Jon Gruden was mocked and ridiculed in his first year and a half on the job with the Oakland Raiders. He was crucified for trading Kahlil Mack. Internet experts stated he couldn’t adapt to the modern game as he went 4-12 in 2018. He was taunted for his quirks on Hard Knocks and being played by Antonio Brown.

The narrative is quickly turning after a 6-4 start to 2019. The team has been subject of a bit of luck in 2019. They are the only current winning NFL team with a negative point differential, but this organization is on the right track. They have a bevy of draft picks in 2020 and will have top 10 cap space to boot. This isn’t meant to be a Jon Gruden love fest, it has fantasy relevance to a greater point. Jon Gruden is one of the most fantasy friendly coaches we have left. He gives bell cow work to a single running back when healthy, and I tend to believe he would continue even if the lead back were injured. It helps that Josh Jacobs (#16) is immensely talented. Additionally, the Raiders have a target concentration amongst their RB1/WR1/WR2/TE over 60%. There isn’t a bevy of week to week randomness. The team is consistent and deploys the same personnel week to week. This is a rarity in today’s NFL and a key to fantasy football success moving forward. Locating and using these coaches will be a hot topic for myself in the offseason with an eye towards next year.

Davante Adams (#10) – This deserved bump is a week late on Davante Adams. Adams came back from injury with back to back double-digit target games and has 3 plus matchups in the Giants, Redskins, and Vikings remaining, with 2 difficult matchups against the 49ers and Bears sprinkled in. Adams doesn’t have a touchdown catch this season, and while the NFL is the most difficult sport to guess positive regression, Adams is ripe for it.

Julian Edelman (#24) – The Patriots offense is sputtering, but one player is a constant. Julian Edelman has 5 consecutive double-digit target games, with 19 red zone targets on the year (#1 in the NFL). Against the Eagles the Patriots showed a rare willingness to target Edelman on deep routes. This has long been the debilitating factor for Edelman being a top end fantasy option. He has elite volume, but the compressed ceiling with low ADOT targets has always held him back slightly. If the Patriots keep giving him a handful of shot plays per week, he will be a big component to fantasy championship teams.

Calvin Ridley (#45) – Ridley was the primary beneficiary of the exit of Austin Hooper from the Falcons lineup in week 11. Matt Ryan is quietly having a great season on a terrible team. He is on pace for around 4500 yards and 30 touchdowns. Those yards can’t all go to Julio Jones, and Russell Gage flopped against the Panthers. The Falcons have a mediocre pass game schedule the rest of the way and simply cannot run the football. Expect Ridley to be a lock for 7-8 targets per week with 4 games on the fast track in Atlanta left to go.  

D.K. Metcalf (#62) –The consensus ranking of D.K. Metcalf in the 80s on FantasyPros is somewhat baffling. Josh Gordon has been added and that makes the target situation murkier, but Metcalf is averaging 8 targets per game over the last 4. He runs a specific route tree and has an MVP candidate throwing the ball to him. If you haven’t noticed… the Seahawks don’t get in the grind it out games they desire to. The defense is awful. Metcalf has been a WR3 all season and that isn’t going to change with the addition of Gordon.

Deebo Samuel (#71) – I’ve dropped Emmanuel Sanders down my rankings based on the rib injury sustained on Sunday. He looks likely to miss a game or two the rest of the year based on already being questionable prior to the game and then sustaining an additional injury. In my opinion, Sanders and Deebo are a see-saw. If Sanders plays, he is the guy to own and Deebo is fringy to even be on a roster, but in the chance that Sanders does miss Deebo is a must-own. Therefore, he is worth a speculative add and to make this list. George Kittle only makes rolling coverage to the primary receiver more difficult upon return.

Rank Name Previous Rank
1 Christian McCaffrey 1
2 Dalvin Cook 2
3 Ezekiel Elliott 3
4 Saquon Barkley 4
5 Michael Thomas 6
6 Leonard Fournette 5
7 Nick Chubb 8
8 DeAndre Hopkins 9
9 Julio Jones 10
10 Davante Adams 18
11 Alvin Kamara 12
12 Chris Carson 11
13 Derrick Henry 13
14 Mike Evans 14
15 Chris Godwin 15
16 Josh Jacobs 19
17 Amari Cooper 16
18 Cooper Kupp 17
19 Tyreek Hill 7
20 Aaron Jones 20
21 Mark Ingram 22
22 Travis Kelce 24
23 Odell Beckham Jr 23
24 Julian Edelman 37
25 Melvin Gordon 27
26 Todd Gurley 29
27 Le’Veon Bell 26
28 Tyler Lockett 33
29 Keenan Allen 28
30 David Montgomery 36
31 Tevin Coleman 30
32 George Kittle 31
33 Kenny Golladay 32
34 Sony Michel 39
35 James Conner 25
36 Devin Singletary 34
37 Allen Robinson 35
38 Joe Mixon 41
39 Carlos Hyde 38
40 D.J. Moore 40
41 Zach Ertz 46
42 Stefon Diggs 42
43 D.J. Chark 48
44 Darren Waller 44
45 Calvin Ridley 52
46 Courtland Sutton 49
47 Christian Kirk 54
48 Kenyan Drake 58
49 Hunter Henry 50
50 Phillip Lindsay 53
51 Michael Gallup 56
52 Robert Woods 43
53 Adam Thielen 55
54 Royce Freeman 59
55 Austin Ekeler 63
56 John Brown 66
57 Golden Tate 61
58 Jordan Howard 45
59 Mark Andrews 60
60 Miles Sanders 70
61 Tyler Boyd 47
62 D.K. Metcalf 67
63 Marquise Brown 51
64 James White 65
65 Latavius Murray 68
66 Marvin Jones 64
67 Emmanuel Sanders 57
68 TY Hilton 77
69 JuJu Smith-Schuster 62
70 Derrius Guice 74
71 Deebo Samuel NR
72 Kareem Hunt NR
73 Jarvis Landry 73
74 Marlon Mack 21
75 Brandin Cooks NR
76 Matt Brieda NR
77 Alshon Jeffery 71
78 Davante Parker NR
79 Darrel Williams NR
80 Terry McLaurin 78

  1. LennyDykstraIsJustMisunderstood says:

    Yeah surprisingly Chuckie is doing it. There must be something said to getting cleaning house of distractions no matter how talented to get buy-in to you program.

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Yea I think there is something to be said for being on the same page with Mayock as well. It’s crazy to me that probably half of the NFL organizations operate without cohesion from the front office and the coach. I’m sure Gruden and Mayock don’t agree on everything/every player, but there is something to be said for getting players to fit a coaches vision/comfort zone.

  2. Snacks Zillion says:

    I see John Brown has a brutal schedule ahead. Coming off a big game, can you recommend any trade targets for Brown in a 10 team 1/2 ppr. Thanks!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Schedule is going to get tougher but there is a good possibility he is trailing in some of the games so it may offset. I think a great trade target would be Zach Ertz. Brown has scored more points so you can sell it and if you have a “replacement level” TE you can probably get a lesser WR back. Ertz has a really light schedule to finish the season and his targets have been trending up. Alshon might cut in to it a bit upon return but I feel like Wentz is just going to lean on ole reliable.

      Calvin Ridley could be in for a big run but has tough matchups in fantasy playoffs. If you are on the fringe of getting there he might be worth a look to propel you forward.

      In terms of RBs I’m going to die on the Devin Singletary hill. He is getting a great snap share and has been super productive. I’m just hoping Allen doesn’t vulture all of his TDs the rest of the way.

      • Snacks Zillion says:

        Thank you very much for the thought out and spot on reply. All points taken and I didnt even think about Brown traiing alot of games and the garbage points. I put in offers for Ridley and Ertz but if they dont bite I am happy with Smokey. Thank you again for your help.

  3. Wacha Wacha says:

    I own Connor, Jacobs, Singleterry, R Jones, Guice, and JWilliams(Ind) as my RBs in 10 team redraft superflex .4 ppr (seriously it’s .4).

    Would you drop any of them for handcuffs? All Raiders and Steelers backups are available including J Samuels but I wasn’t sure if the handcuffs would jump any of the backups I have even if an injury occurs or already has occured in the case of Connor.


    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Hahaha. Just needed a little less than half to be different. I’d have no problem droping Williams for a handcuff. Probably a bit of a coin flip between backup situations though. Might prefer Samuel’s slightly since he has shown pretty heavy workload but just hasnt been productive when Conner sits.

  4. Frank the tank says:

    Hey man! Trade deadline is next week on thanksgiving it’s .5 ppr . Also we play with keepers , we can keep max 2 players (any two), it doesn’t matter where you drafted them , rounds 1 & 2 dedicated for keepers, round 3 begins snake draft.

    Here’s my squad:

    RB Russell Wilson

    RBs are: David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Tevin Coleman, Mattison, ballage, Guice , Tarik Cohen

    My WRS are Tyreek hill, Marvin Jones, Watkins, thielen, Josh Gordon, aj green, Hunter Renfrow, Devante Parker

    My TE is waller

    That being said im currently a playoff team, what seeding I’ll be now that’s a mystery, currently I’m the 4 seed & 6 teams make the playoffs. I’m 7-4, the 3 seed is 7-4, & the 1 & 2 seeds are both 8-3. Then behind me the 5 & 6 seeds are 6-4 with the 7 at 5-6

    Would you make a move ASAP by the deadline to help my chances ? If yes any of these tickle your fancy?

    1.) trade my tyreek hill for Chris Godwin?

    2.) trade my tyreek hill for mike Evans?

    3.) trade my Julio Jones for tyreek hill?

    4.) trade my tyreek hill for Keenan Allen + Godwin?

    5.) trade my tyreek hill for amari cooper + Aaron Jones ?

    6.) trade Watkins + Renfrow to get John brown?

    7.) trade Watkins + Renfrow to get Mark Andrews (I would flex him this week & he also has ertz)

    8.) deal ballage to get Deebo Samuel?

    9.) deal ballage to get Hollywood brown?

    10.) trade tyreek hill for Gurley + Ridley ?

    11.) deal my tyreek hill for Keenan Allen + Allen Robinson?

    12.) deal my Tyreek Hill to get amari cooper + Mike Williams?

    What else can I do? I can’t trade DJ he has zero value? I don’t feel like dealing cook, so hill seems like my best trade chip, right?

    Thanks man!

    • Pat

      Pat says:

      #5 definitely jumps out at me. I don’t love Jones snap share but he is certainly and upgrade and Amari isn’t that far off Tyreek. I like #9 as well. I don’t have the stones to ever start ballage. Hill is certainly your best trade chip and with the hammy pull if you could deal him I’d say it’s worth it if you are certain you need to make a deal.

  5. L-Boogie says:

    10 team, non ppr league. 4 points for passing td, 6 points for rushing td. Only have 2 moves left. Guaranteed a playoff spot. looking ahead to playoffs, my current QB is Josh Allen who has games left vs Denver, Dallas, Baltimore, Pitt, NE. Not so pretty. Other available QBs:

    Wentz: seattle, Miami, giants, skins, Dallas
    Darnold: raiders, Cincy, miami, Baltimore, Pitt
    Kyler: Rams, Pitt, Cleveland, Seattle (would start Allen this week)
    Foles: Tenn, TB, chargers, raiders, falcons
    Tannehill: Jax, Indy, raiders, Houston, NO

    Given schedule, talent, upside etc, which ONE QB should I grab for rest of season and playoffs?


    • Pat

      Pat says:

      Id say darnold if this week had any relevance, but since it doesn’t seem like it matters to ya if you have a bye and/or it’s only a two week playoff 15/16 I think I go foles v Kyler. Would be neck and neck and Kyler definetly has a higher floor but Clevelands secondary isn’t nearly as bad with ward and greedy back for playoff week one. Foles might just be my choice.

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