It was so close.  Literally, wide open in the end zone with no defender within 10 yards of him.  Slightly overthrown, but it’s a catch any pass-catcher in the league should make 100/100 times.  But not Kyle Rudolph.  No, not him.

When watching the game live and seeing the play develop, I got a smile on my face because the sure-to-be Rudolph touchdown would mean it was a good call for him as a streamer.  Instead, he dropped it, and instead of scoring 8 fantasy points, he scored 1.20.  That’s what happens with fantasy.  We only have so much control of what happens.  Rudolph let everyone down that was streaming him against the lowly Raiders defense.

Let’s get to the Week 11 streamers, shall we?



Mark Sanchez (5 percent) vs. Tampa Bay: Yup, not a misprint.  I have a friend that asks me every week who he should start and who he shouldn’t.  I feel like I should get a cut of any of his winnings since I practically set his lineup for him each week.  This week, I told him Sanchez is his play with Brees on bye.  Granted, the options weren’t great, but neither is the Tampa secondary.  They’re tough against the run, so I expected Sanchez to come out throwing to Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz and Brent Celek.  Last year, he had Maclin that drew the coverage, freeing up Matthews.  This year, it’s all Matthews, so let’s see if the issue is the Eagles’ offense or if it’s just Sam Bradford.

I’d start him over: Jay Cutler, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco.

I’d sit him for: Tony Romo, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (24 percent) at Houson: He has one of the top wide receiver duos in all of football, so naturally he falls into production each week.  He’s cleared to go, which means he’s a good QB2 or bye-week replacement.

I’d start him over: Jay Cutler, Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton.

I’d sit him for: Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers.

How did I do last week?

Kirk Cousins: 28.96 fantasy points.

Blake Bortles: 17.02 fantasy points.


Tight Ends

Eric Ebron (38 percent) vs. Oakland: This is the week!  It has to be, right?  Ebron disappointed last week against the Packers, but he gets the Raiders this week, the worst team in football against opposing tight ends.  To be fair, it’s been the No. 2 tight end that’s scored against Oakland the past three weeks, so maybe it’s Brandon Pettigrew that goes off this week?  Haha, yeah right.

I’d start him over: Jimmy Graham, Tyler Eifert, Travis Kelce.

I’d sit him for: Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, Jordan Reed.

Coby Fleener (17 percent) at Atlanta: It’s not that Fleener is good (he’s not), it’s that Matt Hasselbeck is back under center.  Check-down city, yo.

I’d start him over: Tyler Eifert, Zach Miller, Martellus Bennett.

I’d sit him for: Travis Kelce, Richard Rodgers, Crockett Gillmore.

How did I do last week?

Kyle Rudolph: 1.20 fantasy points (catch the f&%@$ing ball in the end zone, bro).

Eric Ebron: 4.80 fantasy points.


Kicker and Defense/Special Teams

Connor Barth (18 percent) at Phildadelphia:  Get that ownership up!  Last week was his first bad game, but did you see those winds?  He gets a pass from me.

I’d start him over: Everyone not named Stephen Gostkowski, Dan Bailey or Steven Hauschka.

I’d sit him for: ^^^^

Connor Barth: 6 fantasy points.

Houston (56 percent) vs. New York Jets: Remember how the Texans were one of the top DSTs at the beginning of the season?  Well they are starting to show why.  Over their past four games, they have scored 15 or more points three times, with their lone bad game coming against the Dolphins.  They get the Jets this week, who will score, but also can be booked for at least one interception.

I’d start them over: Vikings, Packers, Bengals.

I’d sit them for: New England, St. Louis, Kansas City.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 16 fantasy points.