So, we are down to the last few days before the season starts and our drafts are piling on top of each other like a bad romance novel.  Here at Razzball we are all about laziness.  I just spent the last 4 hours watching Zach Galifianakis clips! So we know that you may be busy at your local soup kitchen or more likely drinking vodka like it is soup (check the clip just back there a ways), and you just don’t have time to figure out who you should draft when and where and for how long, so here is a little something to help you out.

I used this to draft a team that doesn’t suck and I think you could too. I’ve put some guys in here that I am targeting. What we want you to get out of this is not the exact picks for the exact slots, but to give you an idea of where players are going and what positions you might want to grab before all you have left is Andrew Walter and a sixer of Shmirnoff Ice, and also just to get you thinking ahead a little teeny tiny bit.

This is not the end all and be all to draft prep, but in a pinch it can help.  Here are the draft slots in a 12 team league.  I’m no Good Will Hunting so don’t try to over analyze this.  I just want you to know where you are drafting and try to get a larger perspective.


1, Turn 2: (24, 25), Turn 3: (48, 49), Turn 4: (72, 73) Turn 5: (96, 97)

2, Turn 2: (23, 26), Turn 3: (47, 50), Turn 4: (71, 74) Turn 5: (95, 98)

3, Turn 2: (22, 27), Turn 3: (46, 51), Turn 4: (70, 75) Turn 5: (94, 99)

4, Turn 2: (21, 28), Turn 3: (45, 52), Turn 4: (69, 76) Turn 5: (93,100)

5, Turn 2: (20, 29), Turn 3: (44, 53), Turn 4: (68, 77) Turn 5: (92,101)

6, Turn 2: (19, 30), Turn 3: (43, 54), Turn 4: (67, 78) Turn 5: (91,102)

7, Turn 2: (18, 31), Turn 3: (42, 55), Turn 4: (66, 79) Turn 5: (90,103)

8, Turn 2: (17, 32), Turn 3: (41, 56), Turn 4: (67, 80) Turn 5: (91,104)

9, Turn 2: (16, 33), Turn 3: (40, 55), Turn 4: (68, 81) Turn 5: (92,105)

Turn 1 (10, 15) Turn 2: (34, 39), Turn 3:  (58, 63), Turn 4: (82, 87), Turn 5: (106, 111)

Turn 1 (11, 14) Turn 2: (35, 38), Turn 3: (59, 62), Turn 4: (83, 86),  Turn 5: (107, 110)

Turn 1 (12, 13) Turn 2: (36,37), Turn 3: (60, 61), Turn 4: (84, 85), Turn 5: (108, 109)

Now here’s a look at the (ADP) of some of the more desirable players and where you might be able to target them based on your individual draft slot.

RB: Round One: Adrian Peterson (1), Maurice Jones-Drew (2), Michael Turner (3), Matt Forte (4), Steven Jackson (8), L.T. (7), DeAngelo Williams (6), Chris Johnson (11)

Turn 2: Frank Gore (16), Steve Slaton (12), Clinton Portis (26), Ronnie Brown (33), Brandon Jacobs (18), Kevin Smith (34)

Turn 3: MacFadden (41), Ray Rice (42), Marshawn Lynch (49),

Turn 4: Knowshon Moreno (61), Willie Parker (67), Chris Wells (66), Cedric Benson (74), Felix Jones (71), Lesean McCoy (85)

Turn 5: Leon Washington (95), James Davis (111), Ahmad Bradshaw (91), Darren Sproles (96), Julius Jones (94)

WR:  Turn 1: Randy Moss (9), Andre Johnson (10), Larry Fitzgerald (5)

Turn 2: Calvin Johnson (13), Roddy White (25), Greg Jennings (19), Marques Colston (24), Reggie Wayne (17), Anquan Boldin (25),

Turn 3: Anthony Gonzalez (46), Vincent Jackson (40), Brandon Marshall (53), Eddie Royal (51), DeSean Jackson (61)

Turn 4: Hines Ward (74), Donald Driver (80)

Turn 5: Torry Holt (94), Derrick Mason (96), Percy Harvin (89), Chris Henry (98)

QB: Turn 2: Peyton Manning (24)

Turn 3: Aaron Rodgers (30), Philip Rivers (38), Donovan McNabb (59), Tony Romo (53)

Turn 4: Matt Ryan (76), Matt Schaub (72)

Turn 5:  punt

Later Turn -If none of the above are available try to get Garrard (132)

TE: Turn 3: Antonio Gates (46), Jason Witten (40), Dallas Clark (57), Tony Gonzalez (52),

Turn 4: Greg Olsen (64), Owen Daniels (87), Chris Cooley (77)

Turn 5: John Carlson (98)

Later Turn: Zach Miller (143), Vincent Shiancoe (128)

Backupside: Justin Gage (139), Joe Flacco (150), Patrick Crayton (144), Jeremy Maclin (130), Glen Coffee (125), Jerious Norwood (151), Jamaal Charles (166), Joey Galloway (170), Troy Williamson (179), Jermichael Finley (183), Kenny Britt (191), Matt Leinart (no adp), Mike Bell (no adp)

Hope this helps a little.  Keep on drafting.  You’ve got nothing better to do!

  1. danimal35 says:

    that is pretty good…almost exactly what i did

    I mapped out every pick number and then went through rankings (personal and professional) and ADPs and tried to predict who would be available at my draft slots…I would put approximately 5-8 players that I was targeting at every turn and pretty much only picked out of those players (got ruined second round when Kevin Smith went at pick 18 and I had to settle for Portis…I know, I’m not crying)…some guys went early and some fell but a couple even fell two rounds later than when I had them targeted and I was able to pounce when they fell and feel good about the value…I suggest everybody go through and map out their own draft and it will help, put players at each position at each draft slot so when you miss out on the ones in one draft slot you don’t go reaching, cuz you know you have a set of QBs at every turn that are appropriately valued

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @danimal35: Agreed. If you have time mapping out your individual draft is extremely beneficial.

  3. David says:

    @Doc: Would you drop Graham to pick up M. Bell? Thanks.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @David: If this is a bench slot yes.

  5. darren lobo says:

    Alright, these were downright absurd in helpfulness. Thank you, Doc, for taking the time to put this together!
    With that said, I had my “big” draft today! Its more of a PPR league, but not so much. Receptions get a point, but carries also get 0.3, etc.
    Anyways, in this 12-team deathmatch, I have Forte & Chris Johnson at RB, and Roddy White & Eddie Royal at WR.
    Now, I have 1 WR/RB slot – I have McFadden and Anthony Gonzalez. I took McFadden a solid 3 rounds before Gonzalez, but regardless, which do you see as the steadier point producer from day one?

  6. darren lobo says:

    oops, I have ray rice, knowshon moreno, & percy harvin on my bench too… sorry!

  7. Denys says:

    anyone know what is up with wes welker. pats stink at giving info on injuries.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @darren lobo: Glad they helped.

    Well, I like A Gonz just a bit more than Royal with Manning throwing to him so I think I would move that decision between Royal/DMac/Rice for your flex, which is an awesome decision to have! I like DMac to be there most of the time. Some crazy matchups could change that, but he has a pretty good early schedule so I’d just roll with him. Nice team!

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Denys: That’s pretty much the problem. It does look like Welker won’t be returning punts much this season, but he is still their #2. I think he’s going to play week 1, but that’s more of a guess than anything.

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: doc,as my 3rd wr,would you start heywardbay vs SD,bruce @ Ari orbreaston vs SF?i already have boldin going and welker,if welker is hurt then who 2nd?

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    Breaston, then Bruce, then Bey.

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: thanks,ive had all 3 in the starting lineup since the draft

  13. AL KOHOLIC says:

    based on this years schedule,i think the pitt def. will yield far fewer points than the giants mendenhall and the giants def to much for pitt def?

  14. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: doc see above question please

  15. Corey says:

    Has Addai really fallen this far? Not even ranked?

  16. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Corey: only the first 2 or 3 games will tell,but i wouldnt want him as one of my top 2 rb`s,because if he starts bad like last year or continues getting injured than donald brown could be moved in

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Corey: These are just some players I am targeting. There are quite a few good players not on this sheet.

  18. paulzone says:

    addai is growing on me. i drafted him instead of kevin smith. that was my decision. addai looked strong in preseason, is being pushed by a rookie and is in a contract year.

    bottom line: it’s addai’s job to lose, but i feel a bounce back year is strongly possible.

  19. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @paulzone: i agree,but he`s like my westbrook,id like to see them start off good

  20. Frank says:

    This format seems a lot of easier to digest than the tiered draft cheat sheets that overload with information.

    I’m going to use this format from now on. Thanks.

  21. danimal35 says:

    how many 100-yard games does addai have? Contract year or not, he has no track record of success. What makes anybody think he will all of the sudden be good? What is he bouncing back to?

  22. Saints2Playoffs says:

    Hi Doc and fellas, I’m in a dilemma that I’ve been pondering over 2 weeks now. Can you help? I’m in this predicament because I listened to that talking head over the big sports network who goes by the “Talented Mr. Rooter” or something like that. Last time I make that mistake.

    I reached a little early in in our 10 team (.3PPR) standard league and took Jamal Lewis in the 7th Round. Ever since reading about his pre-season struggles and possibly being cut (which didn’t happen) I had to handcuff him with James Davis and now I have (2) Browns RBs clogging up my roster…yuck! Do I dump one of these guys and pick up Kicker prior to this Thursday or dump David Garrard, my backup QB and get a kicker?

    My Roster is as follows:
    QB-Brees, Garrard
    RB-C.Johnson, K.Smith, Jamal Lewis, Sproles, L. Mccoy, R.Mendenhall, J.Davis
    WR-Boldin, Royal, A.Gonzales, K.Walter, L.Moore
    NO KICKER yet

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Saints2Playoffs: Yeah, I heard him going on about that. Anyway, I’d drop Lewis. It may be painful, but think band-aid and do it quickly.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Saints2Playoffs: Lewis will falter soon enough. With davis behind him Mangini will have to cave eventually. Harrison will be the 3rd down guy.

  25. Saints2Playoffs says:

    Good to know. With that being speculative in nature, consider this trade and counter I was just offered. This owner in my league really wants Davis for one of his WRs which he is deep on. He offered Chris Chambers and I countered with Brandon Marshall (speculative in his return to Denver this year with hammy and ego).

    My thoughts are that I can get a Tier 2/3 WR which I desperately need for the price of a waiver wire pick-up I just added. Plus I get to keep Jamal Lewis, and grind his bones along with the Browns for AT LEAST a few weeks :))

    What are you thoughts?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    I’d trade Davis for Marshall in a heart beat.

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