Two weeks into the first round of the inaugural RazzBowl Playoffs and its been all RotoViz. With only one week remaining in round one, RotoViz’s Hasan Rahim and Mike Beers hold the the top two spots in the RazzBowl Championship Bracket. These two competitors remind me a lot of Myles Garrett and Antonio Brown, farting in their competitor’s faces and then bashing them over the head with their own helmets. Wait, where am I? What’s that smell? Oh, it’s just those RotoViz boys doing their thing. The RazzBowl Committee is now keeping a close eye on the actions of RotoViz as a whole, they’re on double secret probation! 

I’m sure you’re also wondering about Team Donkey Teeth because you spend most of your spare time thinking about my fantasy teams, right? Thanks for caring! We’re hanging in there — 16th place in the RazzBowl Wildcard Bracket — poised to advance on to round two in the Wildcard Bracket or maybe even make the leap to the Championship Bracket with a big week 12 performance. Anyway, since there’s no more pickups, let’s take a look back at some of the best bargains who were taken in the top 100 on RazzBowl Draft Day across all 15 of our leagues. Psych! First I need to mention the RazzBowl 2020 signup, which is now live! Alright, now lets look at those draft bargains . . . 

Dalvin Cook ADP 17.2 – He’s been a one man wrecking crew in 2019, cookin’ up the number two overall fantasy season. Dalvin has scored one or more touchdowns in all but two games this year and he’s totaled 100+ all-purpose yards in all but three games. He’s been a league winning 2nd round pick so far. Prepare for the Cook vs McCaffrey debate 2020. Just what we need, more debates! 

Nick Chubb ADP 18.5 – There’s a reason he’s nicknamed “Chubb.” That’s not a nickname, Donkey, it’s his real name.  Ah, thanks for lookin’ out random italicized voice. Chubbies aside, he was another fantastic 2nd round pick. Not as fantastic as Dalvin Cook, but Chubb is currently the #7 RB in RazzBowl settings ahead of first rounders like Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, David Johnson, LeVeon Bell and James Conner.

Josh Jacobs ADP 41.1  – I could mention fellow RB1 bargains Aaron Jones (ADP 26.3) or Derrick Henry (ADP 38.8) here but Jacobs is more fun because he’s on Team Donkey. My 4th round pick is returning 2nd round value and showing no signs of slowing. Rest of Season Projector has Jacobs pegged as the #7 RB moving forward. How high will Chucky’s Boy go in next years drafts? 

Tyler Lockett ADP 46.1 – The 19th wide receiver off the board in RazzBowl drafts is currently the #7 WR on the season. It sounds like he’s dodged a serious injury and should be back on the field this week. Lock it up!

Chris Godwin ADP 46.5 – Everyone knows Godwin has been godly this year, but everyone might not realize he’s the #3 WR in RazzBowl scoring. We discussed his dynasty outlook and valuation relative to teammate Mike Evans on our most recent Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast with guest Pat Fitzmaurice.

Mark Ingram ADP 55 – Up to this point I own shares of each of the aforementioned bargains in one league or another, but I completely whiffed on Ingram this year. 5th round just seemed so expensive to me, but as a Lamar Jackson truther I should’ve known Smiley Face would lift Ingram up to early 3rd round value. This might not seem like that great of a draft bargain but consider that some of our alternatives in the 5th round were Tyler Boyd, Tarik Cohen and A.J. Green. Yikes. At least my Kenyan Draft 5th round pick is finally paying dividends!

Austin Ekeler ADP 82.4 – Now we’re getting into some of the real bargains. RazzBowl drafts began after the Melvin Gordon holdout rumors had started but before people realized he was as serious as the Joker’s mental health issues. That Joker guy was super crazy, huh? But you gotta hand it to him, he could really dance. Ekeler though, he’s crazy good in PPR leagues—which RazzBowl just so happens to be. Even with Melvin back for 7 games now, Ekeler still sits as the #3 scoring RB in total RazzBowl points and #4 in RB points per game. 

Austin Hooper ADP 104.7 – I’m cheating here, Hoop was taken just outside the top 100 on average. Speaking of cheating, I think those RotoViz guys are up to some funny business! Oh right, we’ve already been over this, the flatulence and helmet bashing. Carry on RotoViz. Hooper has missed the last two games and is still the #2 TE in RazzBowl scoring and #1 TE in points per game. This is what RazzBowl dreams are made of, or nightmares if you didn’t have a decent playoff back up.

Best of luck in your quest for the inaugural RazzBowl trophy, or quest for other trophies, or quest for anything else you’re questing for!