My favorite NFL soundbite is of Vince Lombardi yelling out to one of his legendary Packer teams, “What the hell’s going on out here?” I laugh every time because it’s really a statement that can be used in almost any context. Driving in heavy traffic on the freeway through a construction zone and see a bunch of guys standing around: (insert Lombardi.) Trying to catch up on some “light reading” in the bathroom and your kids sound like a freakin’ parade is going through your living room: (insert Lombardi.) But, because it’s from the football universe, I thought it was an appropriate transition into this week’s RCL updates…

Already one-third of the way through the season and we’re still sorting out who the contenders or pretenders are as teams continue to jockey for position in the RCL overall standings. Consistently among the top though is the new number one team, The Bloody Niners of Lord hates Y!, who moved up from second place. Jumping into the top three is Joe’s Expert Team of the league Splooge Beard. The top four teams of this high scoring league are either 4-1 or better, with Joe’s team leading the way at 5-0. Joe cruised to an easy win last week despite getting absolutely nothing from Victor Cruz. We discuss several other RCL standouts in the league spotlights below, so read on!

RCL Master Standings Top 10

Rank Team Owner RCL Points W L PTS Scored Moves
1 The Bloody Niners LORD HATES Y! 3917.1 5 0 724.5 5
2 Pipe Hittin’ Niggas Lords Only 3854.6 5 0 708.5 9
3 Joe’s Expert Team Splooge Beard 3853.7 5 0 703.7 8
4 Sam’s Lobos mal’s pals 3838.7 5 0 646.9 2
5 Daksinurmouth The Greatest 3819.4 5 0 692.5 7
6 Dirty Jersey Jennifer’s Black Widow League 3813 5 0 674.5 5
7 Kearses! FoiledAgain Cracklin’ Brats RCL 3795.5 5 0 622.9 3
8 Stairway To Seven Work Hard Play Hard 3781.3 5 0 582.8 11
9 Vader’s Fist Take on the Jay #6 3756.1 5 0 628.8 4
10 Midway Monsters Take on the Jay #4 3640 5 0 587.2 6

League Spotlight: Work Hard Play Hard

I mentioned them last week for making it into the top 10 of the RCL standings and here they are yet again. At 5-0 and leading their league is Stairway to Seven who got a huge lift from Phillip Rivers to overcome an underwhelming effort from their supporting cast and hold on for a close win. They’ve moved up one spot to eighth place in RCL standings, but they will need to pick up the pace as they had the lowest winning score in week 5, and are only the seventh highest scoring team of their league. Of the 3-2 teams that follow, TroutJohn is the only one headed in the wrong direction with back-to-back losses. Without Cam Newton last week, chances of reeling in a win were next to nothing against big games from Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, and Jordan Howard on the side of their opponent, Game Time Decision.

League Spotlight: The Greatest

In a league I like mostly for the team names, Daksinurmouth leads the way with a perfect 5-0 record and a league-high 692.54 points scored. Our fifth ranked team in RCL standings handed Danger Zone its first ‘L’ last week, and broke a tie for first place in their league. Anyone would’ve been a better option at QB than Derek Anderson for Danger Zone, but Dak’s Will Fuller scoring less than one point kept things close. In the end, Ben Roethlisberger and DeMarco Murray did more than enough to pick up the win. Elsewhere, aGronking2Remember held on to victory over the Fighting Hessians, yet still find themselves behind in the standings. How, what, why you might ask? More points scored for the Hessians handicaps them two places ahead somehow. Again I say, “What the hell’s going on out here?”

League Spotlight: Alex Lee’s RCL

Despite suffering their first loss of the season, Gridiron Sheiks – our 20th ranked team in RCL standings – still reign supreme of Alex Lee’s RCL. The week was basically a three-and-out punt for the Sheiks whose ownership of Jacksonville Jaguars triplets meant playing several bye week fillers. (Seriously, check out that roster… this guy could actually be Shahid Kahn and we don’t realize it.) Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry let the Sheiks down big time, while new pickup Cameron Meredith was scorching hot… on the bench. Amari Cooper broke out for their opponent, The Two Offs, and Tyrell Williams torched the Raiders secondary as both receivers had their best games of the year so far. Ron Mexicos still lead the league in scoring and are knocking on the door in second place. They’re a favorite this week against fellow 3-2 team Hasta LA Vista Rams who are still searching for a starting defense (that Titans option on the bench is probably a good choice against Cleveland.)

League Spotlight: Razzball Writers League

Thanks to Ezekiel Elliott going “Beast Mode” and Brian Hoyer having the game of his life, SON grabbed his first win this week with a 152.58-106.68 beatdown of The Prime Minister. As luck would have it, last week was the only week so far SON would’ve beaten The PM, who’ve suffered all three of their losses against an opponent’s best game. Dillon Panthers knocked off Forte Inch Ditka in a match-up of 2-2 teams heading into last week. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger played virtually dead even in this one, with the Panthers’ advantage coming from a two touchdown effort by Larry Fitzgerald, and LeSean McCoy’s 150 rushing yards. As I wrote about last week, the refs took away valuable points from Ditka’s running back CJ Anderson when a bunch of rushing yards and a touchdown catch over several plays were negated by penalties. At minimum it would’ve made this a closer contest, and possibly even have given Ditka the win.



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