Whether it’s real or fantasy football, we see time and again the difference between winning and losing can come down to just one play. The Denard Robinson stat correction fiasco of last year’s playoffs caused a change in many a fantasy football result. Yet, few are as frustrating as an official’s call affecting player points, like holding on a TD run or offensive pass interference on a big gainer.

That got me thinking, did anyone suffer bitter defeat because of points taken away from Duke Johnson last week, when inexplicably, officials ruled Washington recovered the ball on a fumble that was never actually lost? I’ve yet to see it in the fantasy football universe, but if it happened to any of you out there, comment below. Regardless, like a mysterious recovery, we fumble through the Week 4 update…


Sam’s Lobos of JB’s Labor Day Draft RCL and The Bloody Niners of Lord Hates Y! each climbed two spots from last week to first and second respectively in the rankings. The Lobos lead their league on points as they’re tied with Mike’s Team, our 15th ranked overall. Meanwhile, The Niners add Tom Brady this week to bolster an already strong unit of studs like Antonio Brown, LeSean McCoy and Demarco Murray… A little further down the board, big props go out to Stairway To Seven as the last unbeaten team from Work Hard Play Hard, our highest League Index at 102.1. They’re currently ninth overall and climbing after being out of the top 10 last week.

RCL Master Standings Top 10

Rank Team Owner RCL Points W L PTS Scored Moves
1 Sam’s Lobos JB’s Labor Day Draft RCL 3225.6 4 0 569.2 7
2 The Bloody Niners LORD HATES Y! 3219.9 4 0 589.3 2
3 Lance’s Team Razzball Writers League 3219.2 4 0 540.5 11
4 Sam’s Lobos mal’s pals 3216.8 4 0 544.4 2
5 Pipe Hittin’ Niggas Lords Only 3214 4 0 554.4 9
6 Dirty Jersey Jennifer’s Black Widow League 3210.2 4 0 550.6 5
7 Sean Montgomery The Greatest 3202.6 4 0 584.9 5
8 Gridiron Sheiks Alex Lee’s RCL – Come Get Some 3198.4 4 0 516.7 3
9 Stairway To Seven Work Hard Play Hard 3193 4 0 477.3 8
10 Kearses! FoiledAgain Cracklin’ Brats RCL 3147.8 4 0 479 3

League Spotlight: Make RCL Great Again

One of only 15 remaining undefeated teams is Yandy’s Tip-Top Team of Make RCL Great Again. Their RB-heavy approach and conservative view of roster moves (Just two transactions and two moves so far) have them one game ahead of The Great Corn Julio and Boozebags in the standings. A narrow victory over Smelly PirateHooker last week kept Yandy undefeated, but they’ll need to pick up the scoring to stay in front of the competition. They’ve taken advantage of the schedule, facing teams ranked seventh or lower in the standings. Still, a strong effort from Larry Fitzgerald in the Thursday Night game has Yandy out to an early advantage against Razz Boyzz this week.

League Spotlight: 4th and Inches

The teams of 4th and Inches haven’t separated themselves much record-wise in this highly competitive league, but Gridiron Gang stands at the top of a 3-1 pack with a league high 520.04 points. A little more than 104 points differ between them and Kenny’s Team, the lowest scoring group so far, sitting in 11th place. The Gang picked up their third win of the year against winless The Brady Bunch behind a weekly high points total, and the highest weekly total of the season so far. Ben Roethlisberger and Julio Jones set the tone in this match-up, with Mark Ingram and Emmanuel Sanders doing some work as well. The struggle has been real for Brady Bunch this year. Three out of their four losses this season have been against their opponent’s season-high score.

League Spotlight: Razzball Writers League

In Razzball Writers League action, Lance’s Team stayed undefeated and jumped out to a league high 540.48 points following a blowout win over Spider 2 Y Banana. A.J. Green and Michael Crabtree had YUGE games for Lance, but it really didn’t take much to win because S2YB left two lineup spots open for the 2nd week in-a-row, and Carson Palmer got concussed during the game, hurting his score significantly… Jay suffered his 1st loss of the season at the hands of The Prime Minister, ironically because the London game start time must’ve caught Jay off-guard. Julius Thomas missed the game and created a hole in his lineup and fellow Jay (Ajayi) underwhelmed with only 5.6 points. The return of Le’Veon Bell sparked Prime to their largest margin of victory on the year.

Stay tuned next week for more RCL recaps, and if you learned anything from Duke Johnson last week, hold onto your balls – you never know what can happen.



  1. Shivdaddy says:

    The only trade rule we have is no collusion, there is no voting on trades. 10 team league, standard scoring.

    The league commissioner and his dad made the following trade:

    Rams DST for Demarious Thomas

    I rose a stink and he changed it to

    Rams DST for Jarvis Landry

    I still think this trade is BS. Does anyone think this trade is legit?

    Please please give me some opinions guys!


    • FrankGrimes says:

      That trade sucks balls.

    • JRod

      JRod says:

      @Shivdaddy: Yeah… I’m calling B.S. on that trade still. Standard league the Rams defense is just over half the scoring of those WRs, by end of year even less. Whoever has the defense needs to kick in another player.

  2. FrankGrimes says:

    Not for nothing but there are 18 undefeated teams.
    The RCL Splooge Beard is not
    in the standings?!?

    It’s early but I’d have two teams in the top 10 if it was.

    Btw yup Lat Murray stinks!
    They even made up an injury to get him off the field HAHA!

    • JRod

      JRod says:

      @FrankGrimes: Frank I gotta tell ya, I respect you keeping me honest. But although I’m not the greatest at math, I’m not seeing where there are 18 undefeated teams. I’ll have to check with HQ about Splooge Beard’s 3 missing undefeated teams, and its place in the standings.

      And P.S. the Murray “injury” is more blatant disrespek by the Raiders! hahaha.

      • FrankGrimes says:

        Dunno why the league isn’t in the standings.
        Maybe cuz we was last RCL to draft night before season started. No biggie.
        Blame my bitch Tehol lol.

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