. paulzone says:

    who do you like more this week:

    jerome simpson or denarius moore?

    And do you prefer 1 of the 2 above over these bye week WR3 fill ins:

    knox, walter, alexander, douglas, gibson, sims-walker, preston parker


  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @eltoo: I’d go Moore, but I’m wild and crazy!

    @AB: I’d grab Moore in case he has a good game today. And drop Redman.

    @John Barleycorn: None of the bye week teams are on there. It mentions that in the introduction.

    @CL: Pettigrew, Go with your gut there. It’s close.

    @PF: Agreed

    @slew: VD, Little, Harvin

    @theguarantee: I’m leaning Crabtree, but it’s close between him and Little

    @PF: I’d lean Harvin

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Cribbs, Maclin

    @TD’s n Beer: Thanks. I like VD

    @timmy riggins: Little

    @John Barleycorn: With Austin back I’d lean Simpson. Bit of a crapshoot.

  19. Mike says:

    Would you start B. Marshall or Heyward-Bey?

  20. Chuck Norris says:

    Ugh, desperate for RB, whose your pick: Hilliard, D Brown, Tomlinson???

  21. FUdGE says:

    I have changed my stupid lineup in my head 5,164 times this week. I need two RB’s in a 1 point ppr league I have Ahmad Bradshaw, then Mendy, Torain, and S. Greene. I am on a bye week plus Andre J. with my reciever so i got Mario M. and Reggie Wayne going so need the points. Got Bradshaw and Torain in there but am trying to wimp out and go with Greene. What do you think?

  22. TheRealTaz says:

    Pick one, PPR: Greg Little, David Nelson, James Jones. Thanks!

  23. Sawx10 says:

    Ryan Torain, Ingram, or Felix Jones for flex (PPR)?

  24. Jon says:

    What does everyone think of this accepted trade?

    Guy 1 gives up Andre Johnson
    Guy 2 gives up Pettigrew & Gostkowski

    Guy 1 already owns Jimmy Graham. Trading his 1st rounder for a backup TE and a kicker? Wtf.

  25. paulzone says:

    @paulzone: pick my wr3 for this week:

    simpson, denarius, sims-walker, douglas, gibson, walter

    much obliged

  26. Van Haggard says:

    Start jahvid best or daniel Thomas? Non ppr…

  27. D.A. says:

    I’m not thrilled with my situation this week. Pick 2 for RB and Flex.

    Ridley, A. Brown, Hunter, M. Bush, Clark (could cut Clark to pick up D. Brown)


  28. genghis chone says:

    Pick 1: Ingram, Little or D-Moore? PPR. Thanks!

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @genghis chone: Little is safeish, but I like Ingram for a TD.

    @D.A.: Brown, Ridley

    @Van Haggard: Best to be safe

    @paulzone: Swing for the fences with Moore

  30. paulzone says:

    @Doc: why not. you love moooooooooooooooore!

  31. Scott says:

    Start Ridley, Shonn Green, Mike Williams (TB), S-Jax, Reggie Wayne, or Jabar Gaffney in flex spot

  32. The G says:


    Im in a two RB, two WR, one Flex PPR league. Im starting Ray Rice and Dez Bryant for sure. I have James Starks against the Rams, Mendenhall against the Jags, Stevie Johnson, and Greg Jennings. Do I sit Mendy and start Starks, or bench one of the other WRs and hope this is Mendy’s bounce back week against a shitty Jags team? Thanks!

  33. rak says:

    Flex spot, .5 ppr. A. Hernandez, heyward bay?

  34. zandercage says:

    Who to start at Flex? Std scoring – Antonio Brown, Ed Dickson or Danario Alexander? Ugh…


  35. B.o.B. says:

    Now that Hightower is officially in, do you like him over Mendenhall, S Jax or F Jones this week?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B.o.B.: Officially in?

  37. Chris says:

    Need 3 out of these 5
    M. Williams(TB)
    P. Harvin
    B. Marshall
    G. Little
    D. Alexander

  38. B.o.B. says:

    Sorry, playing…he was questionable because of his shoulder

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris: TB, Harvin, Little

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B.o.B.: Yeah, he may even start, but Torain should get more looks.

  41. Cheeeeeze says:

    yo, doc! i know what the rankings are, but I’m still thinking its prob better to start pettigrew over finley… food for thought?

  42. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Mike Thomas, Greg Little, or Jonathan Stewart in my Flex spot?

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheeeeeze: I could see it in PPR

  44. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    @Doc: Thanks, Doc. Sorry, I should have been more specific, as I have two spots for the three guys.

    Little or Thomas in my WR3 spot? Thanks!

  45. elwood blues says:

    .05 ppr league.. i need to start 2 between Bradshaw, Best, and S-Jax.
    Doc, who do you like?

  46. paulzone says:

    with MSW inactive, do you like denario alexander over denarius moore?

  47. Cheeeeeze says:

    what about this one… manningham or branch as my #3 this week (non-PPR)

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheeeeeze: Branch

    @paulzone: Bit of a toss up. I might lean DA

  49. elwood blues says:

    Thanks, Doc. I was leaning that way.

  50. Cheeeeeze says:

    thanks doc… I think you’re the Ghandi of fantasy football

  51. Cheeeeeze says:

    btw, I’d like to see some baseball articles out of you again one of these days… it was nice having yours and greys contrast on players!

  52. OctaShields says:

    Need to flex Michael Bush, Ridley or Keller…who do I roll with?

  53. paulzone says:

    newton or vick?

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paulzone: Sooo close. I’m leaning Cam.

  55. john says:

    Just traded Vincent Jackson for Andre Johnson im sitting at four and one with most points in the league.. too much or good trade?

  56. nick says:

    @doc:start Sanchez or schaub?

  57. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick: Leaning Sanchez

    @john: I like it

  58. dilbert says:

    after bradshaws performance today.

    ray rice for bradshaw and deion branch? non-ppr league. what side wins?

  59. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dilbert: Rice side

  60. mGEEZYY says:

    WOuld u trade tebow for nate washington? i have matt stafford and carson palmer. i need a flex!

  61. mGEEZYY says:


    WOuld u trade tebow for nate washington? i have matt stafford and carson palmer. i need a flex!

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