If you have been paying attention to me, you might be wondering what I am doing over here with the RCL update. Oh you haven’t noticed my absence? Yeah, you and everyone else. My mom even told me what a lovely post I did last week. She lied to me about reading what wasn’t even there. You see, I had no post… thanks a lot mom! At least you’re supportive… Actually, I was very under the weather, and with it being the final week of the year, I felt doing my flex play post was not where I needed to be. You guys have been bringing a lot of good questions this year and I appreciate all the love. Don’t worry, you can still ask me any questions you want…. football or otherwise.

This is it, this is the end. It’s time to separate the men from the boys, or is it the girls from the women? How about the kids from the oversized kids? Children from the adults? Those that like country music and those that like real music? Okay, I also give Johnny Cash and a few others a free pass, but this new country pop music reminds me of the first time I tried to jump my bike and smashed the family jewels on the crossbar. Now take that pain and replay it every five minutes and you have new “country”. Now that I have finished standing on my musical soapbox, I think I should get to what you are here for. The RCL Update and trophy(s) you can win.



Prize for Overall RCL Champion: A Fantasy League Champion Trophy, brought to you by our freinds at Far Out Awards.



Bonus Prize for Overall RCL Champion: Custom-Made Razzball Bobblehead Doll Set. (With two figurines, together, one with the likeness of myself, Jay, and the one of you, the winner!) (Note: Can be substituted for $100.00 Best Buy Gift Card.)



Prize for Commissioner of the League That Hosts the RCL CHAMPION: $50.00 Best Buy Gift Card.


Special Bonus Prize: Razzball T-shirt for the Top Three finishers of all the RCL’s hosted by Razzball Contributor Tehol Beddict.

Please Note: Razzball contributors, while allowed to participate, are not eligible for prizes. If a Razzball contributor is RCL Champion, the Grand Prize will go to the next highest scoring player, and that Grand Prize will automatically be a $100.00 Best Buy gift card, not the Bobblehead doll set. If a Razzball contributor hosts the RCL Champion in his/her league, the next highest scorer’s league Commissioner will receive the $50.00 Best Buy gift card.


The RCL Top 10

Why the top-10? Because they’re the top-10 teams out of 400+? And that’s pretty amazing? I’m Ron Burgundy? Simply put, they’re the best of the best of the best, and I think they deserve a little bit recognition. BUT NOT TOO MUCH. Just a taste.

1 Beats by Ray EmasculatingThroatLozenges RCL 7806.8
2 Gtoxitis BeatdaChamp 7781.7
3 The Scrote Squad Razzball The Football League 7445.6
4 Hubber Guard Cracklin’ Brats RCL 7308.7
5 MrOpinion’s Team razzball dreamer 7261.5
6 Something Something Sky Sperling League 7212.8
7 Eliminator’s 4 RCL Simultaneous Catch 7161.9
8 Yes Cheese 3 Penis Wine in Her Mouth 7154.1
9 Philitheez Take on the jay (Wrong) #3 7139.0
10 Sheep Impact Gronkey Punch 7093.7

Beats by Ray is still holding down the top spot, and back in Week 7, Jay wasn’t too convinced he was real [Jay’s Note: Only because I hadn’t seen the video!], but here we are in Championship Week and Ray is still on top. We got quite the collection of sexual innuendo on the board as well. Now, I’m not here to judge, but I’m going to do it anyway. Sheep, Penis, Scrote… Sky? I don’t even know what a Hubber is, but I have a hunch it has something to do with receiving and size.  Either way, it’s all classless, and we love it! Since you guys are all up in print here, I’ll close this with a good luck to you all in the championships. Seriously, I’m not playing any of you, so I don’t have a favorite.


The RCL Round-Up

Here are few RCL ramblings for you…

Garcon means Boy from Jennifer – Razzball still has the most moves at 89, which averages out to just under six a week. I hope this person plays baseball, you would be perfect for our RCL baseball leagues. You are what we call a chronic rosterbater on the baseball side. Please join, unless you already do, then I tip my cap to your style.

– Our first place team, Beats by Ray, has scored the most points this year with 1861.8. Not a shock, but I found it interesting that the team that scored the 3rd most points (1773.6), lunkstars from razzball dreamers, isn’t even the first place team in his league, and is the 17th best team on our rater. Who is the team above him? None other than our 5th place team MrOpinion’s team.

– The top five league’s with the highest index are: Take on SethDaSportsMan at 103.6, Razzball Writers League at 102.7, Razzball The Football League at 102.3, League Full of Hate at 102.1, and This website blows at 102.1. Congratulations to all those in high index leagues. I always stress to peeps to try and assemble strong leagues when we do our RCL’s. On the baseball side, we have done some champions leagues where previous year’s winners would meet up and play against each other the following year. Leave a comment if you are interested. It’s fun and you get the respect of random over-the-net strangers.

Below is an explanation of how the index is calculated:

The League Competitive Index is calculated as:  Sum of Fantasy Points For Each Team in League /  Average Fantasy Points Scored Across All Leagues * 100.  So if the average league has scored 5,000 points and League A has 5,100 points, League A’s competitive index is 102 (5100/5000*100).  Each team in that league will have the sum of their Wins + Ties + Fantasy Points Scored + Playoff Wins multiplied by 1.02 (102/100).  In 2012-2013, the League Indexed ranged from 97-103 so this is a generally minor adjustment.


The RCL Writers League

You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. But you can’t pick your friends nose. That is the basis of which this league has been created. The cast: Sky, Tehol (something-something-#Eldergods), Jennifer, Smokey, Kevin, Andrew, Matt, Nick the Podcast Radio Host, Seth, Ralph, Jay and me, the hateful one. 

unnamed (1)

The last time Jay did an update back in Week 7, I was stuck in the parking garage on stupid. Thanks for the shout out boss man. Actually, I would like to point out that I’m playing Seth for the consolation bracket championship this week, as I look to redeem myself. And by consolation bracket, I mean 7th place. The title game for the Champion-Champion, and no that wasn’t a stutter, I watched Goodfellas last night and love Jimmy Two Times. Sorry about that, I got a little side tracked… Now what I was saying is Andrew Nordmeier is playing Ralph Lifshitz for the championship. Last week, 3rd place Ralph knocked off 2nd place Sky while 4th place Andrew knocked off 1st place Tehol to advance. Sky faces Tehol for 3rd place, or as I have re-named it, the Pacific Northwest Trees and Clean Air Title. It’s like the inter-continental belt of fantasy football. To the writers still playing right now I tip my cap to you, for those that aren’t, I say Ha ha. Good season Razz Crew! I look forward to talking up all of our champions next week.


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  1. Joe says:

    Bush or D Jax for Flex? PPR league. 16 team dynasty league toilet bowl championship on the line for first pick in next year’s rookie draft!

    • J-FOH says:

      @Joe: Bush does go in a toilet

  2. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    Started 0-3, 11-1 since. Hottest team in the planet. If only T.Y Hilton was healthy.

    • J-FOH says:

      @Ralph Lifshitz: oh hey Ralph, how’s soccer

      • Ralph Lifshitz

        Ralph Lifshitz says:

        @J-FOH: Going well keeps me insanely busy. I’ve swore off my basketball and Hockey leagues all together. No time. I love the game so it’s been a blast working on this with Smokey.

        How are things in the world full of hate?

        • J-FOH says:

          @Ralph Lifshitz: you get any regulars yet?

          • Ralph Lifshitz

            Ralph Lifshitz says:

            @J-FOH: Yeah we have a few.

            • J-FOH says:

              @Ralph Lifshitz: now you and smokey don’t count

  3. S P says:

    Hmm, 14-team league that’s super deep. Gotta decide between Branden Oliver and Terrance West for RB3? Who’s your guys?

    Arguments for West:
    1) Despite the terrible output last week, Maziel probably won’t be nearly as bad
    2) They might tailor more dump offs to RBs to ease him into the game (West is the receiving back over Crowell)
    3) Crowell is injured and not going to be more than 50-50

    Arguments for Oliver:

    1) SF defense seems elite against the run but Borland and the LBs from the niners have taken a beating. Most of their starters are out this week
    2) Niners have been eliminated and might not push their injured guys to bang as hard. Most likely we’ll see guys who they’re taking a look at for next year
    3) Keenan Allen is out and so Oliver might get a few extra runs and/or receptions
    4) The chargers may be curious to see what they have with Oliver with Matthews being a Free Agent and all.

    All said and done, who’s your guy?

    • J-FOH says:

      @S P: west but it’s really a coin flip

  4. frankgrimes says:

    I’m in the championship game for two of the Tehol leagues.
    does two tshirts equal a grey jump suit?

    • J-FOH says:

      @frankgrimes: it’s just two shirts. Maybe a hoddie?

  5. Big W says:

    Hey J-FOH!

    Which one would you start this week? Latavius or Asiata?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Big W: Murray

  6. Beats by Ray says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say its been fun sitting at the top all year and lets hope Forte doesn’t get stuffed by the Lions again this weekend.

  7. Yescheese says:

    Yeah buddy!

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