Jay’s updated his Week 16 Rankings for tonight’s games: the Eagles vs. Washington, and Chargers vs. 49ers. Check them out here!

It’s fantasy championship week.  I hope that you have made it to your respective fantasy finals, and that you’re in line to win major candy bars with a victory this weekend.  With the holidays next week, there won’t be a start and sit article for Week 17.  However, as the offseason approaches, there will still be plenty to read on the site, and within the coming weeks, I’ll have a way-too-early top 100 for 2015 posted on the site and numerous other strategy, draft and other articles to hold you over.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


Start ‘Em

No Julio Jones last week?  No problem.  For the third straight week, Matt Ryan scored 23 fantasy points or more as he shredded a poor Steelers’ defense on the road.  This week, he returns indoors against the Saints, whom he posted a solid line against in Week 1.  Jones status remains unclear, but as last week showed, Harry Douglas can step up in a big way for Jones to provide Ryan with another stellar option.  Like last week, you like Ryan more if Jones plays, obviously, but you’re starting him either way.  This week, with or without Jones, Ryan is a top five quarterback.

Other QBs to start: Mark Sanchez, Peyton Manning (this is seriously a thing now, I guess), Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Tannehill, Kyle Orton, Andy Dalton.

Joique Bell, Detroit: He doesn’t have Kim Kardashian anymore, and he isn’t the main running back to own in Detroit anymore, either.  Sorry Reggie Bush, this is Bell’s team now.  Bell has shouldered the workload for the Lions over the past month, and he hasn’t disappointed.  This week, Bell faces a Chicago Bears team that is ready to break out the golf clubs (or snowboards).  With Jimmy Clausen — who should actually be OK this week — at the helm, one would think the Lions would go up big, quickly, which would allow Bell to get plenty of touches for the entire game.

Other RBs to start: Lamar Miller, Matt Asiata, Joseph Randle, Jonathan Stewart, Fred Jackson, Jeremy Hill.

DeSean Jackson, Washington: Revenge Game Part 2?  Oh sweet narrative.  How easy it is to buy into you only to get disappointed (see Johnson, Chris).  However, Jackson has done it once this year against his old team, and with Robert Griffin under center, expect Jackson to be the beneficiary of double-digit targets against a poor Eagles’ secondary.  He’s been bad lately, but you can trust Jackson to win you a title this week.

Other WRs to start: Charles Johnson, Golden Tate, Torrey Smith, Steve Smith, All Packers, Roddy White, Josh Gordon, Malcolm Floyd, Jarvis Landry.

Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis: I’m sad that the year is coming to an end, and that this is the last start and sit piece of the year.  However, I’m very happy I don’t have to deal with tight ends anymore.  If your name isn’t Rob Gronkowski, there’s no way to tell what you’re going to do on a given week.  This week, I expect Allen to find the end zone again, as he has a favorable matchup against Dallas.  It’s hit or miss with the Colts’ tight ends, but when you are playing the guessing game with the position, may as well take the consistent producer in the end zone, right?

Other TEs to start: Travis Kelce, Anthony Fasano, Jason Witten, Owen Daniels (narrative street!).


Sit ‘Em

Philip Rivers, San Diego: The Niners are a mess, but their defense has actually been OK, not great.  What is a mess, however, is the Chargers offense.  Ryan Mathews and Keenan Allen are both likely out for Saturday night’s game.  That leaves Malcolm Floyd, Antonio Gates and the duo of Branden Oliver and Donald Brown with the responsibilities of carrying the offense.  For the third straight week, I’m looking at other options other than Rivers if I have them.

Other QBs to sit: Eli Manning, Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick, Derek Carr, Russell Wilson.

Andre Williams, St. Louis: Aside from the game against Tennessee, Williams has been pretty bad when he has gotten the majority of the work this season.  This week, Williams runs into one of if not the best defensive fronts in the league.  You can’t trust him in your fantasy championship this week, plain and simple.

Other RBs to sit: Kerwynn Williams, Gio Bernard, Isaiah Crowell (sigh), Latavius Murry, Doug Martin, Jets RBs.

Brandon LaFell, New England: Remember the whole narrative that Julian Edelman couldn’t thrive with Rob Gronkowski on the field, which explained his numbers last year?  Well, early on, that proved to be true, and the LaFell benefited from that with an increased role and production.  But lately, as Edelman and Gronkowski have both produced in the same games consistently, it’s no surprise that it’s been LaFell who has seen his production drop off.  At this point, he’s no more than a WR 4 or WR 5.

Other WRs to sit: All Cardinals, Eric Decker, All Niners, DeAndre Hopkins, Andre Johnson (if healthy), Mike Wallace.

Jordan Reed, Washington: Again, everyone except Gronk can call into this category.  The Eagles have been tough on tight ends this year, and Reed has seemed to be a favorite of Colt McCoy and not Griffin this season.  Play the match ups and find a tight end with a better shot to score than Reed this week.  That’s what it comes down to.

Other TEs to sit: Larry Donnell, Jordan Cameron, Mychal Rivera, Kyle Rudolph, Vernon Davis, Martellus Bennett.

  1. Blake says:

    Geeze – all the injuries and benchings!

    I had J culter – who would you choose as a replacement?

    M Sanchez
    Cam Newtown

    WR – Is Hilton and Hopkins hurt? I can start 3 no flex spot

    d Thomas
    TY Hilton
    M Evans
    J Gordon
    D Hopkins
    H douglas

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Blake: I go Sanchez. Hilton and Hopkins aren’t going to play. That’s the bad part about writing this before injuries are announced. I start Thomas, Evans and Douglas if Julio doesn’t play. If julio does, Gordon.

  2. Brian Blacklow says:

    I have Alshon Jeffrey and Demaryius Thomas. Who is my WR3 in a 1.0 PPR league?

    Pierre Garcon, Marques Colston, or Anquan Boldin?

    Thanks so much.

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Brian Blacklow: As much as I think he’s a bad player, I’m rolling out Colston.

      • Brian Blacklow says:

        That’s where I was leaning. Thanks.

  3. Steve Stevenson says:

    If Julio plays, which is looking more likely, who do you go with in a 0.5 PPR–Roddy, Benjamin or Stills (my opponent has Brees FWIW)? I’d call myself a slight underdog if D. Murray is unencumbered, and a slight favorite otherwise.

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Steve Stevenson: I’m going Roddy, and it’s not that close.

  4. Derrick says:

    I’m looking at a sub for Cutler. I have Forte. Clausen, RG3, or Dalton???

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Derrick: Man, that’s rough. Give me RG3 tonight and hope for the best.

  5. Big W says:


    If you had to pick one for this week who would you pick? Asiata or latavius?

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Big W: Hate to say it, but give me Asiata.

  6. TheForbes427 says:

    2QB league. Obviously starting Aaron Rogers. Who do you start between Eli Manning, Case Keenum, and Shaun Hill?

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @TheForbes427: I hate Eli’s matchup, but I’m still starting him over Case and Hill.

  7. Jake says:

    Hey waterloo!

    I got booted from playoffs last week; hey it happens it’s all good! But my buddy & I are squaring off in the grand finale matchup; lol yeah we aren’t in the ‘ship but we are making it interesting with loser pays the bar tap , plus winner is the 3rd place team.

    For flex im starting a “wildcard”
    Which 1 would you add & start

    Anthony Dixon (@ oakland)

    CJ spiller (@ oakland)

    Bernard Pierce (@ houston )

    Jermaine kearse (@ Arizona)

    Robert woods (@ Oakland )

    Khiry robinson (vs Falcons)

    James starks (@ Tampa )

    Donald brown (@ SF)

    Branden oliver (@ SF)

    Ben Tate (@ Miami )

    Brandon Lloyd (vs chargers)

    Lance Dunbar (vs colts)

    • waterloo

      waterloo says:

      @Jake: Haha I love it! I’m all about adding side bets to match ups to make it interesting. If you win, make him buy you an alien brain hemorrhage shot. You’ll thank me later. I’m going Oliver. I like him as a flex.

      • Jake says:


        Awesome, thanks for the advice this season! Do you do stories / columns for fantasy baseball?

        I’ll be sure to try that one! I haven’t had it yet but sounds like a good one

        • @Jake: I will be doing baseball this season for the site, and I can’t wait for it. Already prepping my rankings.

  8. tooearlybutwhatyathink says:

    It’s truly amazing how some headcoaches, gm’s, what have you consistently get who to start wrong. As good as Andrew Luck and the Colts have been, why the hell havent they gone AWAY from reggie wayne and trent richardson months ago. Moncrief and Dan herron are clearly better. why do they keep trotting those guys out there.

    This being said…. I know it’s early, and trades, free agency, xyz will mix things up, but in competitive keeper leagues people know demarco murray’s contract is up, cody latimer should be getting run in Denvers O next year, same withi Moncrief, etc etc etc. will you guys have a post or anything talking about possible guys to target and hit it big before some of these offseason moves are made. For instance, analagous to picking up Montee Ball right now before Denver got rid of Knowshon moreno, crap like that (obviously a bad example as Montee ball completely flailed with the opportunity). I have a good feeling Dallas WONT be having demarco back next year. do they target AP? idk stuff like that

    • [email protected]tooearlybutwhatyathink: It is frustrating to see them continually run them out, and I wish I could give a good reason. I’m not sure what everyone’s plans for the site are, but I plan on writing a top 100 in two weeks, predictions pieces, sleepers for next year, strategies, busts and players you’ll want to get a head start on. I haven’t mapped out a time frame for these yet, but they will be happening.

  9. Clinton says:

    What up Andrew! I’m in my championship game. I would really appreciate your advice! Who should I start this week? My biggest questions come at QB, RB and WR. What do you think? Again I appreciate your advice!

    QB- P. Manning or Stafford (I’m torn on this one)
    RB-CJ Anderson
    RB- Stewart, Herron, Crowell (I’m torn here)
    WR- E. Sanders, J. Matthews, or H. Douglas
    WR- G. Tate or D. Moncrief
    F- J. Hill? (Should I trust him against Den.’s D?)
    TE- J. Thomas
    K- Crosby
    D- Buffalo

    • @Clinton: I’ve been called a lot of names, but never Andrew. Anyway, I go Stafford, Anderson, Stewart, Sanders Tate, Douglas is Julio is out, Hill if Julio is in.

      • Clinton says:

        @Michael Waterloo: Michael! I apologize! Thank you for your advice. What are you going to be working on after this week? 2015 mock draft?

  10. Crazy old guy babbling in the corner says:

    With hilton likely sitting, what’s that do for Moncrief? Would you start him over a Josh Gordon/Kenny Stills (two I’m debating between for my WR2 slot)?

  11. david says:

    Hey! Thanks you guys I’m in the finals in my league!

    I’m having a hard time deciding between starting the Rams DST or the Panthers DST.
    My league values more points for Sacks rather than INTs. Pick 6s of course are always huge.
    Manziel looked horrible, but Eli is mistake prone too…
    Panthers might be hungrier due to the playoff implications….
    By the way, I own Odell Beckham….

    Which DST should I start?


    • @david: That’s awesome! Congrats, David. I’m going with the Panthers over the Rams this week, though I like both. Did you see JFF last week? FWIW, you can’t bench ODB, but I don’t think he has a “great” game this weekend.

  12. DiRo says:

    I was smart and played Romo last week over Ryan because Jones was injured. Who should I start this week if Jones doesn’t play again?

    • @DiRo: That’s very close for me, but I’m going Ryan regardless.

  13. Robbie says:

    Hey it’s championship week! Big question – with peyton manning giving 4 points 2 weeks ago (I had a bye ), then last week 15 pts should I be worried?

    – it sounds like one of his weapons ; e sanders is battling the flu & missed practice .

    What’s tough is that peyton doesn’t play Til mon night & here are available QB’s, I know I have to start peyton since I made it this far, but here’s who’s available: flacco, Tannehill, eli , rg3 tonight, Bridgewater, kyle orton, those are the main ones available.

    Next one, I took a big gamble & started gerhart at flex this week; he did reach his projection of 12 pts so that’s good , but rb1 I have to go demarco Murray even coming off hand surgery from Monday ? Is there risk there that he could fumble or reinjure? But my other options are wellll lol- Pierre Thomas, andre Williams, latavius murray, terrance west, & joseph Randle.

    It’s going to be a tough battle; here’s my current lineup:

    QB: Peyton manning

    RB1: demarco Murray

    RB2: andre Williams

    WR1: antonio brown

    WR2: roddy white

    WR3: mike Wallace

    TE: Olsen

    Flex: gerhart

    D/st lions

    Kicker: gostkowski


    But here’s my opponent:

    QB: luck

    RB1: le’veon bell

    RB2: forsett

    WR1: steve smith

    WR2: Lafell

    WR3: Vincent Jackson

    TE: Graham

    Flex: Landry

    D/st: Giants

    Kicker: cody parkey

    • @Robbie: I think Flacco has a really big game, but I can’t start him over Peyton. You have to roll with him, fortunately or unfortunately. For your other issue, Pierre Thomas has a great track record against Atlanta, but if Demarco is active, I start him. If he isn’t, Randle is the answer for me. Best of luck!

  14. Clark griswald says:

    Howdy partna-

    I’m in a ESPN league; 10 team, it’s currently at .20 ppr but may up it to .50 ppr for 2015. This is new we just put this in when we drafted in early sept; we can keep max 2 players for 2015.
    Keeper settings are straight forward; we dont lose draft picks, first two rounds are for keepers & draft starts round 3. & we aren’t locked in with these players forever ; or even 2 seasons just keeper for 2015 , basically can keep different at the end of each season if I kept someone for 2015 & I don’t want them for 2016 then that’s fine, just keeping for 2015 & you can keep anyone on the roster, even if they have same position .

    Thinking of keeping odell Beckham jr & either Kelvin Benjamin, jeremy hill or demaryius thomas.

    My QB is brady

    Rbs: ahmad Bradshaw, Gio bernard, jeremy hill, dan heron,

    Wrs: Demaryius, Kelvin benjamin, odell beckham, moncrief

    I dropped my whole bench today that’s why I don’t have a lot lol

    • @Clark griswald: I would keep ODB and Demaryius, easily. Well, unless Peyton retires or Demaryius isn’t back in Denver. In that scenario, I go Hill then Benjamin.

  15. goodfold2 says:

    good call on Reed, as he’s yet to ever have a good game with RG free this year. Yet pretty much everybody keeps ranking him very high. I went Owen “sunny” D over him. You agree with Moncrief over Matthews and C.Johnson (MIN)?

  16. Barker says:

    10 team 1/2 ppr
    Qb brees wr calvin beckham evans rb lacy murray te olsen flex p manning
    K tucker def NE
    Bn blount herron randle gordon a williams det

    Drop blount for gray pt cruiser charles johnson amendola marquess wilson sanu bailey douglas

    Pick a def Detroit or NE

    Pick a kicker tucker hauschka barth

  17. Jimmy says:

    Sit Eli, Rivers and Wilson, huh? Good job

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