I am a sucktastic predictor of who will win or lose a football game.  I guess I’m not really any worse than most, but I can tell you I’m not better.  That’s probably why Vegas is still there.  We all pretty much suck.  But thankfully when looking at fantasy playoff games we don’t have to predict the line, which makes things a little easier.  Oh, and the Seahawks are playing.  Usually the toughest part of playing playoff fantasy games is predicting who will play in the most games.  So let’s take a look at the games and who might do something or the other.

Saturday 1/8

NFC: New Orleans Saints (5) @ Seattle Seahawks (4)

There really is no point in using any Seahawk players. Hey, they could somehow pull off the miracle, but the odds are against them and we have to play the odds in the fantasy playoffs. Drew Brees and company have the ability to win it all from the wildcard slot, so that makes their players pretty valuable.  Drew Brees will face The Seahawks and then either the Bears or Falcons depending on the outcome of the Packers/Eagles game.  If I grab Brees I’m rooting for the Eagles to win so the Saints play the Falcons, but i like their odds of getting through either of those teams than the AFC wildcarders getting through Pittsburgh and New England.

Chris Ivory was just placed on IR and Pierre Thomas had a setback last week.  I’m guessing that PT will be back for the playoffs, but Reggie Bush looks like the healthiest of the bunch right now.  If you are in a PPR league I could see taking a shot at him.  The receiver situation is about the same as always.  It looks like Colston was mainly resting up for the playoffs when he sat out week 17.  He will be an elite pick.  The rest of them are tough to count on.  Meachem or Moore are your best bets of course, but which one? The tight end situation could be a good one if Jimmy Graham’s injury news turns out positive and Shockey’s injury news turns out negative, unless it’s a biopsy, then you’d switch those around.  I’m guessing Shockey is riddled with douche bag disease.

AFC: New York Jets (6) @ Indianapolis Colts (3)

Who wins this game? Good question.  Both have a legit shot. I’m not sold on Rex Ryan as an in game coach, but if he goes with a physical run game starring Shonn Greene, I could see the Jets making this a tough one for The Mannings.  So unlike the Saints game, the odds are fairly even for this one. The Colts are favored by about a field goal due to home field advantage.  I find it hard to ever bet against Peyton, so I would lean toward the Colts players for my fantasy teams. Manning, Wayne and Tamme are your overall locks of course, but Garcon does have some upside with Revis on Wayne, at least for round one.  I do not feel comfortable with any of their running backs though. Steer clear.

Like I said, I think Greene should be the guy against the quick, but small Colts defenders.  That looked like it would be the plan last year, especially after Greene’s huge games earlier in the playoffs, but he ended up with only 10 carries. For some reason Rexy wanted to get into a shootout with Manning and he got shot out of the playoffs.  Look for a little more ball control this year.  Of course they could get down and need the services of Holmes and Edwards a lot in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but if they are going to win they’ll need Greene and LT to do a lot of work.

Sunday 1/9

AFC: Baltimore Ravens (5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (4)

The Chiefs looked like the chefs last week against the Raiders and can’t be too confident going into this matchup against the Ravens. The Chiefs must be able to run the ball to get Cassel play action faking it.  The Ravens have had their trouble at times against the run, but they are still tough overall, and especially lately.  I want to give JC Superstar a nice overall ranking for the playoffs, but I’ve got to pick the Ravens in this one. I’m not overly confident in that because I’ve been to that crush of red at Arrowhead and they really do have a homefield advantage, but I just think the Ravens are a more talented team.  That leads me to the side of grabbing Ravens players since I think they’ll get at least 2 games.  They should lean heavily on Ray Rice and that’s where I would lean as well.  Flacco, Mason, Boldin and Heap all make middle of the road plays.

Matt Cassel just sucked fairly rottenly and could be one and done.  If you are playing in a weekly game, Dwayne Bowe is worth a long look.  The Ravens secondary has been spotty this season. They did just give up a big game to Jerome Simpson, Bart’s illegitimate brother.  Other than JC and Bowe I say no, no, no.

NFC: Green Bay Packers (6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3)

This game feels like the best of the bunch so of course it will be a blow out one way or the other.  Andy Reid’s record in the first round is pretty awesome, and since last week was kind of like a bye, his record after byes is also awesome.  Together they are 19-1. But I do worry a lot about what the Vikings were able to do to Vick.  If he has trouble picking up that corner blitz, what do you think Dom Capers and Charles Woodson will be able to do to him?  Really this game is too close to call with any confidence at all.  Aaron Rodgers should be able to throw fairly easily on the susceptible Eagles secondary and Vick and company have weapons all over the place.  Really, if it wasn’t for that Vikings game it would be hard to go against the Eagles, but it’s hard not to worry that they gave the Packers a blueprint for stopping Vick.

I feel good about most of the offensive players on both sides of the ball.  I think you have to go with your gut on who wins this one.  I am leaning the Packers way, but I wouldn’t bet your money on them.  Rodgers, Jennings, Vick, McCoy, DJax, and Maclin all are good plays, but I’m leaning Rodgers and Jennings overall since I think they will advance.

Saturday 1/15

AFC: Indianapolis (3) or Kansas City (4) or Baltimore (5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (2)

NFC: Seattle (4) or New Orleans (5) or Green Bay (6) @ Atlanta Falcons (1)

Sunday 1/16

NFC: Philadelphia (3) or Seattle (4) or New Orleans (5) @ Chicago Bears (2)

AFC: Kansas City (4) or Baltimore (5) or N.Y. Jets (6) @ New England Patriots (1)

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    Picked a fantasy playoff team on Monday. There were 10 of us. We start 1-QB, 2-RB’s, 2-WR/TE’s, 1-K, and 1-D. We can only start 2 WR/TE’s per weekend but otherwise it’s normal with 1 QB starting, 2 RB’s, etc. We went 8 rounds and then added a wildcard round where you can pick whatever position you want. My drafted team is below….

    QB – Brees, Hasselbeck(WC pick)
    RB – BJGE, P Thomas
    WR/TE – Garcon, Tamme, Gronkowski
    K – R Gould
    D – New Orleans

    Our scoring is weighted toward TD’s. It’s not a ppr league. I grabbed Brees, Thomas, and NO D with the thought that they would get at least 2 games. I believe BJGE could end up the top RB in the playoffs and Gronk gets a lot of redzone love from Brady. And I picked 2 Colts because I believe they will beat the Jets and have a decent shot against Pitt too with Peyton.


  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I’m right on board with this. I’ve got the Packers beating NO in the championship game, but I like the Saints chances as well. And I also have Pittsburgh, but again, I think Indy has a great shot.

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