2014 In-Season Accuracy: 58.10% (31st out of 125 Experts, 60.70% Highest, 50.60% Lowest).

Accuracy Rank Experts Highest Lowest Score +/- Rank +/-
Week 1 61.80% 22 134 66.10% 48.20%
Week 2 54.00% 35 135 61.30% 42.10% -7.80% -13
Week 3 57.40% 88 128 67.10% 44.30% 3.40% -53
Week 4 56.50% 48 128 61.10% 42.80% -0.90% 40
Week 5 56.50% 70 131 69.40% 47.00% 0.00% -22
Week 6 56.30% 27 133 63.10% 41.50% -0.20% 43
Week 7 59.70% 33 132 64.30% 46.50% 3.40% -6
Week 8 56.30% 67 130 64.80% 45.20% -3.40% -34
Week 9 60.30% 23 131 66.00% 46.10% 4.00% 44
Week 10 57.80% 68 130 66.90% 48.40% -2.50% -45
Week 11 52.10% 64 131 67.60% 42.60% -5.70% 4
Week 12 59.10% 29 129 66.20% 42.40% 7.00% 35
Week 13 58.40% 73 130 71.40% 48.40% -0.70% -44
Week 14 56.30% 59 131 63.70% 40.30% -2.10% 14
Week 15 64.10% 24 128 68.20% 53.50% 7.80% 35
Week 16 56.20% 70 122 65.60% 45.30% -7.90% -46
Totals 58.10% 31 125 60.70% 50.60%

And now, your Wild Card Weekend Rankings and Picks…


Note: These STANDARD and PPR rankings are for this week’s slate of games only. These rankings are not cumulative, nor are they an indicator of any future value. They are based solely on this week’s projected performance in regards to fantasy football production.

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Saturday Games

Cardinals at Panthers (-6.5): You have to give Arizona all the credit in the world getting to this point, but navigating the playoff waters with a quarterback that probably won’t even reach Trent Dilfer-like levels is probably something you don’t want to do. Panthers.

Ravens at Steelers (-3): With Le’Veon Bell out for the game, Ravens have a chance, but backing into the playoffs, looking the way they did probably means a loss to a surprisingly good Steelers team. While the game should be close, it’ll all come down to how elite Joe Flacco is. Steelers.


Sunday Games

Bengals at Colts (-3): I was invited to give my two cents over at FantasyPros:

“This is a shaky pick to say the least (and that’s even before you realize that ginger is best only as a garnish). With Marvin Lewis 0-5 in the postseason (with the previously mentioned Andy Dalton at 0-3), even I’m chortling at the proposition of a Bengals upset victory. But let’s not forget that the Colts running game this season has looked a lot like me translating Sanskrit, and while Andrew Luck has put in a career year, the Bengals have shown an ability to contain the pass with strong front-7 play. At least one road dog always moves on from Wild Card weekend, and believe it or not, based on the other match-ups, I’m betting this is the game where it happens.” Bengals.

Lions at Cowboys (-6.5): While this probably is the marquee matchup of the weekend (despite the intra-division hoo-ha that the AFC North is throwing), I don’t see how the Lions win this game. True, they have a fierce defense (especially if you need to be stepped on!), but the running game is just too inconsistent and Matthew Stafford isn’t really all that good at his job. Cowboys.

  1. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    i’m in a 9 team entire playoff PPR league (so our players can be involved in at most 4 games, at least 1 each). I drafted 6th. I converted spreads for this week into % of winning chances, and then did the much longer work of coming up with all the permutations of just who everybody might play and converted those spreads (by comparing recent spreads, and similar opps and how they matched up) and drafted this. numbers in () are the expected amount of games played. 3 pt bonuses at 100 yards ran/caught, and 3 pt bonus at 300 yds thrown. 4 pts for 40-50 yd FG, 5 over that, 3 all other. 1 flex/2 RB/2 WR/1 TE/1 QB/D/K
    QB – Luck (1.8963). He was 7th QB off the board, due to his lower projected games i have him 5th, but not far from better ones.
    RB 1- Blount (2.4767)
    RB 2- Bush (1.3172). DET expected to play least games of course, due to large DAL spread (and SEA’s up next if they win that)
    WR 1 – DT (6th overall pick, 2.178)
    WR 2 – Edelman (2nd round pick, 2.4767)
    TE – Olsen (very likely to play at least 2 games, 1.8394)
    Flex – Floyd (just missed Sanu here, and Green is doubtful, as you know, 1.401)
    K – Suisham (1.737, if not for Bell being out i would think he’d be big favorite to get in at least 2 games)
    D – GB (Romo throw no picks/fumbles in Jan? I hope not, 2.0799)
    Due to only 9 teams/decent buy in/winner take all this ends up as my 2nd biggest 1st place of the year, but much more luck even than seasonal leagues. (of course there’s no semblance of believing otherwise, since most will lose players forever every game)
    In leagues like this some people completely buy into having to have players that go to a SB, including Wilson (TE)/GB TE/ SEA D, etc, while often ignoring players that probably will do well, even if they only play in 2 games (like olsen)

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Jay: yikes, olsen/floyd doing about as bad as possibly thought, in a game with 2 top 14 D’s, (surprising ARI has moved down to 14th, in weighted D), the home one playing much better lately. With CAR’s reassent and MIA turning bad at end of year, it’s making me sad i dropped CAR for MIA way earlier in year. But i suppose it’s probably smartest in situations like that to exit drafts without a D anyway, at least for a while (14 team dynasties)

  2. Mike says:

    Cowboys have the 26th defense against the pass. Stafford should find his primary receiver against that defense. He his terrible trying to find a secondary receiver but should be fine.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Mike: that’s fair. I’ve just rarely seen Detroit put up a good three phases, which I think they need against the Cowboys.

  3. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    if you are drafting jan 8th (so technically murray could be out of this) standard league that redrafts every week and each team can keep 2 players (but they’ll count as their top 1 or 2 draft picks as well) each week, and you had the first overall pick and 1st pick in rounds 2 and 3 (after round 3 it starts to snake) each week if you keep winning, would you take anderson/lynch/murray (or somebody else?) with that first pick? 3 pt TD’s for QB’s. 6 team playoffs here, having by far the best record and total pts in season nets me a bye (so when i play there will be 4 teams left, and it’ll be real life round 3), but even with that i get to draft a team before real life week 2. Thinking Lynch and Anderson have higher chance of winning continuously.

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