Is it just me or can you picture Pete Carroll eating fruit snacks, drinking chocolate milk, and sleeping in a race car bed? Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy – his constant whooping seems genuine, and I dig his video game play-calling style, but I can’t shake the impression that he’s really just a kid who put a token in a carnival game and woke up the following morning as a 40-year old man.

Some other observations from Week 4…

-If you put your trust in Jay Cutler on draft day, you should have known an abomination like Sunday would happen at some point. Comedian Louis C.K. once said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “every crap I take is an emergency.” And that’s kind of the way Cutler looked in the first three games – like if he didn’t get the pass off immediately, something very bad was going to happen. That kind of urgency is a necessity in a Mike Martz offense, and against New York, for whatever reason, it was missing from Cutler’s game, and he ended up with soiled pants because of it. Lesson learned. Hopefully. With Carolina, Seattle, Washington, and Buffalo next up on the schedule, not only would I NOT bench Cutler, but I’d be actively trying to separate him from his panicky owner if you have a need at QB.

Glass Half Empty Side Note: Cutler’s a mercurial head case even on his best days, and after being debased and defiled as an unwilling participant in the Giants sack orgy, he may never recover mentally.

Beanie Wells didn’t enter Sunday’s shellacking until the 2nd quarter, and finished with just five carries for 19 yards. Ever the team player, he promptly complained publicly about his role, going so far as to infer that the Cardinals coaching staff was “crazy” for not playing him more. In actuality, they didn’t really have a chance to get him involved. Tim Hightower, the de facto starter, handled the first two possessions – as he did in Week 3 – before giving way to Wells. Beanie gained 12 yards on three consecutive carries, and then Derek Anderson happened. Two incompletions, two sacks, and an interception later, and the Cardinals were down 28-7.

Not really any need to run the rock at that point.

The Cardinals are a mess, sure, but the schedule is still cakey, and Wells is still a much better runner than Hightower. Be patient, you’ll get what you paid for eventually.

-The general consensus after watching Kevin Kolb direct the Eagles offense for three quarters is that he’s nothing more than a check down artist incapable of utilizing deep threats DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. To refute that claim, I’ll direct you to Rex’s Department of “Yeah, but…”

Yeah, of Kolb’s 22 completions against Philly only two traveled further than 10 yards in the air, but…he still threw for 202 yards over three quarters, which extrapolated over a full game comes to 266 yards.

Yeah, Jackson and Maclin combined for just four catches and 34 yards, but…the Redskins set up in soft coverage with two deep safeties to combat the long pass, and didn’t switch strategies when Kolb took over.

Yeah, Kolb isn’t close to being the same fantasy force as Michael Vick, but…he is capable of consistently moving the chains and providing low-end QB1 numbers when the matchup is right, like this week against the 49ers 20th ranked pass defense.

-The leading receiver for the Texans was…Joel Dreessen? With Andre Johnson out, and Jacoby Jones incapacitated much of the game with a calf injury, I guess Dreessen leading the way isn’t THAT shocking, but still, where was Owen Daniels? Dreessen had more yards against Oakland (73) than Daniels has all year (68). Rumor has it, he’s not recovering so smoothly from last year’s ACL surgery, which shouldn’t be a big surprise, it was only the third time the guy’s had the ligament repaired. With 2010 being the Year of the Decent Tight End (Marcedes Lewis, Brandon Pettigrew, Ben Watson, Tony Moeaki, Tony Scheffler, Todd Heap, etc, etc), Daniels isn’t ownable in 12-team or shallower leagues. Neither is Dreessen.

-I’m not calling Mike Thomas a midget, but he’s definitely a little person. And he’s definitely the only Jaguars receiver worth considering in a starting role right now. Listed at 5’8″, Thomas is more likely in the Danny Woodhead 5’6″ range, but he’s kick-returner quick, and a disciplined route runner. On Sunday he was targeted a team-high seven times, catching five balls for 68 yards. He’s now averaging 4.2 catches and 52 yards a game on the year. Think Davone Bess circa 2008.

In other Jacksonville news: If you had Mike Sims-Walker in your “Jaguar receiver most likely to get caught with a Roar cheerleader” pool, you lose. In fact, if you bet on MSW in any kind of game that required him to do something in 2010, you lose. Fantasy wise, if you can trade him for anything – a bye week defense even – do it.

-I think so little of Brandon Stokley‘s four catch, 62-yard performance in his first game with the Seahawks that I’m not even going to mention it. He caught a 36-yarder in the fourth quarter, but other than that, looked just as unappealing as the other wideouts in the Seahawks stable. Glad I didn’t mention it. In a related story, Matt Hassellbeck hasn’t thrown for over 260 yards in nearly a full calendar year. Say it with me now, Char-lie White-hurst!

-The days of Michael Turner running as a lone wolf in the Falcons backfield are over. It’s time to welcome Jason Snelling to the pack. Turner had 16 totes for 50 yards on Sunday, with Snelling totaling seven for 31. The past two weeks the carry breakdown has been a 46/21 split in favor of Turner, which, considering the workload he used to receive, represents a fairly significant cut into his share.

On the bright side, the Falcons weren’t lying when they said they wanted to utilize The Mini Fridge in the passing game. After catching three balls for 28 yards against the Niners, Turner is now one grab shy of setting a career-high. Granted, his previous high was six, but still, the added receiving numbers might help to slightly offset the carries he’s losing to Snelling.

-Against the Titans, Laurence Maroney had 11 carries for five yards, Correll Buckhalter had six for three yards, and Kyle Orton led the way with three carries and 11 yards. Denver backs are now averaging 2.2 yards per attempt on the season, the only team in the league under 3.0. If you’re contemplating starting Knowshon Moreno against Baltimore, just…don’t.

  1. Trevor

    Trevor4 says:

    Peyton Hillis or Ryan Matthews for week 5?

  2. genghis chone says:

    Are you concerned at all about Chris Johnson? Where would you rank him among RBs in a PPR league? Is he a good return for Tom Brady in a 2 QB league?

  3. Leroy says:

    who do u like in 4 WR league, 0.5 ppr league… mike thomas, nate washington, amendola, meachem?

  4. Nick says:

    I have been rolling with Baltimore D the past four weeks and while they hold teams to minimal points, they don’t seem to be the best fantasy D…I also have trouble dropping them…keep playin them week 2 week or start streaming ?

  5. longbeachyo says:

    I cannot believe you are defending the Arizona coaching strategy!!! What do you mean, “In actuality, they didn’t really have a chance to get him involved.”???? You said it yourself, “Wells is still a much better runner than Hightower.”
    So why in the name of Zeus’ BUTT HOLE are we blaming all of this on Derek Anderson??? I’ve got an idea… lets start Tim Belcher in the 1st game of the world series and bring Roy Halladay in from the bullpen to close out the game…. OH NO, we lost!!! -OF COURSE YOU LOST, YOU MORON, YOU STARTED TIM FREAKING BELCHER!!!
    Now to be civil… let’s just pretend they (Arizona coaching) did the right thing and started the more talented athlete… Maybe he breaks one of those 1st carries for a huge run and at the very least they score a field goal on their opening drive. The game suddenly has a whole new outlook. Could that have happened, yes would it be likely, maybe not. BUT I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND GIVING A LESS TALENTED ATHLETE MORE PLAYING TIME… And for you to NOT agree with Beanie on this is ludicrous to me.

  6. Calogero says:

    @longbeachyo: Easy on the caps, there. You apparently didn’t watch the game. I did. Here’s what I observed:

    1. Tim Hightower was effective on the first drive of the game. Hightower had 16 yards on 3 carries (very solid), and Fitzgerald and co. kept moving the chains. The Cards got to the Chargers 22-yard line and Hightower broke one free for a touchdown. It was, however, called back for a pretty questionable holding call on the fullback. The very next play, Anderson threw a pick.

    2. The next drive, Hightower had one run for 2 yards, Fitzgerald caught a couple of balls for first downs and then Anderson sputtered the drive out and the Cards punted.

    Beanie got the next drive and got 12 yards on 3 carries before Anderson blew the drive. The second quarter was a slaughter and the Cards were down 28-7 at the half and had already switched to Hall.

    Beanie was the only RB to get any touches in the 2nd, 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter, and he only had 13 yards on 3 touches in that time. Hightower came back in in garbage time (which makes sense given that the game wad decided and Beanie is coming back from an injury) for 6 yards on 3 carries.

    So even though I love Beanie and have been trying to trade for him, I can’t quite agree with you. Beanie Wells is very good, but it’s not like Hightower is garbage. He put up 115 yards against a Falcons defense that has proven to be very good so far this season and should have had a touchdown on the first drive against the Chargers.

    I wouldn’t argue that Hightower should get the lion’s share of the carries, but anyone who actually followed this game knows that his lack of involvement wasn’t the fault of any game plan by the coaches, but complete lack of ability by the QB and offensive line.

    As Rex said, “they didn’t really have a chance to get him involved.” They were just being dominated at the line of scrimmage and had to switch to quick passing if they had any chance at actually getting back into the game. I’m sure when they were making the game plan, they were hoping it’d be a close game and that Beanie would get 15-18 touches. The truth is that Hightower and Beanie combined had only 13 touches.

    I bet if you asked Hightower, he’d be pissed with his role, too. But we’re not talking about the Jets or Falcons who can support 2 100-yard rushers in a week. If Beanie had gotten more playing time, he’d just have gotten a 4-5 yard gain every first down, before the Cards QB got sacked and fumbled or threw two incompletions and they had to punt. The only person happy with their role this week was Ben Graham, the punter.

  7. alex says:

    I’m starting Moreno out of absolute desperation as my RB2. D-Mac is hurt, Forsett is on a bye, Jennings/Ringer/Taylor/Starks aren’t getting PT, and the only waiver options are Kuhn and Maurice Morris.

    Gotta take Moreno over Kuhn and Morris, right?

    Got cutler/moss/anquan/roddy/percy to fill out the squad so it’s not all bad.

  8. Calogero says:

    On another note, what do we think of this trade?

    I give:

    I get:
    Smith (NYG)

    His current TE is Daniels, so Jermichael has extra appeal. My other WR are Austin and Wallace (both will be done with their byes after week 5) plus Knox and Demaryius. My other RB are deep, but lacking at the high end (hence the offer for Mendy): Forte, Greene, Torain, Felix and Bernard Scott.

    Most weeks I’ve been trying to pick which RB will be the best option, though they’re all more suited for RB2/Flex plays. However, if I do this trade, I’ll have to hit the waiver wire and grab a TE. Hernandez is available, but probably not for long and I’d also need a plug’n’play starter for this week, meaning I’d drop Dermayius and/or Scott.

    How does this trade sound? If it’s not accepted, should I try Welker and Hightower for Jamaal Charles?

  9. longbeachyo says:

    @Calogero: Duly noted, I didn’t watch the game. But I don’t have to watch the game in order to understand that only an idiot would not play the better of the two athletes. I agree with you, Hightower is not garbage. But that’s like someone saying, “lets get started on the wrong foot!”… Are the coaches so deluded that they actually think they might still be in the game long enough for Wells to make a difference? Don’t they realize by now that their O-line and QB are less-than par? So why not put out your best option at RB to mitigate the problem??? The only reason they didn’t get a chance to get Wells involved is because they chose not to get him involved by starting Hightower.
    “If Beanie had gotten more playing time, he’d just have gotten a 4-5 yard gain every first down, before the Cards QB got sacked and fumbled or threw two incompletions and they had to punt.”
    You might be right on that, but I guess we’ll never know until it happens. I CAN tell you what happens when they start Hightower though, and I didn’t need to watch the game to find that out. Why does it seem like everyone knows Wells is more talented except Whisenhunt?

    As far as that trade offer, I’m assuming you’re not in a PPR league. If that’s the case, do it. If it is a PPR, don’t do it. If I were you I would get A. Hernandez RIGHT now! With no Moss he’ll have a bigger role!

  10. Wilsonian says:

    Would anyone trade Marshall and either Hillis, McFadden or Moreno for Austin? The guy with Austin really needs an RB and I’m wondering if Marshall might have a slightly down year getting passes from Henne. What do you think? Thanks.

  11. Dirty Mo Pena says:

    Ray Rice for Boldin and Jamasl Charles. Who wins this trade?

  12. Wilsonian says:

    @Dirty Mo Pena: I would slightly lean Boldin/JC, but I can see some others leaning Rice.

  13. Rookie Season says:

    0.5PPR, non-keep league, WR, WR, RB, W/R/T, 16-team.
    I was offered Jahvid Best for Reggie Wayne. Jahvid had 2 great weeks, then 2 subpar weeks.

    I have Reggie Wayne, Lance Moore, Santonio Holmes, Derrick Mason, Joseph Addai, Knowshon Moreno, Brandon Jacobs.
    He has Steve Smith (out), Jabar Gaffney, Vincent Jackson (out), Michael Turner, Jahvid Best, Marshawn Lynch.

    He obviously needs a WR. Do you like this trade straight up? I think I can get more for Wayne. He has rejected offers of Lance Moore for either Turner or Best. I have enough WRs to offer other than Wayne, but I still have to upgrade my RB, also.

    Any alternative trades you see that are fair? He’s the desperate one. Moore’s value will go down soon. Moore or Mason for Lynch? Holmes for Best or Turner? Holmes will be Jets’ #1. Thanks for your help!

  14. hideousmutants says:

    Moss (at Jets) or Colston (at Ariz) this week?

    Colston feels like a no-brainer given Revis and Moss’ needing adjustment time but am tired of getting let down by Colston

  15. hideousmutants says:

    Should’ve added to last post–I could also put Floyd in there

  16. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    1 PPR, Eddie royal or Steve Carolina smith? I feel embarrassed asking

  17. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    act like I didnt say that. even if steve smiths value has fallen that far. i’m keeping him outta pride

  18. andrew says:

    Trade offer:

    Give up Sims Walker
    Get Derick Mason

    Pull the Trigger?

  19. Rex

    Rex says:

    @Trevor – I’m all in on Matthews against Oakland
    @genghis chone – only worries on Johnson are a possible breakdown with such a heavy workload. He’s still a top 3 back for me. Wouldn’t trade him for Brady after the Moss trade.
    @Leroy – Amendola, Thomas, Washington, Meachem
    @Nick – Keep rolling with Baltimore
    @Caolgero – Couldn’t have said it any better…if you can grab Hernandez, I’d do it, but I kind of like the Welker/Hightower for Charles…
    @Alex – Yeah, you gotta roll with Moreno…if he’s out, Kuhn’s the man.
    @Wilsonian – I’m holding tight to Marshall
    @Dirty Mo Pena – Pretty fair deal, I’d give the edge to Boldin/Charles
    @Rookie Season – If you’re trading Wayne, only Turner will do in return
    @hideousmutants – As annoying as he’s been, give Colston one last chance
    @Broadstreetbrawler – Royal, no doubt.
    @andrew – I hate MSW, and it turns out Mason isn ‘t dead. Do it

  20. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    I just sent Forte, Lynch (used the 10th out of 10 waiver priority) and Mike Williams (TB) for Megatron. Now I’m stuck with CJ Spiller as the first RB off my bench. Did I give up way too much?

    QB: Orton
    RB: Rice
    RB: CJ2K
    WR: M. Austin
    WR: C. Johnson (Mega)
    WR: G. Jennings
    TE: Finley
    FLEX: Bradshaw

    Bench: Flacco, M. Wallace, S. Smith (NYG), Spiller

  21. stumanji says:

    Cutler is out Sunday.

  22. Rookie Season says:

    Who do you like for Def?
    I have St Louis. @Detroit: St Louis is playing well lately. Shaun Hill can kill you and give up INTs at the same time.

    Waiver Wire:
    Carolina vs. Chicago: Cutler reportedly out for Sun.
    KC @ Ind: KC playing well, but Indy scares me.
    Cle vs Atl

    Should I drop St Louis for Carolina? Chicago looked horrible last week.

  23. Wilsonian says:

    @Rookie Season: I had the same issue (PIT is on Bye) and went with Carolina. As a Bears fan, I think Carolina is a pretty safe start and that’s what Doc told me, as well.

  24. John says:

    Benson and Maclin for Ray Rice, I get Rice. Welker/Steve Smith (Car)/Lloyd as my receivers. Gives me Gore/Rice/Bradshaw at flex


  25. Matt P says:

    Should i give up Crabtree and Mike Williams (TB) for Colston? I have Cutler and Big Ben so i need to grab a qb to start this week and i was thinking Bradford, but i dont wanna drop anyone. Do you think that this is a good buy low/2 for 1 deal?

  26. Rookie Season says:

    @Wilsonian: Thanks for the input! Carolina D has been yawnstipating. With an inept Chi O, Carolina could look awesome.

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