It was a challenging week in Propageddon. Two readers, DanForn and Jason Batteiger tied, with a 7/12. The AI smoked the humans, as Rudy’s Pigskinonator put up a 9. Don’t anger the machines. Sign up for a free trial and finish your season strong. I’m not any kinder this week, with another dozen doozies on tap with THIS WEEK’S PROPS. The top reader will receive a signed copy of Donkey Teeth’s fantasy guide: How To Let Go Of Boring Veterans And Embrace Young Studs. Here are some of the more interesting results from the tout crowd…

O/U 19.9 Pat Mahomes FanDuel points?

  • Over {90%}
  • Under {10%}

Very little concern for Showtime facing the Ravens at home. I actually like his upside more in competitive games, which this could be. Mahomes will continue chasing history this week.

Who scores more FanDuel points?

This one’s a head scratcher for me. I don’t like Wilson’s prospects at all going against a tough Denver run defense. He doesn’t have the competition for snaps that the other two do, so maybe that’s what folks are targeting.

Will Drew Brees

  • Throw for 300+ yards {30%}
  • Throw for 3+ TDs {20%}
  • Both {25%}
  • Neither {25%}

The voting is spread out here, but most of the field thinks Brees bounces back this week. Hard not to expect a big day against that secondary.

Which will be higher?

  • Giants rushing yards {30%}
  • Washington passing yards {70%}

You can pack your Washington passing game options away with your summer clothes. They won’t be of use to you anytime soon.

Who will have more rushing yards?

Two of the top rushing QBs here. I expect both to continue their rushing floor, but Allen has higher potential with better throwing upside.

Will the price of the top scoring WR on the FanDuel main slate be O/U $8500?

  • Over {15.8%}
  • Under {84.2%}

There isn’t much faith in the price of those top three WRs. Hard to blame anyone for wanting to pay down at the position somewhat with the way this season is shaking out.

Good luck in your fantasy playoffs and DFS lineups.

  1. goodfold2 says:

    ok, NOW i’m pissed at myself for not doing these more often. pretty sure the last 2 i DID do i’m tied for best each of those weeks. or at least best NON tout/writer for sure tied both of those weeks. and last week the top 2 (me and gt sundown) weren’t writers/touts. not claiming i’d have done this well HAD i done more, but i could’ve. and last week gt sundown and me did TWO better than next closest 3rd place and worse with 9/14’s.

    you (or somebody) should run a “going against the spread picks” next year. for a few weeks maybe 2 years ago tehol started one of those, but he didn’t last long running it.

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