Editors note: I’d like to thank Jen for joining the Razzball team.  We might have to take the pinball machine out of the women’s bathroom at Razzball headquarters! Follow her insightful twitter comments here.

QB: START: Joe Flacco (v. DET): I know, he’s been an overall fantasy disappointment the last few weeks, especially given his great start to the season. His three interceptions in primetime Monday night were atrocious, along with penalties galore, made for an ugly performance. But the Ravens, especially Flacco, have the chance to redeem themselves this week with a matchup against a weak Detroit defense. With Flacco most likely eager to right all his wrongs from Monday night, and with the Ravens trying to stay in playoff contention, expect him to have a much better showing this week against the Lions.

Other starts: Ben Roethlisberger (@CLE), Vince Young (@StL), Kurt Warner (v. SF), Philip Rivers (@DAL), Tony Romo (v.SD), David Garrard (v.MIA), Chad Henne (@JAX)

SIT: Jay Cutler (v. GB): This is probably obvious, but I would like to essentially nip in the bud anyone’s idea of possibly thinking about starting him after not throwing picks last week. Chances are, you have a better option available for picking up. Keep in mind that last week, Cutler played the lowly Rams, and the overall game plan was very cautious, mostly looking to Forte and the run in the red zone (because we know Jay Cutler is the King of the Red Zone Interception). Against a Green Bay defense who played quite well against Baltimore and held the running game in check and pulled down three picks, an unreliable Cutler is not a smart start.

SIT: Whoever is the QB on Sunday for the Falcons (most likely Matt Ryan): Plainly and simply, Sunday will not be a great situation for whichever quarterback is under center. If it is Matt Ryan, there are reports out saying that his turf toe is not completely healed, and that he will probably not be playing at his best if and when going against the Saints. With the Saints narrowly avoiding devastating embarrassment last week against the Redskins, I’m sure they will not want to sweat another one out like that again this week. Already a borderline start just simply based on injury, with Roddy White also not at 100%, and a once-strong running game down the tubes, the Saints look that much closer to the perfect season. And, if Chris Redman starts, there’s not much I need to write here that should deter you from starting him. Quite frankly,  the thought should have never crossed your mind. Overall, the QB position (whoever has it) this week for the Falcons should be on your bench.

Other sits: Matt Moore (@NE), Kyle Orton (@IND)

RB: START: Kevin Smith (@BAL): While Kevin Smith is generally productive every week, this looks like it could be a particularly productive week for him. Although Baltimore does have a stout defense, they have been known to give up a few rushing yards here and there. Plus, with Matthew Stafford sitting this one out, the more cautious approach with Culpepper at QB would be to hand off to Smith as much as possible.

START: Fred Jackson (@KC): Since FJax has officially moved ahead of Marshawn Lynch on the Buffalo depth chart, he is primed to have a great game for two reasons: 1)Kansas City’s defense, which is ranked 31st in the league and 2) a poor performance against the Jets last week, which should motivate him to bring his A game to keep his new starting spot. This game in general should be very heavy on the run, with both teams notorious for having porous rushing defenses and relatively unproven quarterbacks. So, in that case, also start Jamaal Charles (who is not on the KC injury report).

START: LaDainian Tomlinson (@DAL): Last week, the Cowboys faced a Giants’ running game that was depleted with injuries and had been struggling for weeks. Brandon Jacobs, who has been a disappointment to fantasy owners this season, caught and ran for the longest reception of his career, scored 2 TDs, and had many productive runs. Ahmad Bradshaw, who has two sprained ankles and cracked bones in his feet, even managed to grab some first downs against a Cowboys defense that typically falls short in the twelfth month of the year. That all being said, I think LT is primed for a good week this week.

Other starts: Chris Johnson (duh! @StL) , Thomas Jones (@TB),  Laurence Maroney (v.CAR), Maurice-Jones Drew (v. MIA), Quinton Ganther (@OAK)

SIT: Brandon Jacobs (v.PHI): I know I just praised his Week 13 performance, but it was just that; in Week 13. Do not expect that explosive of a performance again against Philadelphia. While chances are he will get a decent amount of carries, what he will do with them will probably not be much. Last time the Giants played the Eagles was a total disaster, and Kevin Gilbride, Giants’ offensive coordinator, rarely calls appropriate plays for what Jacobs is good at and has been calling too many passing plays. Overall, it will probably be a mediocre performance for Jacobs at best on Sunday night.

Other sits: Cedric Benson (@MIN), Julius Jones (v.HOU), Cadillac Williams/Derrick Ward (v.NYJ)

WR: START: DeSean Jackson (@NYG): Though this is obvious, some may be concerned with Jackson’s possible post-concussion symptoms. He has assured that he is fine and playing on Sunday (although keep an eye for any change just to be safe). While generally, the Giants do cover him with the very capable Corey Webster, the rest of the Giants secondary probably will not do as good a job covering him, especially with safety C.C. Brown occasionally having to take on that task. Last time the Giants played the Eagles, C.C. Brown was basically responsible for the blown coverage on every receiving touchdown, and later publicly blamed himself for it. Plus, if the Giants defend against the run as well as they did against the Cowboys last week, chances are McNabb will have to pass. So, have no worries about starting DJax.

START: Santonio Holmes (@CLE): With Hines Ward likely out, and no defenders on the secondary for Cleveland to speak of, Santonio stands to get targeted quite a bit Thursday night. He should, by default (if he’s not already) become the Steelers’ #1 WR. This also increases the value of Mike Wallace, particularly as a WR3 in deep leagues or as a flex.

START: Pierre Garcon (v.DEN): Chances are, Champ Bailey will have his work cut out for him with Reggie Wayne. With Garcon being targeted so frequently last week against the Titans, look for that again. Austin Collie also becomes a viable starter as well.

Other starts: Jeremy Maclin (@NYG), Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin (v.SF), Robert Meacham/Marques Colston (@ATL), Chris Chambers (@BUF), Terrell Owens (v. KC),

SIT: The Seahawks WRs (Burleson and Houshmanzadeh): With Matt Hasselbeck’s value on the decline, and the emergence of Justin Forsett in the running game, the Seattle receivers have not been having great weeks as of late. The Texans have also emerged as a somewhat strong defense, and are in in the Top 15 as far as guarding fantasy WRs as well as pass rush. Therefore, don’t expect big days from Nate Burleson or T.J. Houshmanzadeh.

SIT: Antonio Bryant (v. NYJ): Two words: Darrelle Revis.

Other sits: Devin Hester/Earl Bennett (v. GB),  Santana Moss (@OAK)

TE: START: Todd Heap: With majority of Joe Flacco’s targets going toward Heap, combined with the amount of drops and offensive pass interference calls from some of his other WRs, the Ravens will probably send the ball Heap’s way again against the Lions.

Other TE starts: Vernon Davis (@ARI), Brent Celek (@NYG), Kellen Winslow (v.NYJ)

SIT: Greg Olsen (v.GB): I think that you probably realize that by now, I’m very down on the Bears. With Cutler and Forte both struggling, don’t expect much to go on, especially against Green Bay with the Packers wanting a wild card spot and playing a division rival. Olson has been rendered ineffective in many a game this season despite being Cutler’s favorite target. Expect this week to be no different.

DEF: START: NYJ (@TB): With Josh Freeman’s interception filled game last week, expect a strong Jets’ secondary to dismantle Freeman and Tampa Bay.

START: TEN (@StL): Again, probably does not require much of an explanation. Kyle Boller is awful, and with the re-emergence of the Titans in general and the return of their cornerbacks, expect low scoring from the Rams and the opportunity for interceptions.

SIT: SD (@DAL): Tony Romo had a strong game against the Giants last week, put up a lot of points, but still the Cowboys lost. Expect a strong showing from Romo again and expect that this game will probably be a shootout.

  1. Drew says:

    This is most likely a parallel move, but would anyone cut Kaeding and replace him with Hartley?

  2. Jen

    Jen says:

    Hmm. Actually, I have Hartley (and had Carney before) and if I had the opportunity, I would probably cut him for Kaeding to be perfectly honest. When the Saints are in the zone (which is most of the time), the Saints kicker has tons of extra points but very few field goals. Hartley was huge last week fantasy wise. But, I think that Kaeding is going to have more FG opportunities, or at least it seems that way, against Dallas. But overall, the move is probably six of one, half a dozen of the other.

  3. Steve says:

    Welcome aboard!

    Not sure how to fill 1 x RB and 1 x RB/WR spot this week. Pick two from:


    It’s non-PPR, by the way.

  4. Jen

    Jen says:

    Thank you :)

    Hm. That’s a tough one.

    I think Norwood is going to start for the Falcons this week, but he does still have issues with that hip that’s kept him out, so Snelling does have a chance to start. If the Falcons name a starter before Sunday, start them. Even though its not a PPR, I think Norwood will probably see the ball more receiving and rushing, but obviously if he doesn’t play that’s an issue. Both will probably get a fair amount of opportunities with their QB situation up in the air.

    I’m feeling Forsett over Avant on this one…I think eventually Jim Mora will realize he is being ridiculous and Forsett will see more action and hopefully that’s this Sunday, especially cause chances are Julius Jones be shut down by Houston (I mean, he gets shut down by everyone else…).

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is Norwood (or whoever starts for Atlanta) and Forsett, I think…Hope that helps!

  5. Drew

    Drew says:

    Welcome to the Razzball team

  6. Sos says:

    Hey jen, i’ve asked the opinion of everyone else so I’ll ask yours….5 ppr: maroney or harrison this week? Thanks!

  7. Steve says:

    @Jen: Thanks!

    I left Chris Brown out of the equation – does that change your thinking?

  8. Jen

    Jen says:

    Yes! Chris Brown for sure. He’s the new #1 RB in Houston after Steve Slaton was put on IR, and he’s also consistently been the goal line back for the Texans (and is their only RB without a fumbling problem). And Matt Schaub, especially with the shoulder issues, could find himself handing the ball off a little more.

    So, I think Chris Brown for sure, and then whoever starts for Atlanta I guess is what I’ll change my answer to.

  9. Jen

    Jen says:

    @Sos Hmm…I’m gonna say Maroney I think. With Brady not practicing and the whole tardiness issue with Moss, I think Maroney will get his fair share of the ball. And he’s been much more successful then any of the other Pats RBs. Harrison has a better chance of being stopped by a Pittsburgh D that is angry, facing a division rival and trying to redeem themselves.

  10. hideousmutants says:

    I snagged Tennessee just because they were playing STL and figured I didn’t want my opponent to get them. I’ve been riding the Packers turnover-happy bunch to first place. Would you swap in Tenn just for this week? I’m looking to romp (based on the other matchups) and can afford to play a sure thing (like Tenn) vs. a gamble (like the Pack–might score a ton;might repeat the TB fiasco)

  11. Jen

    Jen says:

    @hideousmutants Why, yes I would. In fact, I actually did that exact thing myself (my usual D is the Giants but that has not worked out at all the way I thought it would). At this point, the Tennessee D is nothing to laugh about, and against the Rams, I’m sure they will do quite well. Go for it.

  12. Niners says:

    So I have to pick three of these WRs to start:

    1. Calvin Johnson
    2. DeSean Jackson
    3. Anquan Boldin
    4. Robert Meachem

    Who do I sit?

  13. Kristina says:

    I need 2 RBs and 2 WRs so who do I start.
    1. Grant
    2. P. Thomas
    3. Charles
    4. Chris Brown

    1. Fitz (no brainer here)
    2. Driver
    3. Sims-Walker
    4. Housh.

  14. AL KOHOLIC says:

    welcome aboard jen,do you like denver defense over pitt def here on out,if so would you drop pitt def ,harrison ,jennings or bowe,all but pitt def are bench players,i have antonio bryant as my main backup wr and westbrook and brown as extra rb`s,just hate dropping someone that could help another playoff team,btw-4 teams in playoffs,weeks 14 and 15 combined score =1sr round and 16,17 for 2nd round

  15. Jen

    Jen says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. And feel free to hit me up here or on my twitter, @throwlikeagirl, anytime with questions (I wake up early on Sunday mornings too). Nothing brings me more joy than talking fantasy.

    @Niners So I’m gonna say sit Megatron. I think he’s great, but this week doesn’t look good for him. With Culpepper in as QB and the Baltimore pass rush as strong as it is, I doubt he sees anymore than a TD…and even that is iffy. DJax looks good (for the reasons above), Boldin stands to do well if Fitz is in double coverage (as usual) and Meachem is pretty much a must-start every week now, especially with the Saints against the Falcons. Of course, just keep an eye out on Sunday to make sure Jackson is playing.

    @Kristina RBs: Definitely Jamaal Charles. He’s not on the injury report and has a dream matchup, and has been running really well even against good defenses, so he should have a big game. My other choice is Pierre Thomas, with Mike Bell possibly injured. Third would be Chris Brown (even though you start 2) and my last would be Grant against a Chicago D that’s pretty good.

    @AL KOHOLIC Yeah I like the Denver D going forward after this Sunday. Denver has the Raiders next week and then the Eagles. Steelers have the Pack and then the Ravens. Given the present state of the Steelers D, Denver is probably the way to go. If you have to drop someone, drop Harrison. The Browns seem to be giving Jennings the workload. He scored this week and seems to be Mangini’s preferred RB…so of those, if you want to drop someone, Harrison is probably it.

  16. Steve says:

    @Jen: Own the Eagles D. Bills and Skins both available. Make a switch?

  17. Nick says:

    Damnnn, a girl posting!? I love it! Look forward to your input despite my team bein done for the season…

  18. rob says:

    I hope your right with C. Brown!! Thanks for the optimism!!

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