Take a look at the rankings for the rest of the season and week’s 15 and 16 for opponent’s rush and pass defense below. The lower the number the tougher the opponent.

Rush Defense Schedule

Miami has a nice schedule against the run, but of course their running back situation is a little muddled, but stashing Daniel Thomas is a good idea . . . If Chris Johnson can ever do anything of consequence he could possibly, maybe, do something with this schedule . . . I love me some DeMarco Murray and so does his schedule . . . Shonn Greene has a nice schedule, but I’m still not buying . . . Arian Foster has an amazing playoff schedule but a God-awful stretch before that. I think you’ll survive it . . . I’m warming up to Willis McGahee and his playoff schedule is stoking the fires . . .

Steven Jackson has played well recently and gets a decent game this week but has a tough road after this week . . . Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert may have trouble helping you win a championship with their tough playoff schedule . . . After Marshawn Lynch gets the Ravens this week he’ll have an easy-ish road until the playoffs . . . And you thought a Cleveland running back was going to lead you to the promised land . . .


Pass Defense Schedule

You just saw Carson Palmer throwing all over the field to Denarius Moore and they have a nice schedule to boot . . . Ryan Fitzpatrick and Stevie J have a nice schedule, but beware of the Buffalo weather . . . Tom Brady has the easiest playoff schedule; that ain’t fair . . . Jay Cutler has had some decent protection lately and gets Earl Bennett back and has a softish schedule . . .Timothy Tebow has a nice passing schedule, but he doesn’t pass all that much anyway . . .

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have a rough stretch of games, but things magically get easier in the playoffs . . . Colt McCoy, nevermind . . . Big Benjamin has a rough row to hoe, but has been on point . . . P. Rivers has a nice stretch until the fake playoffs start . . . Eli Manning has a toughish schedule that gets a little tougher in the playoffs . . .

  1. Fernando says:

    I drafted S. Jax and F. Gore, because they move their offenses. Recently, I’ve been noticing the same problem of strength of schedule in the playoffs. I have depth at Rb position. Would it be wise to move them, for hopefully equal value or better, solely based on the schedule?

  2. Random Collmenter says:

    was about to accept a trade for aaron rodgers when i got scared that he might not even play that much in weeks 15 and 16 – i’m sure they’ll have a playoff spot locked, so he might just play the 1st half of games, right?

    am i just being paranoid or is this a legit concern? i’m in 1st place so i’m not too concerned with the next few weeks, just focusing on playoffs.

  3. schlitzy says:

    after last night’s performance, where does denarius moore fall with Manningham and Antonio Brown? I’m mixing/matching those two as my WR2 until Andre Johnson is back.

  4. Nehocstu says:

    I love this kind of anaylsis Doc; Thanks! Can you keep it updated, say every other week?
    In a ppr league, trying to pry Rogers away from his owner (now don’t start calling us plantation owners!)
    Stafford & Nicks for Rogers? Is Wallace (instead of Nicks) any better or more likely, am I way off? (He wants receivers…)
    As ever, love this site!

  5. Andrew says:

    Standard Leauge

    Who should I start at the Flex

    Maurice Morris or Earl Bennett?

  6. will says:

    I just traded Ryan Matthews and Brandon Marshall for Chris Johnson and Jeremy Maclin since CJ has a better playoff schedule than Matthews. Also I have Gore and Foster as my RB’s.

    Now my question is should I look for another WR? We start 3WR and 2RB. My current RB/WR roster is (after the trade completes)

    WR: Wallace, Steve Johnson, Maclin, Harvin, Mike Williams (TB)
    RB: Foster, Gore, CJ, Helu and Addai

    I have thought about trying to trade Helu and Williams to improve my WR. A team has Roddy White, but desperately needs a RB. Would a fair trade be Helu and Williams for White? My only other concern is having Detroit as my DEF during the playoffs. It seems like they have a difficult end of the year schedule.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @will: I think you should hold.

    @Andrew: Morris

    @Nehocstu: Thanks, yeah, I’ve been updating off and on. I think that’s fair. Depends on who you have to replace Nicks though.

    @schlitzy: He’s right up there with them. Will have to be matchup based, but his upside will most likely be higher.

    @Random Collmenter: I’ve been looking into this and in the past they haven’t sat him in week 16 when they could. They like to keep a rhythm.

    @Fernando: I think it’s worth a shot. Don’t give them up cheap of course.

  8. Robert says:

    PPR league, start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and a flex (RB/WR/TE)
    RBs: Rice, Greene, Reggie Bush, Maurice Morris, Hillis
    WRs: Bowe, Welker, Floyd
    TEs: Graham, Ballard
    Rodgers is my new QB thanks to a trade (Gave up Colston and Romo)

    Going Rice and Bush at RB, Bowe and Welker at WR, Graham at TE.

    Ballard or Greene at Flex? Greene feels safer, but lower ceiling since he doesn’t catch anything.

  9. Jeff says:


    In 12 team standard league, I was offered Tolbert & Andre Johnson for my DMC. What do you think?

  10. zandercage says:

    Hey Doc –

    L. Blount, P. Harvin or Antonio Brown at Flex this week? Standard scoring.


  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @zandercage: Brown

    @Jeff: I wouldn’t

    @Robert: Yeah, I like Greene there. 49ers are tough on TEs

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