Le’Veon Bell pulled the ultimate fleece on the New York Jets. Well, either that or the Jets fleeced themselves by signing Bell and then hiring a head coach that wouldn’t use Bell correctly. Gase and Bell were a match made in Hell from the beginning, so the end result is not a surprise at all. 

Le’Veon Bell expressed frustration about his usage after the Jets’ loss on Sunday, and boom, a couple days later he was cut, cleared waivers, and was free to sign with whatever team he wished. Being a New York Jet on Sunday and then a Kansas City Chief by Thursday is like going from the mail room to CEO in four days. Also, anyone who thinks that the New York Jets Bell is going to be comparable to the Kansas City Chiefs Bell is high on crack. Bell is 28 years old, and only a few years removed from being one of the three most dynamic backs in the NFL. His workload has been light since his last year in Pittsburgh, including a year away from football and some missed time this season.

Soon people will remember Le’Veon’s unique approach and vision when carrying the football. It is plain as day that the Jets have troubles on the offensive line and play calling departments. Andy Reid is the polar opposite of Gase when it comes to, well, being good at calling an offense. This Bell signing is a direct result of Clyde Edwards-Helaire needing more time to develop. You have nobody to blame but yourself if you drafted him in the first round. From what I have watched of CEH, he’s good, not great, and struggles around the goal line. His value is greatly damaged for the rest of the season. But, he could have a big week this week. If Bell plays, I doubt he will be acclimated enough with the Chiefs’ offense to have a big impact. But by November, Bell should be running on all cylinders and I doubt motivation will be an issue. Now it’s time for the starts and sits for week 6. 


Tom Brady

You know that Brady is stewing after not knowing what down it was late in the 4th against the Chicago Bears on Thursday. The Buccaneers have had plenty of time to rest and reset heading into a home game against Green Bay in a game that they are going to have to score a lot to keep up. This is one of those games in which we will see the best of Brady. We are only a couple weeks removed from a 5 touchdown game from him. Green Bay sits in the bottom half of the league against quarterbacks so far in 2020. Their defensive struggles are partially masked by an elite offense. I love this spot for Brady and have him as a top 10 play this week. 

David Montgomery

David Montgomery has been sort of exciting since Tarik Cohen went down. But, not too exciting. Like your wife letting you turn a light on during sex when you usually have to keep them off exciting. Montgomery should reach lingerie sex levels of excitement on Sunday against Carolina. Carolina gives up 5.4 yards per carry and has let in 8 rushing touchdowns through 5 games. Not to mention, Montgomery has recently been involved in the passing game. Montgomery has 14 targets in the last two games. 

David Johnson

David Johnson has been an automatic fade for me in 2020. He’s not the same player that he was a few years ago in Arizona. The injuries and workload have taken their toll. But two facts remain in his favor: DJ touches the ball a lot and the Titans are horrible against the run. On the bright side of Johnson’s season, he is coming off of a 96 yard rushing game, which was his highest total of 2020. The Texans have to win here, which means keeping Henry and Tannehill off of the field. The best way to do that is balance in the offense. 

Jamison Crowder

Jamison Crowder hasn’t played a game in 2020 where he doesn’t have at least 100 yards. He is literally the only Jets’ pass catcher with any talent. But don’t let it be understated how frickin’ talented he is at getting open. Miami isn’t terrible against the pass this year by any means, but Miami is a team that can score points with Ryan Fitzpatrick so the Jets will likely be throwing the ball a lot.

Chase Claypool 

The Chase Claypool coming out party was fun in week 5, but it wasn’t the first time that he caught our eyes. In week 2, he caught all 3 of his targets for 88 yards and a touchdown as well. What is really promising is the 11 targets that he received in week 5. He may not see 11 targets again in week 6 against the Browns, but he’s going to be a big part of this offense going forward. The Browns are 4-1, but they struggle in the secondary. I wouldn’t be surprised if Claypool finds pay dirt again this week. 

T.J. Hockenson

Sunday might be our first big T.J. Hockenson game of 2020. We saw it a couple of times in his rookie year, the man is due to do it again. I love Stafford and the rest of the Lions’ passing offense this week. Jacksonville struggles against the pass. They have already given up 11 touchdowns through the air and almost 300 yards per game through the air. Hockenson saw 7 targets in week 3 against Arizona. Stafford is not afraid to look his way. 


Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy has been huge the last couple of weeks, but Sunday very well might be a struggle. After watching Brady struggle against the Bear’s last Thursday, I wouldn’t recommend making the mistake of brushing off this matchup. 

Darrell Henderson

The 49ers have been horrible against the pass so far this year but they have been pretty stout against the run. In fact, they have given up under 4 yards per carry so far this season. I especially don’t like this for Henderson because there are 3 backs getting touches. The only way I see Henderson salvaging a good fantasy score on Sunday night is if he can find the end zone.

T.Y. Hilton

I can see the matchup being tempting against Cincinnati coming off of a disappointing loss to Cleveland, but Hilton is still a stay away to me. Hilton has yet to even have 70 yards in a game this year and hasn’t found the end zone. Philip Rivers just doesn’t look comfortable yet so Hilton stays on the bench. 

Tyler Higbee

Man, it has been a disappointing season for Higbee that is masked by a big week 2 performance against the Eagles. Higbee has seen 5 targets just one time this season (the Philly game). Starting Higbee is even more discouraging because of the week 5 emergence of Gerald Everett. Everett caught 4 balls for 90 yards last week. Not to mention, Woods and Kupp should both see a lot of targets on Sunday. 

  1. hitzone says:

    12 team league non ppr keep 3

    8 teams make playoffs, they start in week 12

    trade my Edmonds/moss for Jefferson/Kirk

    Should I hold out until I can get a better Wr if/when he takes over job?

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d get Jefferson off of a slow week

  2. Keeperleaguehelp says:

    2 qb league: keeper league (you can keep 3 players for a maximum of 3 years)
    trade taglovailoa, ($4) JK dobbins ($11) and Baker mayfield for Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Emanneuel Sanders.

    my team:
    qb- watson/ mayfield
    rb- sanders/ freeman/ harris / dobbins
    wr- hopkins/ robinson/ chark/ mike williams/ fulgham
    te- andrews
    IR- saquon barkley $25 to keep

    • Keeperleaguehelp says:

      I’m thinking I should ask for a rb back instead of sanders: they have David Johnson/Gibson/Fournette as options

      Thanks! This is the last place team fwiw

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d do it if you can get Gibson back

  3. allstoked13 says:

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    I’m in a .25 ppr, .5 ppfd league. Who’d you rather have ROS?

    Fournette, Edmunds, J. Kelley, J. Jackson, D. Harris, or Akers?

    • MB

      MB says:

      You’re welcome!

      Harris ROS

  4. Cram It says:

    I love Brady this week too, but you and others have Minshew ranked higher. Chark is out, Godwin is in. Game script should favor TB throwing more than JAX. Do you approve of starting Brady over Minshew?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yeah, I hadn’t heard the news on Chark so Minshew will move down. Go brady

  5. Skufer says:

    How does Kenyan Drake for Tyler Locket sound ? Don’t need a WR but getting really frustrated with Drake.

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d probably do that

  6. Nick says:

    Hey man, I really could use a TE considering I’m carrying Hurst & Fant, agreed? One team has Tonyan & J Smith, I’m thinking of targeting Jonnu, looking at my roster below, who would you move for one or the other?

    WR- Julio, DK, AJ Brown
    RB-Melvin Gordon/Darrel Henderson
    Bench-Dalton, Deebo, D Swift, M Hardman, Lindsey, Fant, Justin Jackson & Chubb on IR

    Additionally, do I have anybody droppable on my roster to grab Kirk to fill-in this week or just roll with Dalton while Brees is on bye?

    Thanks in advance man!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey! I’d see if Fant/Deebo or Fant/Hardman could net you Jonnu

  7. Gio says:

    In the age of covid I’m struggling with deep bench or studs… I have andrews. Half PPR, give Kupp and Jonnu for Adams? Adams would be my WR1 but also have A-Rob, Thielen and Lamb. Would stream TE if any issues with Andrews. Does having depth out weigh elite stars?

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d try Kupp/Jonnu for Adams. Yes

  8. howie2978 says:

    Hey MB, 8 team H2H 0.5PPR

    I was just offered Justin Jefferson and Robert Tonyan for my Will Fuller and DeVante Parker. I’ve been streaming TEs so pretty interested in getting Tonyan and I think I have the WR depth to give up both Fuller and Parker.

    Also, I need a TE streamer this week since I dropped Hurst to bring Godwin back from IL. I’m looking at either Engram (W) or Irv Smith (FA), but not sure who to drop. I’m thinking Gibson, but that would leave me pretty thin at RB. Trading for Tonyan would definitely help here.

    My WRs: Godwin, Robinson II, Fuller, OBJ, Parker, Lamb.
    My TEs: Dropped Hurst to bring back Godwin from IL so none currently on my roster, although I’m waiting for Engram to come off waivers. Irv Smith also available.
    RBs: Taylor, Sanders, Gaskin, Gibson, Drake

    As always, thanks for your time!

    • MB

      MB says:

      I wouldn’t do that trade. I’m not convinced Tonyan will keep this up with Adams back. Keep streaming and I’d go with Engram this week

  9. William Hung says:

    I flipped OBJ for both Mattison, Ruggs, and Edmonds – I basically need to win every week so Mattison and Edmonds instantly jump into my W6 lineup over my current options. I then picked up Tee Higgins since Higgins and OBJ are in the same “tier” – so I feel pretty good about it and hopefully will turn things around ROS.

    I ended up dropping both Dobbins and Joshua Kelley for other needs since I was getting both Mattison and Edmonds, but now I think I might want them back if they become free agents.

    My W6 lineup for RB/WRs are shaping up to be: Godwin, Kupp, Mattison, Lindsay, and Edmonds – If Gordon plays, then I will bench Lindsay for Tee Higgins in my FLEX.

    My Q is this: If Gordon ends up playing on Sunday, are Dobbins and Kelley better bench options over Lindsay and Cam Akers?
    Also, is Mike Williams a better pick up over Ruggs? Someone dropped Mike Williams… so he’ll be available Sunday morning.

    League is .5 PPR

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d rather have Ruggs over Williams ROS

      Gordon is out this week so if you’re starting Lindsay I’d hold on to him

      I’d also rather have Akers than both of those names

  10. Robin says:

    Hey MB,

    Would you move DJ Moore/Jeudy for Woods in a PPR league? I think I have enough WR depth to live without Jeudy, if you think Woods will be that much better than Moore ROS.


    • MB

      MB says:

      Yes I would do that. I love Woods ROS

  11. Water boy says:

    Hey man! I’m pulling my hair out in regards to bell to KC as it directly impacts my CEH. Maybe this will light a fire under CEH. Would I be over reacting if I look to shop CEH ASAP?

    Hold or sell CEH to get any of these?

    1.) deal my CEH to get mixon + Kupp?

    2.) deal my CEH to get James Conner + Kupp?

    3.) deal my CEH to get mixon ?

    4.) deal my CEH to get Connor?

    5.) deal my CEH to get Antonio Gibson ?

    6.) deal my CEH to get Gibson + slayton ?

    7.) deal my CEH to get David Johnson?

    8.) deal my CEH to get David Johnson + AJ brown?

    My RBs are Dalvin Cook, mattison, CEH, Ingram, Dobbins, James Robinson, Darrell Williams, chase Edmonds

    My WRs are Hopkins, Ridley, Edelman, McLaurin, Fuller, N’Keal Harry, Fulgham

    My TEs are Jonnu smith & Robert Tonyan

    Full ppr/ 10 team league

    Next Q is would you stash a D for the stretch run?

    Do you like these D’s matchups :

    Titans: late season schedule:
    Week 6 vs Texans
    Week 7 vs Steelers
    Week 8 @ Cincinnati
    Week 9 vs bears
    Week 10 vs colts
    Week 11 @ Baltimore
    Week 12 @ Indy
    Week 13 vs browns
    Week 14 @ JAX
    Week 15 vs lions

    Chargers D
    Week 7 vs jags
    Week 8 @ Denver
    Week 9 vs raiders
    Week 10 @ Miami
    Week 11 vs Jets
    Week 12 @ Buffalo
    Week 13 vs pats
    Week 14 vs Falcons
    Week 15 @ Vegas

    Seahawks D
    Week 7 @ Arizona
    Week 8 vs Niners
    Week 9 @ Buffalo
    Week 10 @ LA Rams
    Week 11 vs cardinals
    Week 12 @ philly
    Week 13 vs giants
    Week 14 vs Jets
    Week 15 @ Washington

    Thanks man! Have a great day

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey Waterboy!

      Your CEH stock has plummeted so I wouldn’t deal him right now until we see how things shake out. You’re shooting too high with most of those and Antonio Gibson maybe selling too low.

      I’d stream the Chargers the next two weeks

  12. blake says:

    My TE situation is terrible so im trying to make the best of what I got.

    Do you start Logan Thomas this weekend or whichever Texans TE starts on Sunday?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Ugh, just roll with Thomas and pray

    • The Harrow says:

      akins (the one that gets more snaps when both are healthy) is out entirely.

  13. mike says:

    Who do I start in the Flex? (1/2 pt PPR)

    – Jamison Crowder
    – Devonta Freeman
    – AJ Brown

    • MB

      MB says:


  14. Hamtime says:

    1. With Julio scheduled to play, do you start him or go with Hollywood or Preston Williams w the best matchup

    2. Gronk or irv smith, who some seem to be higher on especially ROS

    • MB

      MB says:

      1. Julio
      2. Gronk

  15. Mel says:

    I need an RB2 this week with a bye for Chris Carson. I have Damien Harris and De’Andre Swift. PPR league. Which is the better option?

    • MB

      MB says:

      I think DeAndre Swift is a sneaky sleeper play this week for upside. But Damien is safest

  16. Bobbay says:

    Mb what’s good!

    Who should i start for flex in week 6? .5 PPR
    -Chase Edmonds
    -Preston Williams
    -Dandre Swift

    I also have Ruggs but he’s got a bye week (unnecessary flex, but okay) you think I should start Ruggs in week 7 out of these guys? – I got stashes for days :P

    Thanks as always!

    • MB

      MB says:


      I’d go with Edelman if Cam is back

  17. CD says:

    Hey MB! Thanks for what you do!

    Need some extra eyes on a situation…

    10 Team PPR here. Here’s who I have.

    QB: Lamar Jackson
    RB: Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake
    WR: Cooper Kupp, Jamison Crowder
    TE: Tonyan
    DST: Ravens
    K: Zane Gonzalez

    I’m torn at FLEX. On my bench I’ve got: Edmonds, Higgins, Singletary, Fulgham, McKinnon, D’Ernest Johnson, Brandin Cooks, and Keenan Allen on the BYE.

    Who would you suggest I play at Flex this week? I’m tempted to put Edmonds in because of his upside and move Drake to either Flex or my bench due to his lack of production (even though the opportunities are definitely there). If I bench him, I’m not entirely sure who to put in…I’m thinking potentially Fulgham given the Eagles lack of WRs at the moment, but I know the Ravens can shut passing down.

    Need some more eyes on this one! Thanks!

    • MB

      MB says:

      I wouldn’t get too cute. I’d leave in drake and play Singletary in the flex. Thinking Singletary does well after an off week

  18. CP says:

    would you roll with hardman or lindsay this week for 1/2 ppr flex? Thanks!

    • MB

      MB says:


  19. Sh says:


    I am in a super flex ppr idp 12 team 35 asset keeper league. Would you deal devante Parker and a 2nd round pick for TE Rudolph and Chris Godwin. Godwin would join M.Thomas and A.Thielen as my WR

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yep, grabbing Godwin

  20. Ma Homies says:

    Hey MB! Long time lurker here! Was hoping I could get your thoughts on two potential trades!

    12 team 0.5 ppr, yahoo

    QB: Mahomes
    WR: A. Cooper
    WR: T. mclaurin
    WR: Boyd
    RB: Josh Jacobs
    RB: Derrick Henry
    TE: Kelce
    Flex: Gaskin
    K: Lutz
    K: Colts
    Bench: DJ Chark
    Bench: L. Murray
    Bench: A. Jeffrey
    Bench: Pollard
    Bench: Dalton

    Considering Trades
    1) trade my Jacobs and Chark for Hopkins and Chubb
    2) trade my Gaskin and Jeffrey for CEH

    What do you think of either trade? Thanks for your help!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey! I’d do trade 1 but stay away from CEH

  21. Bing says:

    Half point PPR
    Just read your must starts. Are you saying I should start Hockenson over Ertz?

    I’m also torn between Tannehill and Fitzy at QB.

    • MB

      MB says:

      No, rankings I have Ertz higher.

      I’d roll with Tannehill

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