Often, about midway through the season you take a look at your fantasy football roster, and all you can do is kick something, preferably Skip Bayless or a full size cut out of him (mine is pulp at this point).  But, after you take your anger out on Skip, you realize that you had the forethought to join Razzball’s Pay The Fan league! And peace and serenity ensue.

I have played Pay The Fan for the last 2 years and it’s premise keeps me coming back.  You can choose any lineup you want from week to week, but the catch is you can only choose a player twice.  So, you’ve got Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers just sitting on the bench ready to go into the game, but you can only put them into 2 games each.  Much of the strategy comes from evaluating the schedule for each player and playing the matchups, which frankly are my two favorite things.

Each week you choose a QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K & DST.  So with only one QB going it makes it somewhat easy to have good QBs and good matchups all season, but RBs and WRs can get really tough.  The winners, at least one week, usually end up playing some middling RB with a nice matchup that goes off.  I’ll get more into strategy as we go along with a weekly Pay The Fan strategery post.

One of the great things about Pay The Fan are the different possibilities of winning.  Each week the top 5 scores get 50 to 500 dollars and the overall winner for the season gets 7,500 dollars with the top 50 all getting a prize.  And to add to that, our Razzball league gets its own overall prize that starts at 100 dollars, but will go up 25 dollars for every 10 teams that sign up. So, that means, the more contestants for our league, the more cash for the winner. That’s math.

Each team costs 39.95 and you can get free teams by referrals.  I’ve found that it’s worth it since it gives you so many ways to win (especially with the extra payout with our league) and even if you are behind in total scoring you always have a chance of winning for the week.  Either click here or on the ad in the top right to join our league.  Make sure you join through that link so you get the extra shot at Razzball cash!  So, let’s do this thing up right and get a big league going and it will give me another strategery to strategerize and more numbers to crunch.  Oh those numbers are so delectably crunchy.

  1. Greg says:


    How many years have you played this pay the fan league? Its $40 one time fee or each week? Have you been successful?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: I’ve finished in the money. No, it’s a one time fee. I was in the top 10 overall near the end, but slipped in the last couple weeks.

  3. Shaggy says:

    I played the last 2 years and it is great.Last year I took home $1200.Not a bad pick up if you ask me!

  4. marc says:

    how many people did this last year. Ie how many people do you need to beat to win $?

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @marc: I’m not sure. i don’t think the numbers are that high.

  6. Travis says:

    Is pay the fan doing football for the 2011 season?

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