Fantasy Football can be amazing really. One week you’re riding high and the next, you’re losing to somebody who didn’t set a lineup in previous weeks. That’s where Justin Mason found himself in Week 3… “SAD” to quote presidential hopeful Donald Trump. I mean look at this kid; the only thing he dominates is a box of mini donuts, and HE knocked off the league leader after two weeks by the second-largest point differential – after yours truly doubled the score of Andy Singleton. Justin’s fellow Dream Leaguers didn’t hesitate to point out just about a week ago he was lauding how weak the league was, the lack of competition, and his overall dominance. Now he’s back in the pack, trying to rebuild his once proud reputation.

Meanwhile, Sauce celebrates the good times after moving to 3-0 with a strong win over the DFS king himself, Motown Mauler. Stacie had her way with Lord Beddict (something under circumstances different than fantasy football I’m sure he’d be more than alright with) which set up an epic exchange with Ralph Lifshitz for this upcoming week. Pull no punches, Ralph did (a little Yoda impression for you there) in this week’s episode. So much more of what the Polo Rican had to say was left out of the video because the FCC has about 50 rules against his content.

So sit back, getcha popcorn ready, and enjoy the latest installment of the Dream League… The Dwazy Awakens.


RCL Update, Week 3

I’m new to the Razzball family and I want to take a brief moment to thank you all for reading. Please comment below on what you like or don’t like, and if you prefer to troll or bash what I write that’s fine too. I enjoy the banter. Now, I’m only just becoming familiar with the RCL leagues and while I may not know everything there is to know about them, I do know great fantasy football management when I see it. To that point, Geno’s Glass Jaw in the Razzball Supremacy League is absolutely killing it through three weeks. A 3- 0 record, first in RCL points, and second in team points scored overall. Some truly impressive work thus far given they’re rolling with Joe Flacco at QB after buying into the Tyrod Taylor hype and getting burned early. Bravo on a job well done thus far.

Honorable mention to Sam’s Lobos for dual success in two leagues: mal’s pals and JB’s Labor Day Draft RCL. Those teams sitting second and third respectively in RCL points, and both teams in the top five overall for team points scored, are showing us how it’s done early on. Interestingly enough about them, the only common players among Sam’s teams are Matt Forte and Jimmy Graham. That’s big time diversification people!


RCL Master Standings Top 10

Rank Team Owner RCL Points W L PTS Scored Moves
1 Geno’s Glass Jaw Razzball Supremacy 2626.8 3 0 450.8 7
2 Sam’s Lobos mal’s pals 2609.2 3 0 425.7 1
3 Sam’s Lobos JB’s RCL 2604.8 3 0 454.8 4
4 The Bloody Niners LORD HATES Y! 2598.7 3 0 440.9 2
5 RON MEXICOS Alex Lee’s RCL 2595.6 3 0 425 2
6 Azure Fratellis Take on the Jay #2 2592.2 3 0 411.5 11
7 Dirty Jersey Jennifer’s League 2576.8 3 0 416.5 3
8 Danger Zone! The Greatest 2556.7 3 0 429.9 5
9 Pipe Hittin’ Niggas Lords Only 2553.2 3 0 405.8 8
10 Lance’s Team Razzball Writers League 2553.2 3 0 382.9 8

League Spotlight: Razzball The Football League

In one of the few leagues with no remaining undefeated teams, Teamy McTeamface (what a name… what a time to be alive!) is holding onto the top spot with 409.38 points, following last week’s win over The Junk Yard Dogs. Having Drew Brees and Antonio Brown put up big scores week to week certainly helps things, but they’ve received key contributions from guys like Isaiah Crowell, Travis Kelce, and of all players the once left-for-dead Mike Wallace. It sets up a key match this week against The Scrote Squad (what an even better name!), one of the five other teams with a 2-1 record. Another battle to watch in week 4 is between fifth and sixth teams hothot and Totes RoGoats, both 2-1, and both looking to separate themselves from the huge cluster-F*** in the top half of the standings.

League Spotlight: Take on the Jay 3

This is another league that has completely cannibalized itself thus far. It’s an even split of teams at 2-1 or 1-2, with a point differential of only 74.42 between first and sixth! Peterson Daycare Co. leads the way – no doubt a popular child care facility in the great state of Minneeeeesoooooota – behind the most underappreciated running back in football, Latavius Murray, and solid depth at receiver with AJ Green leading the way. The Hannover Hotspurs at 1-2 haven’t caught many breaks with a respectable 370.52 points for, but a second-most 404.48 points against. This week brings a match up against the owner for which the league is named, who has the most points against total at 406.36. Someone’s luck will need to change because a loss to fall to 1-3 for either team will create an uphill climb for the rest of the season.

League Spotlight: Razzball Writers League

Last, but certainly not least, in Razzlball Writers League action, Lance’s Team and Jay are both sitting at 3-0, tied for first, but right behind them Unbreakable MB holds the league’s most points scored, bounced back with a win last week, and has a chance to separate themselves from The Truth Ertz, a fellow 2-1 team… At the bottom of the standings and surely struggling with his focus because of his own fantasy baseball misfortune is the Lord (Tehol) Beddict at 0-3, joined by league-low points getter SON. You know it’s been bad when you see SON is starting Brian Hoyer because of injury at QB, and you know it’s worse when you see he’s grabbing Dallas receiver Brice Butler as a spot start. Likewise, Lord Beddict was dealt a tough blow (no pun intended) yesterday when Josh Gordon announced he was admitting himself to rehab. A few favorable matchups like Matt Jones and Jordan Reed against Cleveland, Melvin Gordon versus the pathetic Saints should provide a much-needed boost.



  1. William Hung says:

    Is Marshawn really still a viable stash?

    • The Harrow says:

      @William Hung: i wouldn’t, but since we never saw an actual quote of his that mentioned anything about coming back i never thought he was a viable stash, except maybe in like 20 team leagues. my guess is this was just some journo that either needed to or just wanted to incite some interest in himself. or maybe he hung out rocking the ganj with skittles once in offseason and he jokingly actually did say that, but either way i can’t find evidence of any actual indicators of him coming back.

  2. I can’t stay without appreciating such a wonderful blog presented here… keep sharing more!!!

  3. FrankGrimes says:

    “behind the most underappreciated running back in football, Latavius Murray”
    Murray is absolute garbage,
    He stinks!

    • JRod

      JRod says:

      @FrankGrimes: “He stinks!” Why? Because he isn’t ripping off 6.5 yards per carry? After TDs in each of his first 3 games and a 4.8 ypc average in those games, the Raiders hand it to him a total of 8 times on Sunday… EIGHT! Is he a home run back? No, but there’s no doubt he’s very underappreciated, especially by his own team.

      • Frankgrimes says:


        Except they know he stinks too
        They see it everyday

        • JRod

          JRod says:

          @Frankgrimes: Which explains why they keep him #1 on their depth chart and he got the TD run in each of their first 3 games? If anything, you’ve proven my point… he’s underappreciated.

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