Well, with the RCL drafting phase almost over for all leagues, there’s one last update before the seasons starts, so why not make it a special one? That’s what I was thinking, but instead, I just decided to overview the writer’s draft which happened last Thursday, with the hangover ending around today. I think. Maybe tomorrow. Before we get down and dirty (Tehol’s natural state) with poking fun at all of our teams, I’d like to point out that if you haven’t had a chance to join a league, it’s not to late in getting in on the action (and there’s no limit on joining). I’ll be hosting a draft every night until the start of the season, mostly because this is America and I want football to be here, and I want it now.


But real football is obviously not going to happen until Thursday, so I’m biding the time, as they say, with these Fantasy Football drafts. Who they are and why they say that, I have no idea, but they appear to know what’s up. Join up here for those gnarly and tubular prizes!

Now onto the mocking of the RCL Writer’s League…

Here’s the draft and team breakdown, all narrated by each writer who decided to actually write something about their team. Writer’s writing? Crazy concept, I know…


Lifshitz Bitches!! – Ralph
Rd. Pick Player
1. (1) Jamaal Charles (KC – RB)
2. (24) Andrew Luck (Ind – QB)
3. (25) Jimmy Graham (Sea – TE)
4. (48) Brandon Marshall (NYJ – WR)
5. (49) Jeremy Maclin (KC – WR)
6. (72) Rashad Jennings (NYG – RB)
7. (73) John Brown (Ari – WR)
8. (96) Alfred Blue (Hou – RB)
9. (97) Eddie Royal (Chi – WR)
10. (120) Devin Funchess (Car – WR)
11. (121) Houston (Hou – DEF)
12. (144) David Johnson (Ari – RB)
13. (145) Adam Vinatieri (Ind – K)
14. (168) Doug Baldwin (Sea – WR)
15. (169) Kenny Britt (StL – WR)
16. (192) Michael Crabtree (Oak – WR)

The Champ Is Here! The Champ Is Here! The heavyweight champion of the world (Razzball 2014) is here. Smokey hold my jacket! Someone get me a mystic, I’m thirsty! Good god! I have a story to tell my loyal Razzscallions. My soon to be born spawn Prince Nolan Arenado Luther Lifshitz IV spoke to me in a dream the night before the draft and said “Father you must uphold the good Lifshitz name that spans generations and once again dance on the graves of these sucka writers with the grace and allure of vintage Madonna.” I then pounded his little fist and said I got you homie. I knew it was a sign from above when upon my arrival I was slotted to pick first. I preceded by selecting my favorite of all stud running backs, Mr. Jamaal Charles. I waited patiently for 22 selections until my second and third picks rolled around to select the best QB in the fantasy game in one Andrew Luck, and paired him with stud tight end Jimmy Graham. So I know what you’re thinking… where on earth are your receivers Ralph? Well I went for a strength in numbers approach, selecting 8 wideouts among my next 13 picks. Between Marshall, Maclin, (my road dog) John Brown, Eddie Royal, Devin Funchess, and Doug Baldwin, I should be able to find two to three startable options. I’m a little thin at RB with my depth after Charles being made up of Rashard Jennings, fill-in Alfred Blue, and high upside sleeper David Johnson. But if I’ve learned anything from my time as the Handcuff Report writer, it’s RB’s are interchangeable and disposable for the most part. Right guy who drafted Adrian Peterson first last year? I see you nodding.

One last thing Tehol, has the ninja…


Smokey’s Team – Smokey
Rd. Pick Player
1. (3) Eddie Lacy (GB – RB)
2. (22) T.Y. Hilton (Ind – WR)
3. (27) Alshon Jeffery (Chi – WR)
4. (46) Keenan Allen (SD – WR)
5. (51) Doug Martin (TB – RB)
6. (70) Tom Brady (NE – QB)
7. (75) Charles Johnson (Min – WR)
8. (94) LeGarrette Blount (NE – RB)
9. (99) Brandon LaFell (NE – WR)
10. (118) Kyle Rudolph (Min – TE)
11. (123) Eli Manning (NYG – QB)
12. (142) Marvin Jones (Cin – WR)
13. (147) Knile Davis (KC – RB)
14. (166) New York (NYJ – DEF)
15. (171) Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TB – TE)
16. (190) Cody Parkey (Phi – K)

Overall happy with my team. I have good depth at wide receiver and running back. It’s always tougher in a draft with people who have a similar amount of knowledge of trends, sleepers, etc.. That was a joke actually because there really wasn’t any. Anything can happen in this format, so I will end up eating my words from making fun of people…


Max’s Team – Max
Rd. Pick Player
1. (4) Le’Veon Bell (Pit – RB)
2. (21) Lamar Miller (Mia – RB)
3. (28) Latavius Murray (Oak – RB)
4. (45) Julian Edelman (NE – WR)
5. (52) Vincent Jackson (TB – WR)
6. (69) Martellus Bennett (Chi – TE)
7. (76) Peyton Manning (Den – QB)
8. (93) Seattle (Sea – DEF)
9. (100) Marques Colston (NO – WR)
10. (117) Jonas Gray (NE – RB)
11. (124) Brandon Coleman (NO – WR)
12. (141) Andre Williams (NYG – RB)
13. (148) Owen Daniels (Den – TE)
14. (165) Steven Hauschka (Sea – K)
15. (172) Kenny Stills (Mia – WR)
16. (189) Breshad Perriman (Bal – WR)

As a rookie to the Razzball crew, I had no expectations of what the draft would be like. I was shocked with some of the picks my fellow writers made in a half-PPR league. The chirping back and forth was real fun to be part of, but I was no where as into it as Tehol, Ralph, and Jennifer. So I received the 4th pick and was guaranteed one of AP, Lacy, Charles, Bell and ended up with Bell, happy about having the top player for 14 weeks, but it made me have to go 3 RB’s with my first three picks. Bell, Miller, and Latavius have incredible potential and no one close to taking their job. I need to grab some WR depth after that and got really luck with what fell for me after that. Picks 4-7 were Edelman, Martellus Bennett, Peyton and Vincent Jackson. I really love how that filled up my roster, especially with half PPR. With Brady back, Edelman excites me tremendously. Injuries throughout the Bears WR corp gets me giddy about Bennett. All four of these guys have low floors and very solid ceilings. I also threw a Seattle D pick in there pre-pick 100 to get the pretty boy Tehol to notice me.


Drinkin Forte’s – Jennifer
Rd. Pick Player
1. (5) Marshawn Lynch (Sea – RB)
2. (20) Mike Evans (TB – WR)
3. (29) Alfred Morris (Was – RB)
4. (44) Golden Tate (Det – WR)
5. (53) Drew Brees (NO – QB)
6. (68) Anquan Boldin (SF – WR)
7. (77) Delanie Walker (Ten – TE)
8. (92) Joique Bell (Det – RB)
9. (101) Kendall Wright (Ten – WR)
10. (116) Michael Floyd (Ari – WR)
11. (125) Philadelphia (Phi – DEF)
12. (140) Larry Donnell (NYG – TE)
13. (149) Zach Ertz (Phi – TE)
14. (164) Colin Kaepernick (SF – QB)
15. (173) Mason Crosby (GB – K)
16. (188) Malcom Floyd (SD – WR)

Gather ‘round, all ye who dare, and hear tell of a tale of horror, deceit, and maybe even… murder. Okay, not really, it just the annual Razzball Writer’s League Draft, but it’s still pretty close. Receivers and Backs were scarce this year as we all appeared to want to load up early on. Yours truly managed to Frankenstein together a potentially workable team and focused on balance and ended up landing Drew Brees, Marshawn Lynch, Alfred Morris, Mike Evans, and Golden Tate. I somehow also managed to add Joique Bell in there in the later rounds along with Alfred Morris and Anquan Bolden. Looking at the bye weeks, none of my top five high-priced meat share a common week, so I got that going for me. Although I may have screwed myself with the first four games of the season (the schedules are pretty gnarly), I am pretty happy with my overall Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Quarterback positions. I also went out on a limb and pirated Malcolm Floyd away from Tehol Beddict (who I managed to catch sleeping) when he wasn’t aware Floyd was still on the board and Larry Donnell away from Ralph Lifshitz who absolutely annihilated me with him last season. Even if I don’t use him, Ralph can’t either. Take that, Lifshitz! Let’s hope that I don’t regret taking a chance on them. All in all, I am pretty happy with the way my draft turned out, despite autodrafting a D/ST on accident when I got up to pee, but it worked out. Lesson learned. Note to self: Next year, wear Depends during your drafts. Good luck to all of my Razzball brothers and I am gunning for whoever stole Jordan Cameron. He’s MY man!


Lance’s Team – Lance
Rd. Pick Player
1. (7) Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR)
2. (18) DeMarco Murray (Phi – RB)
3. (31) Brandin Cooks (NO – WR)
4. (42) Travis Kelce (KC – TE)
5. (55) C.J. Spiller (NO – RB)
6. (66) Russell Wilson (Sea – QB)
7. (79) Mike Wallace (Min – WR)
8. (90) Larry Fitzgerald (Ari – WR)
9. (103) Torrey Smith (SF – WR)
10. (114) Brian Quick (StL – WR)
11. (127) Reggie Bush (SF – RB)
12. (138) Roy Helu Jr. (Oak – RB)
13. (151) New England (NE – DEF)
14. (162) Jordan Reed (Was – TE)
15. (175) Chris Johnson (Ari – RB)
16. (186) Ty Montgomery (GB – WR)

I came into the draft with a mindset of going WR heavy due to the fact that we can play up to four wide receivers in a league that rewards .5 points per reception. Honestly though, while I know beyond any reasonable doubt that WRs are the key in 1 PPR leagues, I’m not sure to what degree that applies to .5 PPR. I was hoping for a pick near the end (11th or 12th) and ended up picking 7th. Unfortunately the drafters in front of me did a good job of snagging my WR targets before I had a chance to draft them, starting with Antonio Brown going one spot ahead of my 7th draft slot. I settled for Demaryius Thomas, but fortunately my decision to go WR in the first round was the right one as I was able to snag DeMarco Murray at pick 2.6. Other examples of my WR targets being scooped up ahead of me were Emmanuel Sanders picked 4.4 and Allen Robinson picked 6.5. Despite this I still feel okay about my WR heavy team.

My RB strategy turned into ‘draft receiving backs’ because for whatever reason those were the types of backs my league mates kept leaving to me. I ended up with C.J. Spiller, Reggie Bush and Roy Helu as players that fit that bill.

I didn’t draft a kicker so I’ll just put off owning one until the first Sunday of the season.


Dillon Panthers – Malamoney
Rd. Pick Player
1. (10) Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG – WR)
2. (15) Jeremy Hill (Cin – RB)
3. (34) DeAndre Hopkins (Hou – WR)
4. (39) Mark Ingram (NO – RB)
5. (58) Greg Olsen (Car – TE)
6. (63) Nelson Agholor (Phi – WR)
7. (82) Joseph Randle (Dal – RB)
8. (87) Eric Decker (NYJ – WR)
9. (106) Ryan Tannehill (Mia – QB)
10. (111) DeVante Parker (Mia – WR)
11. (130) David Cobb (Ten – RB)
12. (135) Cody Latimer (Den – WR)
13. (154) Denver (Den – DEF)
14. (159) Cam Newton (Car – QB)
15. (178) Damien Williams (Mia – RB)
16. (183) Matt Bryant (Atl – K)

I’m pretty concerned and dissatisfied with my team this season, but that means I fully expect to make it to the finals. While I had hoped for an earlier first round pick so that I could secure a top tier running back, I will have to rely on Jeremy Hill, Mark Ingram, Joseph Randle and Tim Riggins to carry the load. I’m looking forward to watching Old Dirty Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins combine for 20 touchdowns and 500 fantasy points, while Ryan Tannehill throws for nearly 4500 yards. As the 9th QB taken in the draft, taking Tannehill in the 9th round allowed me to snag Greg Olsen in the 5th and to take a shot on Nelson Agholor. Selecting Agholor with the 63rd pick was a bit of risk and reach considering his ADP of 88, but sometimes you gotta no when to make a move. And just in case Tannehill pulls a Jason Street, I drafted Matt Saracen, I mean Cam Newton, in the 14th round. I feel like I kept missing the player I wanted by just a few picks, but that’s the nature of the draft. My biggest blunder was perhaps taking David Cobb while Sankey was still on the board. Or was it? The road to the finals starts today…


Tehol’s Team – Tehol
Rd. Pick Player
1. (12) C.J. Anderson (Den – RB)
2. (13) Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
3. (36) Carlos Hyde (SF – RB)
4. (37) Andre Johnson (Ind – WR)
5. (60) Todd Gurley (StL – RB)
6. (61) Martavis Bryant (Pit – WR)
7. (84) Steve Smith Sr. (Bal – WR)
8. (85) Terrance Williams (Dal – WR)
9. (108) Isaiah Crowell (Cle – RB)
10. (109) Matt Ryan (Atl – QB)
11. (132) St. Louis (StL – DEF)
12. (133) Allen Hurns (Jax – WR)
13. (156) Victor Cruz (NYG – WR)
14. (157) Tavon Austin (StL – WR)
15. (180) Kirk Cousins (Was – QB)
16. (181) Matt Prater (Det – K)

Being that I am truly Elder God blessed, I took the challenge of drafting from the 12-hole in stride, managing to put together a team I believe will compete for the championship. Speaking of holes, Ralph Lipshitz rudely dominated the chat, causing me to spend a massive amount of time destroying him in written form when I would have much rather been getting to know some of Razzball’s newer blood. You know, the blood I’m going to coat the walls with in this year’s writers league. TWO COATS!!! When Todd Gurley and Martavis Bryant come back in full force a few weeks into the season, my competitors will need to book their fantasy sports psychologist for a double sesh, followed by a scalding shower where they may then attempt to scrub the stinking filth of failure off their bodies. I’d like to pause this disassemblage of my co-workers by shouting out my new favorite and potential squire candidate, Mad Max! He drafted many of the players I had my eyes on, including the Seahawks defense, which is BY FAR the most dominant in the NFL, so kudos to him. And again, Ralph Lipshitz, ef you!!!


Bill Cosby’s Deep Sleepers – Jay
Rd. Pick Player
1. (11) Matt Forte (Chi – RB)
2. (14) Calvin Johnson (Det – WR)
3. (35) Andre Ellington (Ari – RB)
4. (38) Melvin Gordon (SD – RB)
5. (59) Sammy Watkins (Buf – WR)
6. (62) Pierre Garcon (Was – WR)
7. (83) Shane Vereen (NYG – RB)
8. (86) Danny Woodhead (SD – RB)
9. (107) Markus Wheaton (Pit – WR)
10. (110) Philip Rivers (SD – QB)
11. (131) Bishop Sankey (Ten – RB)
12. (134) Dorial Green-Beckham (Ten – WR)
13. (155) Antonio Gates (SD – TE)
14. (158) Ladarius Green (SD – TE)
15. (179) Arizona (Ari – DEF)
16. (182) Dan Carpenter (Buf – K)

Well, there’s no Ryan Mathews this year, so there’s that, I guess. I’ve been preaching again and again that running depth is really terrible this season, but I guess all my contributors listened and decided to nuke the wide reciever depth to sh*t in response. Thanks guys! I’m not crazy about Watkins and Garcon (to be fair, I’m higher on him than most) holding down the group, but I think Wheaton and Green-Beckham have the potential to do some things. Good things, hopefully. Grabbing both Vereen and Woodhead so close to each other in a half-PPR was also satisfying, but not as satisfying as Yahoo calling me out with this: “Betting on the Bolts – The fantasy hopes of Jay rest heavily on the fortunes of P-Riv’s crew, as they loaded up with five Chargers on their roster.” JUST FIVE? YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL WAIVERS OPEN.



Simply examine the Google Sheet below, find a league and draft time that works for you, and click the “LINK” button in “League Link” column to be taken to the leagues home page. If the league is invite only, please email the contact.

Fantasy Football Razzball Commenter Leagues, 2015:




  1. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    ok, in that 20 teamer where it’s about to be time for the draft finally a bunch of crap happened since i was forced to send keepers (25), rosters of 30. Half PPR but also pts for completions and negative for incompletions. good thing i kept KC1. min 10 WAS players (but we have a grace period post draft to get that in line). start 1 QB, only 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (can be TE), 1 TE and each real life D spot. Expected starters in caps. also return yds worth the same as scrimmage.
    QB- KC 1, RG3
    RB AP, MORRIS, Sims, Helu, Michael
    WR – D-JAX, ROBERTS, Garcon
    TE – REED, Donnell, ASJ
    DT -empty
    The changes are Novak’s out, S. Moore may be a backup, KC vs RG, i picked bryd over w.moore and now it seems moore was less hurt than byrd. The original plan was to draft (i have picks at 4, 24, 33, 44, 84) WR, 1 of LB or S, the other LB or S, DT or CB, the other one of DT or CB.
    At 4 the easy plan was to grab Cooper, but the team at #1 actually might need WR as badly as i do. teams 2 and 3 badly need RB and/or other stuff. If Cooper is gone do I go Agholor or one of these guys who are projected to do returns. I’ll show their projected pts (yahoo). Some of these guys it makes no sense they weren’t kept.
    montgomery 237
    lockett 236
    ginn 207
    cooper 189
    agholor 166
    funchess 156
    jacoby jones 155
    d.parker 149
    t.will 138
    mal floyd 137
    I left out some others that returns seem to be their only value (d.harris). So if i miss on Cooper (i’m guessing his upside trumps return yds) go Agholor or one of montgomery/lockett? Also these could have big time trade value to SEA or GB owners.

    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: also pts for runs attempted (fractions of pt), so starting RB have big value. Had i known pre keepers that matt jones was so decent i’d probably have dropped Michael or Helu to get him. At this point i probably gotta stick with the guys i have (unless somehow jones doesn’t get drafted, which is possible)

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: another idea, would it be better to wait till post draft to get DT #2, and grab matt jones in draft? i would drop helu or michael later, but michael might have big time value now eventually at DAL. With Novak gone i could always grab Forbath (yuck) or a IR guy to fulfill my WAS minimum players anyway.

          • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

            @Tehol Beddict: hey Tehol. the guy at pick 1 overall had Yahoo F him worse than I got it last week in a different dynasty (against yahoo’s own rankings and my own grabbed d.walker over gurley/yeldon/spiller/randle, when i needed RB for future). BE AT A SOLID COMPUTER FOR DYNASTY DRAFTS IN YAHOO. He needed WR badly and would’ve grabbed Cooper, instead he got some unranked by Kevin CB. anyway, the team at 3rd took Cooper and without having time to see your advice i went Agholor (kevin thought to stash k.white with that pick, which went at pick 29 to CHI owner). I did get two stud IDPs in S.anthony and Collins NYG, and upgrades at CB and DT. there’s also guys available to improve my IDP’s off of waivers too.

          • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

            @Jay: sorry, k.white went at pick 34, matt jones went at pick 29. Maybe i can move Donnell at some point to the guy with Jones.

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: I don’t know, I think Michael’s stock has risen a bit. I’m not to impressed with him, but that oline is soooo good.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: I feel like Agholor is the pick here, but I wonder if Montgomery is worth from the value. Hmm, yeah, I think you need to go Agholor there.

  2. Dom B says:

    Hey Jay I got a trade offer should I trade Tony Romo and Jason Witten for Andrew Luck and Delaine Walker is walker a te 1 and I heard Romo is suppose to have a good year should I do it

    • I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

      @Dom B: no, walker is close enough to witten, romo isn’t to luck.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom B: I would do that trade in a heartbeat. Go get that Luck.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom B: Wait, are you getting Luck or Romo?

      • I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

        @Jay: oh yeah grab luck and you should be having to give much more if you are.

  3. Principal Blackman says:

    I would love some feedback on this team that I just drafted. 10 teams, PPR, .5PPRush, 2QB, 6-point passing TDs. I drafted 2nd overall.

    QB Andrew Luck
    QB-Flex Tom Brady
    WR Brandin Cooks
    WR Allen Robinson
    WR Jarvis Landry
    RB Matt Forte
    RB Carlos Hyde
    TE Tyler Eifert
    BN (Teddy Bridgewater, Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Markus Wheaton, Isaiah Crowell, Arian Foster)
    K/Def Doesn’t matter.
    I went Luck/Forte/Brady with my first 3 picks, and I kind of wonder if I should’ve gone with a WR instead of Brady considering I got Bridgewater all the way in the 11th. Should I try to move Brady for an upgrade at wither WR or RB?
    Thanks for taking the time to assess my team.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Principal Blackman: That’s a fantasic QB combo for this type of format. I think you did fine with that one. I think your WR’s are okay… but I might reasses in a few weeks.

  4. Dom B says:

    Is Delaine Walker a TE 1 or should I add Heath Miller, Vernon Davis, Kyle Rudolph, Jordan Reed, Richard Rodgers, Owen Daniels, Austin Seferian Jenkins, or Eric Ebron

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom B: Hold onto Walker. Hes a TE1.

  5. Dom B says:

    I get Luck I don’t know what that other guy was thinking thx for the advice

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Dom B: The other guy that replied was thinking you weren’t on the Luck side of the deal. He was genuinely trying to help though.

    • I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

      @Dom B: i was clearly on the luck side of that.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom B: Yeah, you want the Luck side big time.

  6. RotoLance

    RotoLance says:


    Just FYI, my RCL is finally filled.

  7. Brion says:

    I am planning on streaming defenses. I am wondering, would you go with Tampa Bay or Cleveland? Or would you stick with New England week one?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Brion: I’m okay sticking with New England, but if you are streaming, I like the Browns match-up.

      • Brion says:

        @Jay: Thanks for the reply.

  8. Nightpandas says:

    Yeah, even us razzballers do it, missed my auction draft …did some preranking but crappy out side of rb:

    QB: Bortles, A Smith (start 2)
    RB: Pederson, Charles, Blue, McFadden (start 2)
    WR: Cooks, Fitzgerald, Wheaton, Cruz, Lafell, B Coleman, Funchess (start 2)
    Flex: Lacy
    TE: Walker
    Def: Arizona
    (10 team, .5 ppr)

    1. Does this team have a chance? Best QB on wire is Hoyer
    2. Was offered Bree’s and Randle for Charles. take it?

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Nightpandas: If you’re on Yahoo! that “evaluate trade” tool can actually be pretty helpful, I’d take a look at that just to see.

      • RotoLance

        RotoLance says:

        @RotoLance: Although now I feel compelled to add, after looking at Randle’s projections, that you probably won’t get a great picture by looking at “evaluate trade” because it almost certainly is overrating Randle’s chances/not considering his risk. Still worth a look.

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Nightpandas: Another thought, it looks like folks might have overpaid for QBs a bit in that auction and that’s probably how you ended up with the 3 stud RBs, I actually think your team might be able to get by as is. Coincidence: I’m in a super flex league and I have Bortles and Alex Smith but I also have Tannehill.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nightpandas: 1. Maybe. The receivers are okay, but I’d be concerned with your QB situation. Running backs really have to carry you here, which is possible. 2. I’m actually okay waiting here. See how Bortles does in week 1.

  9. Jensen says:

    Things that happened in my 12 team draft last night…..

    1) Antonio Brown fell to me at #11
    2) Luck, Rodgers, Wilson, Brees, AND BRADY went in the 2nd round
    3) Seattle D/ST went #54 overall. Mid 5th round. The 2nd D/ST taken was the Dolphins.
    4) 18 QB’s were selected before I took my first QB. I took Eli Manning.
    5) The first kicker off the board was Gostkowski. at #92.

    This is why I play RCL’s, I just can’t take my friends seriously, Anyway, here is my team from that league.

    QB- Eli
    WR – Brown
    WR – Julio
    RB – Forsett
    RB – Randle
    Flex – Hopkins
    D/ST – Bucs (they play the titans at home week 1)
    K – Cody Parkey

    B – Gurley
    B – Blount
    B – V. Jaxx
    B – Duke Johnson
    B – B. Sankey
    B – David Cobb
    B – Denard Robinson

    • Jensen says:

      @Jensen: **** TE – Rudolph

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jensen: Wow, would have never expected that with Brown… and the QB stuff. What a strange draft. Not sure if you can take this league seriously, haha.

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Jensen: have your friends go to decent amount of money leagues with you.

  10. Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

    ok, did some fantasy pros mocks (and those mocks are generally smarter than most people you’ll see in mocks, and it doesn’t quit mid draft, nor trolls, and you can take breaks). which of these seem best? half PPR, start 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 flex (can be TE). Draft out of 2 spot. 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex. 2 QB
    1. (2 QB’s early, RB first, non top TE)
    QB- Rodgers, Tannehill (3rd round), Foles (or fitz, mccown)
    RB- Hill,Latavius, Ivory, Foster, Knile D
    WR – Sanders, A. Robinson, Watkins, T.Will, GreenBeck, Randle
    TE Cameron

    2. (2 QB’s early, RB first, great TE, weak RB)
    QB- Rodgers, Tannehill, Foles (or fitz/mccown)
    RB- Hill, Latavius, Arian F, Coleman (or Woodhead), Duke John (or Knile D)
    WR – Sanders, Robinson (or Watkins), Wright (or T.Will, Funchess, T.Smith), D.Parker, Dorsett, Randle
    TE Olsen or Kelce (gotta go youth though i’d think)

    3. (2 QB’s early, WR first, fairly weak RB, no way to go high TE)
    QB- Rodgers, Tannehill, 1 of Foles/Carr (or Fitz/McCown at worst)
    RB -Miller, Ingram, Yeldon, 1 of (Blount, Jennings, Coleman, Vereen, Crowell, Duke Johnson,Woodhead), D.Robinson
    WR -Green , Watkins, Robinson,T.Will, Stills, Dorsett
    TE- Cameron (or Ertz/Witten)

    These next ones are where i gamble on not going QB #2 in 2nd or 3rd round
    4. (TE early, VORP says do Megatron)
    QB Rodgers, Rivers (or Bridgewater), Taylor
    RB -Hill, Ingram, Randle (or Foster), Gio B (or Jennings), Knile D
    WR -Megatron, A.Robinson, T.Smith, Stills,Coleman (or Perriman),White (if he’s there or boring Mal Floyd, Baldwin, Randle)
    TE Olsen

    5. (TE later)
    QB Rodgers, Bridgewater (possibly Rivers)
    RB Miller, Morris, Hyde, J.Bell, F.Jackson (or D.Robinson)
    WR – Megatron, Edelman, T.Smith, Quick, Parker (T.Will), Stills
    TE Bennett

    Original plan was to go with QB #2 early (tannehill), but wanted to see what team would likely look like with other plan. Which looks best now?

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