Eli Manning vs. TEN

Doc pointed out on twitter yesterday that the Titans pass defense has “shut down” Jason Campbell, Dennis Dixon, and Charlie Batch. So, they probably aren’t really the 2nd best pass defense in the league. But, I think they are good enough to keep Eli off balance. The Giants will likely throw enough to push Manning over 200 yards, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns it over a couple times as well.

Carson Palmer @ CAR

We’ve got 2 weeks of information on Palmer. The question now is this — was his excellent Week 1 or his terrible Week 2 the aberration? Now, we might forgive a quarterback for putting up less than career numbers against Baltimore, but I’d bet against a return to his first week numbers.


Michael Vick @ JAC

If you snagged Vick, you may as well keep rolling with him this week — the Jaguars pass defense is arguably as bad as the Lions, and Vick should have no trouble posting another 240-260 passing yards with 60+ rushing yards to boot.

Donovan McNabb @ STL

McNabb looked much better in Week 2 and I expect continued success against the Rams. So far McNabb hasn’t been running at all with the Redskins, but he wasn’t much of a runner the last few years with Philly anyway, and as he settles in (and Portis wears down), the TD’s should come.

Running Back


Brandon Jackson @ CHI

Okay, we all burned our #1 waiver picks and FA budgets, and were bailed out by Jackson’s TD to go with his 39 total yards. Don’t test fate twice. The Bears have been giving up nothing on the ground so far, and Jackson looks more like a low-end RB2/Flex matchup play than a legit starter.

Shonn Greene @ MIA

After trading for Greene in one of my leagues, I tried desperately to keep him out of this section of the article, but it can’t be avoided. Tomlinson is running as if every carry might be his last (we can only hope), and Greene isn’t producing enough with the 10-15 carries he’s likely to get to make it worthwhile if you’ve got other options.

Tim Hightower vs. OAK

Beanie’s been practicing…if he’s rated probable or better on Sunday morning, Hightower gets bumped down to a marginal play at best.


Knowshown Moreno vs. IND

Well, maybe the Broncos will try what the Giants wouldn’t. Namely, actually try to control the clock by running early and often. Even if the Colts go up early and Denver starts throwing the ball, Moreno’s pass-catching skills should produce enough to be valuable.

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. PHI

This is a conditional recommendation — any MJD owners should be monitoring any news on his ankle very closely. If by Sunday morning his status is questionable, then of course you may be forced to bench him. But if he’s ready to go, don’t get scared away from a very nice matchup against the Eagles.

Wide Receiver


Steve Smith (NYG) vs. TEN

With 78 yards and no TD’s in 2 games, #12 is in danger of returning to being just “the other Steve Smith”. With Nicks likely to return (and facing a good Titans D), I’d avoid Smith if possible until we see him get in sync with Eli.

Steve Smith (CAR) vs. CIN

Did I stutter? Nah, he was just next on my alphabetical list of wide receivers. (See why it’s funny? They have the same name. THE SAME NAME!) It’s hard to know who will have a bigger negative impact on Smith’s production — Leon Hall, or Jimmah Clausen. Either way, I wouldn’t put my matchup at risk with the other other Steve Smith until we see if Clausen can get the ball to him.


Brandon Marshall vs. NYJ

I’m guessing most Marshall owners have heard this by now, but [insert Revis Island joke here]. Revis has already been ruled out for Week 3, but even if he improves enough to play, I’d still throw Marshall out there.

Louis Murphy @ ARI

No, don’t start him over your studs, but in deeper leagues I’d have no qualms about putting Murphy in my lineup. Why? The great Polish hope, Bruce Gradkowski. He’s no Pro-Bowler, but he’s surprisingly…competent might be a bit much, but at least he’s consistently unterrible. Arizona’s pass defense looks bad enough that the Raiders might just air it out a bit.

Tight End


Greg Olsen vs. GB

It’s probably not time to drop Olsen out right, but I’d start looking at other options. Olsen’s getting a very small piece of Cutler’s substantial passing pie, and the Packer pass defense doesn’t generally blow coverages and allow long TD’s right down the middle.

Brandon Pettigrew @ MIN

100+ yards last week, but that’s the joy of facing the Philly D (more on this in a minute). Don’t be fooled into thinking Pettigrew is an every-week starter. But on the other side of the field…


Visanthe Shiancoe vs. DET

Just about everything stacks up well for Shiancoe here. Start with the terrible defense, add the return of Harvin’s migraines, and top it off with the apparent lack of trust/synchronicity/manlove between Favre and Berrian. I’d be surprised if Shiancoe doesn’t post 100 yards and a TD.

Marcedes Lewis vs. PHI

If you’re an Olsen or Zach Miller owner looking for a short-term option, I’d absolutely grab Marcedes and take advantage of the soft spot in the middle of the Eagles defense that gave up 108 yards to Pettigrew in Week 2 and roughly 2 billion yards to tight ends last year.



Dallas @ HOU

They’ve still got the pass rushers, and I think by year’s end they’ll rank as one of the better defenses, but Houston’s offense is already on a serious roll, and it’s not hard to see the Texans dropping 30 or 35 points on the Cowboys.

New York Jets @ MIA

No Kris Jenkins, no Darrelle Revis…this isn’t the same Jets squad that was ranked at or near the top to start the season. They shouldn’t be terrible, but the Dolphins have enough weapons to take advantage of the Jets’ hurting defense.


Cincinnati @ CAR

If you’re playing weekly matchups with your defense, I’d check to see if Cincy was dropped after their Week 1 beating. The Bengals defense is still pretty good, and it’s always fun to break in a rookie QB for the rest of the league.

Washington @ STL

Same thing — if someone dropped them after the Houston score-a-thon, grab them for this week’s matchup against the Rams. Now, the Rams still have Steven Jackson, and Sam Bradford has looked like a 5 year veteran, but keep in mind that right around the time everyone started raving about Mark Sanchez’s poise last year, the Sanchize decided to see what it was like if he threw the ball to the other team several times a game. Bradford will make his share of rookie mistakes, and the Redskins defense is good enough to take advantage of it.

  1. Joel says:

    My league only gives 1 point for 20 yds rushing/receiving, no ppr. could you rank these rbs as to who you’d like on your roster right now — SJax, Rice, MJD, Dangelo, Best, Pierre T. I ask because I managed to fleece SJax from someone this week, and am wondering if I should try and trade him for any (or all) of these backs. (I already have Arian as well). Thanks!!

  2. Goose says:

    Portis @ STL or Bradshaw at home vs TEN?

  3. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Who for flex?

    Felix Jones

    I’m leaning Lynch or Amendola but wanted your opinion.

  4. TheEvilEmpire says:

    League 2: Pick one for 2nd RB:

    BJax @ Bears
    Ricky Williams vs. Jets
    Felix Jones @ Houston

  5. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @TheEvilEmpire: NM, gonna go with Lynch. I just heard he’s reportedly going to play “a lot” this week.

  6. Calogero says:

    Need 2nd RB from this list:

    Shonn Greene
    Felix Jones

    Need Flex from this list:

    Hightower/Green/Jones (whoever isn’t picked above)
    Johnny Knox
    Demaryius Thomas
    Mike Wallace

    Lots of pretty marginal choices, but I feel like a couple of those guys will produce this week.

  7. Fathomer says:

    Vick or Ryan the rest of the way as backup QB?

  8. JDub says:

    Flacco or Ryan at QB this week?

  9. hacienda says:

    I agree that the outlook for the NYG passing game this week is not good. Given the match up and Eli’s general suckiness last week, would you start Floyd over Nicks?

  10. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Calogero: I’d go Greene and Thomas. Greene will turn it around. LT just had some ether sprayed in his carb. He’ll putter out.

    Of course go Hightower if Wells won’t be playing this week.

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Joel: I’d tend to stick with S-Jax, but he is an injury risk…if I was offered Rice straight up for him, I’d consider it. MJD if his ankle issues go away is fine as well.

    @Goose: Portis.

    @TheEvilEmpire: Hmmm, I’d go Ricky over BJax or Felix right now.

    @Calogero: Depends on injury news…Hightower/Demaryius if Beanie isn’t playing, Greene/Demaryius if Beanie looks healthy.

    @JDub: I’d stick with Ryan until we see Flacco get it together.

    @hacienda: I’d consider it, but watch Floyd’s health…he’s a little banged up as well.

  12. omnificent says:

    fearless one,

    bjax is in my w/rb flex spot. On the bench I have louis murphy, bowling ball tolbert… Would you sub for either.

    also… Zach miller at TE with OD on the bench and mercedes on free agency.


  13. Wilsonian says:

    Sit or Start – Pick One (0.5 PPR):

    Williams (TB);
    Sproles; or

  14. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    My league’s scoring: 1 pt/20 passing yards; 6 pts per TD; -2 for int or fumble lost; 3 point bonus for 300 yards passing.

    I have to choose between Cutler and McNabb. I am thinking McNabb will have less turnovers, more touchdowns, while Cutler will get a lot of yards in what could be a shootout.

    Any advice?

  15. Nathan says:

    Foster vs. Dallas or McFadden vs. St. Louis?

  16. Tebow says:

    Flex Play in non-PPR: B. Jackson or M. Floyd?

  17. I have been offered a trade for Clinton Portis- yeh for real- I have been offered Ryan Mathews and Dexter Mccluster- I could care less about McCluster but Mathews? I almost broke my finger going for the accept link.

    Am I missing something- I know his ankle is dinged up and Tolbert did well and will play if Mathews is hurt. I really dont like going with a rookie as an RB1 or RB2 but there is so much hype of this guy- Would I be crazy to not accept the trade or just foolish to stay with Portis?

  18. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    @Jack MeOff: Is Portis currently your RB1? If not, who do you have, and who can you play if Mathews ends up missing multiple weeks?

  19. I currently have- Pierre Thomas- LT- Highhtower- Felix J and Marion- and SPROLES

  20. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    I would make the trade then. You can always play PT and a platoon of LT/Hightower (until Beanie is full speed)/Felix of MBIII (one has to start producing.) Then Mathews gives you upside when he comes back.

  21. Joel says:

    in my league where its 1 point for every 20 rushing yards, would you make either of the following 2 trades: 1) I give SJax and the SD DEF for Dangelo and MINN, or 2) I give the same and get Pierre Thomas and the NO DEF?

  22. Rookie Season says:

    Do you think I should start Moreno and Tolbert, sit Addai?

    I have the Giants for D. These teams are available: Indy, Seattle, Wash, St.L, KC, Cleveland, AZ, Chicago, Detroit, Jack, Carolina, NE, Denver, Houston. Should I be adding and dropping D throughout the season or keep 2 D teams? Or just decide on one and stick with them?


  23. TJ says:

    Nice RB problem to have, need 2: Have Rice vs CLE, Foster vs DAL, & Best @ MIN. (Non-PPR)

    WR2: Clayton vs WAS, Floyd @ SEA, or Collie @ DEN?

    D/st: NE or CIN this week?

  24. Mr. Foosball says:

    Two questions: 1. Would you sit Mendenhall for Tolbert & 2. My WR’s are my weak spot. I have Breaston, Dez Bryant, Jacoby Jones, Nate Washington and Naanee. Which three would you start? Thanks!

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @omnificent: I’d go with Tolbert unless Mathews news changes.

    @Wilsonian: Beanie unless news changes.

    @Tebow: BJax

    @Jack MeOff: Take it.

    @Joel: I wouldn’t make those trades.

    @Rookie Season: I’d still sit Tolbert out of those. I like NE. I go between 2 and 1 D on my teams depending on needs.

    @TJ: Ugh, very tough. Going to say sit Foster, but it hurts! I’d go Floyd. I like both D’s. NE

    @Mr. Foosball: I’d stick with Mendy. Dez, Jones, Nanee

  26. ilikestuff says:

    Pick 2 WRs:
    – Jacoby Jones
    – Dez Bryant
    – Mike Thomas
    – Demaryous Thomas
    – Johnny Knox
    – Mark Clayton
    – Louis Murphy

  27. mark says:

    If the Bengals D and NE D is taken which do I go to? I have oakland right now vs AZ

  28. mark says:

    Maybe the Redskins D?

  29. Drew Crew says:

    Which one would you sit out of Foster, Best, and McCoy in a 1 ppr league.

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: Tampa Bay or Redskins

    @Drew Crew: McCoy/Best

  31. Pacochu says:

    It is sad that both tight ends on your start list are gone in my ten team league. Due to a drafting oversight, I am working with the dregs for that position in my 10 team PPR league.

    Olsen, Carlson, Shockey, Heap, Gresham

    Any thoughts on the best of the worst?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Pacochu: Is Aaron Hernandez gone? I would go with Heap.

  33. Pacochu says:

    Hernandez is gone. These folks horde tight ends like nobody’s business. The one with Witten has Daniels on the bench. The one with Clark has Zach Miler. One guy has Gates and Cooley. It just doesn’t make sense.

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