Back this week after a brief hiatus last week while I was traveling. Plus, the weird Tuesday Night Football schedule threw off the whole week. It’s like somebody pissed on the rug, but while still leaving a stain, the piss smelled like roses. Because it was awesome having TuNF and a doubleheader this week on MNF. Anyway, you don’t care, and have probably stopped or never read the intro, so, on to the tight end rankings.


Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 326 89% 53 8.8 112 18.67 37 470 5
2 2 George Kittle SF 268 98% 38 9.5 81.7 20.43 30 380 2

Party Time, Excellent!
Last week on the podcast, I talked about putting Kelce in his own tier at the top because of the question marks at QB in San Francisco. Looking at it this week, it felt dumb when he’s averaging more targets and more points per game.

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
3 3 Darren Waller LV 320 92% 47 9.4 73.5 14.7 34 295 2
4 4 Mark Andrews BAL 242 64% 33 5.5 74.3 12.38 20 243 5

Complete opposites, but EXCELLENT, either way. 

  • Darren Waller is 2nd in targets per game, and 3rd in PPR points per game. He’s had 7 red zone targets with 6 receptions, so, at least he’s being used plenty in that area. Maybe the reason for his lack of scoring, Derek Carr has thrown a TD to 8 different receivers. 
  • Mark Andrews doesn’t have the snap rate or target rate to belong in this tier, but he’s had 6 red zone targets and has 3 TDs on 4 targets inside the 10. Lamar Jackson has only thrown multiple TDs to his TEs, Andrews (5) and Nick Boyle (2). With a position that is largely TD dependent, Andrews is among the best at hauling one in most weeks.

Pretty…Pretty Good

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
10 5 Noah Fant DEN 192 71% 27 6.8 54.9 13.73 19 219 2
9 6 Jonnu Smith TEN 265 73% 29 5.8 72.4 14.48 19 234 5
7 7 Hunter Henry LAC 311 86% 35 7 54.8 10.96 22 268 1

Remember when this tier was 6 or 7 guys, those were the days. 

  • This is me being optimistic on both Fant and Jonnu to play this week. Both have been great, although, I’m still not the biggest Jonnu fan from a skill standpoint. It doesn’t matter, the system and Tannehill are using the TE position. 
  • Even if Fant and Jonnu don’t play this week, I’d still have them here ROS unless you’re in a win now situation sitting sub .500 on the season.
  • Fant hasn’t provided big games, but he’s consistently in that 5 or 6 reception per game territory. Fant has the talent of a top tier TE and he’s getting the work, just wish the offense was a little better. Once he’s healthy, there’s only a handful of guys I’d rather have ROS.
  • Henry stays where he was a couple weeks ago. He’s going to be part of the offense, but has slipped a little bit after a couple of nice weeks to start the year. He’s on bye this week, so, if you’re in a good situation and need a TE, maybe throw out an offer for Hunter.

Best of the Rest

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
12 8 Mike Gesicki MIA 230 59% 30 5 58.1 9.68 18 281 2
20 9 Jared Cook NO 145 55% 18 4.5 39.6 9.9 11 166 2
15 10 T.J. Hockenson DET 220 71% 25 5 56.7 11.34 17 197 3
19 11 Dallas Goedert PHI 123 53% 18 3.6 32.8 10.93 13 138 1

Just like those of us who have been swiping since March, what’s left at this point, is the best of the rest. 

  • Mike Gesicki has blown up 1 week, a strong week, 1 week saved by a TD, and disappeared for the other 3 weeks. Tua Tagovailoa is getting the start, even though Fitzy didn’t do anything wrong imo. Still, have to be excited to see the 5th overall pick get a chance. There’s always that narrative that the rookie QB checks down to his tight end.  Well, I usually hate terrible narratives, Gesicki is the tight end and the slot receiver, so, I’m saying there’s a chance. 
  • Jared Cook is back. Pretty much the Jonnu of this tier. Have to like the spot he’s in, and getting Michael Thomas back should help everyone in New Orleans. 
  • T.J. hasn’t moved up so much as other tight ends have fallen. The 3 TDs on the season have definitely helped Hock who still seems to lack some upside in the Lions offense. His season high for yardage on the year is 62 yards and that is the highest yardage mark he’s had since his 1st game in the pros. Remember that one? 9 targets, 6 receptions, 131 yards, and a TD. That was fun, let’s do that again, PLEEEAAASSSSSSE!
  • Dallas Goedert is out this week. I’m hoping he returns for week 8, although the Eagles then go on bye in week 9. Still, once he’s back, I expect you’ll want him in your lineup without hesitation and another guy I’d target if you can eat the roster spot for his time out. 

I Suppose You Could Do Worse

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
8 12 Evan Engram NYG 322 87% 35 5.8 44.6 7.43 20 177 0
13 13 Robert Tonyan GB 209 61% 18 3.6 65.8 13.16 16 198 5
14 14 Hayden Hurst ATL 323 73% 32 5.3 59.7 9.95 19 227 3
17 15 Jimmy Graham CHI 282 70% 36 6 66.3 11.05 22 203 4
11 16 Tyler Higbee LA 323 81% 21 3.5 60.2 10.03 18 222 3
18 17 Austin Hooper CLE 328 81% 33 5.5 48.5 8.08 22 205 1
  • I should probably drop Evan Engram further after only 5 targets with 3 receptions in the last 2 games. However, his target rate from the early season has me hoping there’s still a chance he could produce. 4 red zone targets and 0 TDs has to get better eventually, right? Maybe? 
  • Robert Tonyan seems like he has a place in the offense. The whole Packers team looked bad in week 6, so, can’t blame Tonyan too much. He got banged up a little in this one, but returned, albeit with less production. 
  • We’ve reached a touchdown dependent part of the rankings and Hurst has 3 in 6 weeks. The Falcons looked rejuvenated in week 6 and I’m hoping that extends to all parts of the offense. 
  • Jimmy Graham is no longer the Jimmy G of the NFL, but he has 28 targets in the last 4 weeks. He’s not going to be a high yardage guy, but he should get some receptions and is likely the 2nd option in the red zone passing game. Could be worse. 
  • Tyler Higbee continues to fall. Splitting more targets with Gerald Everett. Over the last 4 weeks, both are averaging under 4 targets per game. He hasn’t had a 60 yard game this year and all of his TDs came in one game. Told you, it’s pretty TD dependent down here. 
  • Austin Hooper has 23 targets in the last 3 games. Unfortunately, that has only yielded one score and a couple 50 yard games. Regardless of how bad this team looked last week, and Baker has for a while, that number of targets at this point in the rankings has some appeal. 

Not the Worst

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
5 18 Dalton Schultz DAL 342 74% 36 6 59 9.83 23 260 2
22 19 Rob Gronkowski TB 335 82% 28 4.7 44.8 7.47 17 218 1
21 20 Logan Thomas WAS 344 87% 36 6 43.8 7.3 17 148 2
32 21 Gerald Everett LAR 175 44% 13 2.2 32 5.33 11 168 0
  • Dalton Schultz has fallen precipitously since losing Dak. The Cowboys were completely out of sync offensively in their first full game under Andy Dalton. I’m not saying he can’t look better than last week, but the number of weapons without a historic offensive pace is not nearly as strong of an option as he once was this year. 
  • Gronk had a classic, Brady to Gronk end zone fade for the first time this season. With no O.J. Howard, maybe Gronk can be a slightly better than terrible TD dependent option. 
  • Logan Thomas got in the end zone last week, but it’s really hard to trust Kyle Allen/Alex Smith/Dwayne Haskins (and the WFT organization). 
  • Gerald Everett has 4 targets each of the last 2 weeks. He has a role in the offense even if his snap share hasn’t changed much. The Rams and Sean McVay take advantage of defensive weaknesses. We won’t know who the beneficiary is each week, but every once in a while, it might be Everett. 

Streamers and Snakes, The Good Stuff

Prev Rank Rank Name Team Total Snaps Snap % Total Tgts Avg. Tgts PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
6 22 Zach Ertz PHI 373 88% 45 7.5 49.8 8.3 24 178 1
27 23 Eric Ebron PIT 254 72% 24 4.8 36.5 7.3 16 165 1
23 24 Greg Olsen SEA 214 66% 19 3.8 35 7 15 140 1
25 25 Drew Sample CIN 324 72% 19 3.2 26.2 4.37 14 122 0
16 26 Mo Alie-Cox IND 168 50% 14 2.8 42.4 8.48 11 194 2
30 27 Trey Burton IND 96 50% 16 2.7 33.8 11.27 11 107 1
x 28 Darren Fells HOU 237 66% 19 3.2 52.5 8.75 14 205 3
33 29 Irv Smith Jr. MIN 246 64% 16 2.7 25.3 4.22 10 133 0
31 30 Jack Doyle IND 207 64% 10 2 20 4 7 90 1
24 31 Chris Herndon NYJ 267 66% 22 3.7 20.8 3.47 13 98 0
  • Ertz is out for a few weeks. He’s on here as an honorable mention for the service he’s provided us the last few years. 
  • Eric Ebron has 17 targets in the last 3 weeks and is a pretty decent option if you’re looking in this tier. Problems, well, he’s Eric Ebron. Also, the Steelers have a lot of weapons. Without Diontae Johnson around, I thought he might give us a bigger performance, but nope, 2 receptions for 9 yards. 
  • Greg Olsen seems to have a connection with DangeRuss, but it hasn’t produced much in the way of fantasy points. Will Dissly is still there splitting work and the situation seems muddier with the news that the Seahawks are interested in Antonio Brown. They already have 2 great receivers, and an effective short yardage back, so, I’d rather take my TE TD shot somewhere else. 
  • Drew Sample, at least he’s the primary receiving TE for the Bengals? They force fed A.J. Green in week 6, but if that’s just a showcase, maybe Sample has some value as we move on in the season. 
  • MAC missed week 6 and Trey Burton took advantage. While Rivers has utilized the tight end, per his career M.O., on a week to week basis, it’ll be tough to guess which one is worth starting. 
  • Darren Fells chips a rusher, slides out into check down spot, gets the ball. This is how 90% of Darren Fells receptions happen, but he’s getting that work. He’s the best blocking TE that the Texans have and he’s been over 80% snap share the last 3 weeks. 
  • Irv Smith Jr. is a fun prospect. Until they sit down Kyle Rudolph, that’s all he is. :( 
  • Jack Doyle is the third of the Colts TEs. I admit I thought he’d be the clear #1 TE before the season started. Maybe he gets forgotten about with the other TEs on the field and he can find a score randomly. 
  • Chris Herndon plays for the Jets

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1 year ago

Just curious where ertz would have ranked had he not got hurt. His production and value continue to plummet. I didn’t see a post last week. Thx

1 year ago

Surprised (and glad) you have gronk ranked this low. Ended up dropping him over Mike Williams, Perine, preston, and dobbins for bye-related reasons. Was this the right ROS move in a 14m deep league? Have Waller as primary TE