One of the most difficult words to say in the English language has five letters and starts with an ‘s’. Any guesses? You could go in a multitude of directions here, and before you take it down the avenue that garners a solid (not the word) ‘That’s what she said’ from Michael Scott (also not the word), let me just try to get this out.

So…wait. (Exhale). Ok, deep breathe. Let’s try again.

Sor…nope! Not easy. Just simply too much pride in the male ego. But we can do this. If Justin Bieber can sing an entire song about it, I got this.

SORRY. (Cue fireworks, confetti, streamers, balloons and kazoos). Man, I feel a little better now. Do you?

Truth is, the past two weeks on this little advice column have been quite poopy. Call it bad luck, of which a large dose of fantasy football is comprised of, or just bad math, either way it hasn’t been pretty. Each week my goal is to give you great options to compile the best lineup for a 22-man league in FanDuel. Why?

Each week we offer a 22-man Razzball-only FanDuel Contest that pays out the top-5 finishers! Think you’re good enough to operate beyond just luck and work your way to the top of the standings? Then put your money where your fingertips are and enter the $5 Contest for Week 15!

See, I post that each week, yet for the past month I’ve been looking up in the standings at those cashing out, not garnering any of the glory from my selections. This is partly just how it goes in fantasy sports, as even the best have bad weeks. But a string of multiple bad weeks in a row? We call that a funk, and I apologize for bringing you into any non-Bruno Mars type funk with me. It’s the worst. And just to get the Bieber taste out of our mouths for the mention two paragraphs ago, here’s a great example of how easy it can be to both say sorry and grant forgiveness. Thank you, Rachel Dratch, for being underappreciatingly (not a word) funny, and for creating a 5-minute breather:

So, let’s clear the air and start over with Week 15!


Carson Palmer, ARI – $8,700: The world is gonna take Russell Wilson and Cam Newton this week, and both would be great choices, but in order to top a large pool you need go against the grain…slightly. Palmer’s priced int he top 5 for the week, but his matchup’s as good as any other around him. Philly is ranked 30th against opposing QB’s this year, and surrendered 14 TDs over the past four weeks. Even last week when Tyrod Taylor only threw for one score he still topped 20 points. The Cardinals don’t have much to play for, and this could be the only negative for Palmer’s chances, but he’s aimed to reach his 22 ppg average since Week 10.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ – $7,800

Running Backs

David Johnson, ARI – $6,500: Double up on the Cardinals here as Johnson provides a safety net in case Palmer tones it down a bit with the playoff position secured. This doesn’t mean Johnson is a flier, by any means, though. He’s topped 100 total yards each of the past two weeks since taking the starting job, accumulating 24 touches in each contest. He’ll get a healthy dose against the Eagles. I predict he’ll find the end zone again, but even if not he’s facing a Philly run defense that’s 25th vs. RBs despite only giving up three TDs on the ground all year.

Denard Robinson, JAX – $6,300: It doesn’t matter how many people go with Robinson Sunday, he should be in your lineup. In line to start for the injured T.J. Yeldon, Denard faces a Falcons unit that’s been absolutely torched the past three weeks. He’ll top 100 yards and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see him get a score…or two?

Honorable Mention: Eddie Lacy, OAK – $6,900

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones, ATL – $8,600: Despite not seeing the end zone in his last five games, Julio may offer the best value of the week. Priced as the fifth highest WR, he may have the most promising matchup since Odell Beckham Jr. gets Josh Norman and the Panthers and Antonio Brown can have all the fun he wants against the Broncos secondary. It’s been a down three weeks for Jones, but he still reigned in 20 catches in that time. Look for Matt Ryan to continue forcing the ball his way in Week 15, and hopefully through some easy bubble screens like they were running to start the year.

Jeremy Maclin, KC – $6,700: Anybody checked how many points the Ravens surrendered to the Seahawks WRs last week? 65.5! Haha, that’s laughable, and, yep…there’s an outside chance it might still be rising. Malin has three TDs in the last three games, hauling in 8 receptions per game in the effort. He’s become the focal point of the offense again, and gets the a incredible opponent to thrash Sunday.

Doug Baldwin, SEA – $7,400: Speaking of those Seahawks points last week, no single player in all of fantasy football is hotter than Doughy Fresh right now, not even his QB Russell Wilson. Let’s look at the line since the team’s bye week in Week 9 (5 games): 30/515/9. And 8 of those scores have come in the last three games! Until he slows down he must be in your lineup for a 22-man league. You just can’t afford to miss out on the hot streak in case he keeps it going.

Honorable Mention: Jarvis Landry, MIA – $7,100

Tight Ends

Julius Thomas, JAX – $6,200: Last week I went with a huge flier. Ugh, Coby Fleener just sucks. No matter how much math added up for that pick, it was dumb. I’m going back to the basics this week and sticking with the old reliables. Thomas has a touchdown in each of the last four weeks, and he’s a prime candidate to procure one more against the Falcons Sunday.

Honorable Mention: Richard Rodgers, GB – $5,500


Matt Prater, DET – $4,500: I had him here in this spot last week, I’ll go for it again. After all, it’s the weekly ‘Who cares?!?’ segment! Against the Saints and indoors Prater is as good a shot at any to bring you double digits points. From the cheapest price tag.

Honorable Mention: Dustin Hopkins, WAS – $4,500

Defense & Special Teams

Chiefs – $5,200: I’d figure out how to get this pick in my lineup even if they cost me $6K. Take away two rough road games in Weeks 3 and 4, and a blip against the Bills in Week 12 and this unit has scored double digits points or more in every other week this season. That’s insane. Travel out to play Jimmy Clausen for what aims to be a great afternoon in Baltimore and you have a recipe for 10+ points yet again.

Honorable Mention: Steelers – $4,600

So, yes, Biebs…if I don’t get it right this week, it may be too late to say sorry. And now with my second Justin Bieber mention of the post, I’ll once again say I’m sorry. And good luck. Here’s to padding that stack of cash in Week 15!

  1. Sean says:

    This line-up is not possible. It’s $100 over the limit.

    • @Sean: You’re right, Sean. Use this as a template for the best options, find somewhere to drop down $100 with the honorable mentions (primarily the DEF). And good luck!

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