At this time of year, everyone’s hurt. And the like the saying runs, “If you’re not hurt, you’re not playing.” You can imagine all the haggling with the insurance companies that the Doc has to do with these injury reports.

Let’s take a look at who’s all banged up and how they will impact you in your quest for fantasy victory.

Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants (foot, knee) may not even travel with the team to Atlanta according to Newsday. If this comes to be true, David Wilson of the Giants should be getting started in your lineups as the G-Men take on Atlanta’s 31st-ranked run defense. Also in Atlanta, WR Roddy White is questionable (knee) but is expected to play.

The Dez Bryant situation in Dallas is looking murky. Bryant fractured fingers in the game against Cincinnati and surgery was on the table. Bryant says he wants to play but this could go all the way to game time before any word is given. Bryant wants to be on the field for the game against Pittsburgh in a matchup of 7-6 teams fighting for their playoff lives. Reportedly the swelling has been an issue yet Bryant will be putting off a needed surgery to fix the issue.

From a fantasy standpoint, you have to question how effective Bryant will be with a swollen finger that’s fractured when it comes to catching passes. Tony Romo won’t just soft-toss them towards Bryant on Sunday. Either way, I see Romo looking more towards TE Jason Witten and WR Miles Austin to get the passing attack going. Don’t expect too much out of Bryant this week. Between the injury and the matchup, week 15 will be a tough cookie for Bryant to crack.

Baltimore RB Ray Rice has been limited in practice the last couple days with a hip pointer. While it’s slightly concerning, expect him to play against Denver and use him as you normally would. Also in Baltimore, LB Ray Lewis is expected to play after returning from a triceps injury so he’ll be out there harassing Peyton Manning on Sunday.

Carolina RB Jonathan Stewart is questionable with an ankle injury for the game at San Diego but shouldn’t be in play on your lineup as Cam Newton has been on fire and should burn the Chargers to the ground.

Check the injury reports later today for updates on Cecil Shorts (concussion), Brian Urlacher (hamstring) for the IDP players and Brandon Pettigrew (ankle) as all of them are questionable at present. Jay Cutler looks like he’ll play despite a neck injury.

Some players haven’t been so fortunate with Dwayne Bowe (ribs), Percy Harvin (ankle) and Kevin Kolb (ribs) all being put on the injured reserve this week. None of them have replacements worth mentioning from a fantasy standpoint.

That being said, review the official injury reports that come out later today to get a truly precise update on where your players stand. The lone exception would be the Titans-Jets game on MNF and they will have their update tomorrow.

As always, leave questions and comments below. Good luck in the semifinals!


  1. drew says:

    2 questions for ppr league:
    Alfred Morris or David Wilson
    and Which 3 out of Amendola, D. Alexander, Garcon, and TY Hilton?

    • Andrew Nordmeier

      Andrew Nordmeier says:


      Wilson at the RB…

      As for the WRs….Alexander, Hilton and Amendola since RGIII won’t start Sunday.

  2. tsim says:

    David Wilson over Ray Rice?
    I’m stacked with backs.

    • Andrew Nordmeier

      Andrew Nordmeier says:

      @tsim: I’d still go Rice. Gotta go with what got you here.

  3. Rags says:

    Romo, Kaepernick or RGIII this week at QB?

    Is RGIII going to run less? I have Kaep, but Gore is one of my RBs, so I’m limiting upside there and NE’s defense has looked better of late. Pitt’s not exactly an easy matchup for Romo either.

    All the experts put the three of them someone around each other at ~16 points this week. I guess I’m fine with that, but does Kaep have the highest upside because he’s more likely to run?

    • Andrew Nordmeier

      Andrew Nordmeier says:


      Kapernick since Romo will have a tough one with Pittsburgh and RGIII won’t start for the’Skins.

  4. Tim Beadles says:

    I’ve got 4 backs and can play 3 of them…

    David Wilson
    Montel Owens
    Deangelo Williams

    I love your website and defiantly keep track of your baseball news!

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Tim Beadles: Hey that’s great to hear!

      I’d go Foster/Wilson/Owens

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