Coming into the draft, I was happy to end up with the 7th  overall pick. So happy in fact I poured myself a pre-draft scotch, passed out in the 12th round and drafted Kendall Wright. Damn you Maker’s Mark. Your humble Guru’s team, “The Dirty Turbans”, will need things to fall right to be in the running at the end. My targets in the first round were LeSean McCoy or Ray Rice. I ended up with Trent Richardson. “Ended up with” sounds like I’m disappointed. I’m not.  T-Rich is a very solid RB1 in PPR leagues and should put up 1200 rushing yards, 11 TD’s with 50 receptions and 400 receiving yards. I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on Arian Foster because of his injury issues and I kept having Shawn Alexander flashbacks. I’ll let someone else light a candle for Foster.

My sights were set on Reggie Bush in the second round, but he was grabbed two spots ahead of me so I went with a strong WR1 in Brandon Marshall and his guaranteed 100 catches. Marshall and Jay Cutler have developed quite a relationship there in Chi-town. They should make a Step Brothers sequel. More room for activities!

In the third round, I attempted to zig while the others were zagging. I broke my own rule of waiting on quarterbacks and drafted last year’s top fantasy scorer Drew Brees. Maybe the zig will work. My targeted guy, Darren Sproles, was sniped two picks in front of me. I could have grabbed DeMarcco Murray or David Wilson there, but decided to wait and see if they fell to the fourth round. Of course they didn’t and I was left with Darren McFaddon. It could be a jam or cram kind of year for McFaddon. While he’s the Raiders only real threat, the injury history and the fact the Raiders will be playing from behind will hurt his fantasy chances. I’ll cross my fingers and pray to Al Davis that McFaddon gets 1000 rushing yards, 300 receiving and 6 TD’s.

Making Stevie Johnson my WR3 was a bit of a stretch, but it’s possible Stevie J gets 70 catches and 960 yards. It’s also possible Matt Leinart morphs into Jim Kelly. I’m expecting big things from the receivers I grabbed later in the draft. Brian Hartline (11) and Greg Little (13) may just lead their teams in catches before it’s all said and done.

Taking WR Pierre Garcon (6) and TE Greg Olsen (8) in the first ten rounds rounded out my starters with two safe picks that should net 140 combined catches and 13 touchdowns.


One thing I have been doing in drafts this year is drafting my defense and kicker in the 14th and 15th rounds. Why wait until the last two picks when I’ll probably be dropping one of my late round picks anyway. With that philosophy I ended up with a top 5 defense and kicker with Denver and Matt Bryant. By going a round early I missed out on players like Felix Jones and Markus Wheaton. Hope they weren’t Snicker sleepers.

Overall, Matthew Berry and the fantasy professors at Yahoo graded me out at a B+. Mom was so proud she taped it to the fridge.

Look for The Guru’s fantasy football jam it or cram on these here pages once the NFL season kicks off.  Have a great fake football year, Razzballer’s.

  1. The Fridge says:

    Here’s the lineup:

    QB – Brady
    RB – DeMarco Murray
    RB – McFadden
    WR – D Thomas
    WR – A Johnson
    WR – TY Hilton / Michael Floyd
    TE – Gronk / Bennett
    FL – Ingram / Redman

    Like you, I’m not too excited about the prospect of McFadden and have been offered Gore + DJax for McFadden + AJohnson.

    Do the deal?

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      I might consider that deal since you also have Murray.

      • The Fridge says:

        @The Guru: Exactly – Alot of risk in those two RBs. Thoughts on DJax this year? I have seen him ranked all over the place…Some touting a career year and others advising to stay away.

        • The Guru

          The Guru says:

          I have D-Jax in the top 30 WR in the Shorts, S. Johnson, Mike Wallace tier. I expect Vick and Jackson to have better years in Kelly’s new offense. He’s another boom or bust kind of guy.

        • btd says:

          @The Fridge: DJax will be WR2 this year. 1000+ yrds and 8-10 TDs. Even if Vick gets hurt.

  2. Curious D says:

    Team looks good. Question for my draft – 14 team ; 0.5 PPR – start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 flex (with 1 QB, 1TE, 1PK, 1D).

    I have kept QB Wilson, RB Mendenhall, RB Vereen (not great I know).

    Debating for my first two picks : Bush, CJ2K, Gore, Bryant, Julio, Fitz, Green, Marshall – please rank.
    Thinking about going WR, WR and trying to get a RB later.
    But my RB aren’t strong to start with so not sure if I can afford it.

    Any opinions are welcome – thanks in advance.

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Vareen is going to be a good flex play this year. With 14 teams, RB is going to be a premium. I’d go Bush and CJ2K or Bush and a stud wideout like Marshall, Dez, AJ.

  3. RP says:

    You broke the QB rule. I followed the rule and ended up missing on the top12 QB’s. My league is a 12-team .5PPR league. I accidentally got caught with autopicks in rounds 4 AND 5 and missed out on Cam, Ryan, Stafford and Romo because of it. Needless to say, I was PISSED! With that aside, 2 questions:

    1) How would you grade this team?
    2) Would you trade away Eli for any of these QB’s – Romo, Kaepernick, Dalton, Vick, Bradford, Palmer

    QB: Eli Manning
    RB: Forte
    WR: Dez Bryant
    WR: A.J. Green
    WR/RB: Steven Jackson
    WR/TE: Pierre Garcon
    DST: Ravens
    K: Prater

    BN: Giovani Bernard
    BN: Vereen
    BN: Mathews
    BN: D. Richardson
    BN: Miles Austin
    BN: Josh Gordon
    BN: Brian Hartline

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      You have the talent at WR that’s for sure and some good upside RB’s on the bench. If you can trade Eli for Kap or Romo, I’d do it. Overall, a strong team.

  4. Ligo says:

    Hold onto Brandon Lloyd and hope he signs or pick up Kenny Stills as my 5th WR in a must start 3 WR league?

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Haven’t heard anyone wanting Lloyd.

  5. Mike C says:

    Guru! I had a 10 team 2 qb ppr draft last night…what do u think? (no Flex)…Start 2 qbs 2 rbs 3 wrs 1 te 1 D 1 K

    Michael Floyd
    Heyward Bey
    Bucs D

    My WRs are nothing short of amazing..whats your take?

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Nice WR core, like the Gronk pick, need boom years from the RBs and I like the Bradford as a sleeper in 2 QB leagues. Nice work.

  6. Jonathan Huibregtse says:

    I am in a standard h2h league where you can start 2 qb. Everyone went qb stupid early leaving me with:


    I am loaded at RB with AP, C.Johnson, D.Wilson, R.Mathews, G.Benard and can only start 3 at most. Do I attempt to go with the qbs I have or do I have to make a deal for a qb. No one is biting early on for anyone but c.Johnson or AP.

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Cutler and Dalton may work for you, especially with AP and johnson. In afew weeks you might be able to trade Wilson or Mathews for a QB.

  7. Jack Full O' Hate says:

    If Little actually catches 1/2 the balls thrown his way he could be big

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Yeah, Little is a gamble and I’m hoping one of those sleeper picks that works out.

      • Jack Full O' Hate says:

        @The Guru: he better be a sleeper pick cause if he’s not then you be up all hours of the night drinking your Isle Scotch and rambling “why can’t he catch it, why can’t he catch it, it hit his hands, why can’t he catch it” over and over and over again…..or you drop him in week 2 for some breakout.

        • The Guru

          The Guru says:

          Are you a soothsayer? That’s exactly what is going to happen!

          • Jack Full O' Hate says:

            @The Guru: just picked up some kind buds and took two snaps to happy land

  8. Zandy says:

    Non PPR – whos the best option to fill my last roster spot?
    Isaiah Pead, LeShoure, Lemichael James, Daniel Thomas, Jonathan Franklin, Knile Davis or Kendall Hunter?

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      A couple guys I’m looking at in this tier is Bilal Powell and Joique Bell. From the guys you listed I’m leaning Pead.

  9. adam28 says:

    I just started in a 14 team keeper league just want your thoughts on my team. I had the 14th pick.

    QB- Eli
    Rb- forte
    Rb- morris
    wr- v jax
    wr- m. Wallace
    wr- c. shorts
    te- g. olson
    d/st- broncos
    k- g. Hartley
    bn- g. Bernard
    bn- a. Jeffery
    bn- j. Cameron
    bn- r. tannehill
    bn- r. woods
    bn- ravens d
    bn- r helu

    Let me know if u see any room for improvement thanks

    • The Guru

      The Guru says:

      Doesn’t look too bad. Hopefully Eli bounces back. Personally, I wouldn’t carry 2 defenses or QB’s, or TE’s.

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