The last time we referenced a Denzel Washington movie in the title, things turned out pretty well… so I’m going to put my hands together and pray for a similar outcome.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Fantasy Overlord!  Although he can’t harness Biblical powers, Eli Manning is your best overall streaming option for week 5.  (Side note: Philip Rivers is the only QB that CAN harness Biblical powers, i.e. 2014).  Before you stop reading, hear me out.  Well, maybe I don’t blame you for leaving… I’d leave too… but if you’re willing to stay, there’s more to our streamers than just an Eli Manning recommendation.  Last week in the Streamer Department, we nailed the 2nd overall defense (Miami), and a top-10 quarterback and kicker to boot (pun intended).  That’s two solid weeks in a row!  We’re looking to improve on that this week with the seven options below:



Eli Manning (47%) v ATL: I didn’t think we’d be here yet, but we made it.  We finally reached that point in the year where Eli Manning can be streamed… which definitely means he’ll let us down.  Haven’t I learned?  Streaming the highest scoring QB from the previous week is like a bad omen, especially if that QB is Eli Manning!  But let’s pretend that football is remotely predictable… and let’s pretend that Manning’s abilities and face aren’t the two most frustrating things on this glorious planet… and let’s say he has a good matchup against the Falcons defense… and let’s say Teddy Bridgewater just threw for over 300 yards against that Falcons defense… and let’s say Eli just tore up an inferior defense on Thursday night and has more time to prepare for an equally inferior defense… and let’s combine all of those things into one cute little puppy and embrace the crap out of it because the detour signs on Streamer Street are all pointing to Eli Manning’s miserable mug.

Austin Davis (2%) @ PHI: Sam Bradford who?  I’m not going to sit here and say Davis is a franchise QB, but after digging into the stats, he sure is playing like one in 2014.  He’s number one in the league in completion percentage (72.3%), and top five in yards per pass attempt (8.02 ypa).  He has also been the most accurate deep passer for QB’s with more than 10 attempts.  The Rams have had two weeks to prepare, which creates an additional edge for Davis.  What remains to be seen is what Eagles team shows up.  After a brutal loss in a winnable game on the road, I think Philly comes back and puts up some points at home, which could translate into a lot of 2nd half passing for Davis.


Tight End

Owen Daniels (43%) @ IND: The Colts are having a hard time against tight ends.  Over the first four weeks of the season, Indy has allowed TE’s to rack up a weekly average of 70.5 yards and a touchdown.  While Daniels isn’t a volume receiver, Flacco looks for him when he needs a play, and he’s good for 5-6 targets per game.  Those targets can easily turn into 50 yards and a TD against this porous Colts defense.  Consider Daniels a safe stream this week.

Clay Harbor (0%) v PIT: That’s right folks… 0% owned!  Blake Bortles seems to like Clay Harbor, but it’s not because his family used to spend two weeks there every summer.  Harbor caught all eight of the balls Bortles tossed his way on Sunday.  Based on this ginormous sample size, I’d say Bortles likes Harbor as a safety net.  There is more to be seen, but this week, the Jaguars get a Steelers team that has let quite a few TE’s rack up the stats (insert stats here).



New York Giants (8%) v ATL:  This won’t be a repeat of the Kirk Cousins debacle, but the Giants have the ability to make the Falcons one-dimensional.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I like defenses that can make the opposing offense commit to the pass.  Steven Jackson still appears to be lost, perhaps in his memories of yesteryear, so without much effort, the Giants should be successful in limiting his yards.  They still also  have an above average defensive line that can apply pressure, and Prince Amukamara and DRC are playing some solid football right now.



Josh Brown (4%) v ATL: Now that the Giants’ offense can score a few points, Josh Brown can provide a little stream value.  Brown had zero field goal attempts over the first two games.   Since then, he’s made 4/4 FG’s with 9 PAT’s for a total of 21 fantasy points.  As I mentioned in the Eli blurb, the Giants should be able to score against Atlanta’s defense, so Brown should be a benefactor.

Greg Zuerlein (5%) @ PHI: Philly has been really good at limiting opponents to field goals when they’re within 30 yards of the endzone.  I go back to this stat repeatedly, but I stand by it.  The thing is, while a team like Baltimore can prevent scoring within that range altogether, the Eagles have been successful in allowing the opposing team to get close enough to kick (12 FG opportunities).  St. Louis will be challenged, and Zuerlein still has a great leg, so he’s a solid stream option with upside.


Week 3 Recap:

RCL/Yahoo Standard 0.5 PPR Scoring

Kirk Cousins: 257 yds, 1 TD, 4 INT, 1 rush, 12 yds, 1 FL = 9.48 pts (24th QB).

Teddy Bridgewater: 317 yds, 1 2pt, 5 rush, 27 yds, 1 TD = 23.38 pts (8th QB).

Niles Paul: 4 tgt, 3 rec, 60 yds = 7.50 pts (17th TE) – Left before half with a concussion.

Ladarius Green: N/A – Was questionable with hammy and suited up but didn’t play.

WAS: 45 PA, 1 sack, 1 INT = -1.00 pts (T-26th DST).

MIA: 14 PA, 2 sack, 3 INT, 1 FR, 1 TD = 17.00 pts (2th DST).

Caleb Sturgis:  1 40-49, 5 PATs = 9.00 pts (T-10th K).

  1. Ryno says:

    Looking ahead to the bye weeks would you drop D Brown and grab a TE Reed (have Kelce) , or another RB stash like R Mathews if you have Forte, CJ Spiller, Taliaferro, Mckinnon, and Ingram?


    • Nico says:

      @Ryno: It looks like you have a decent stash of RB’s, but Brown is still the starter, although ugly, at least he’s playing. Is he the worst player you can drop for Reed? There are plenty of TE’s you can stream to avoid sacrificing a starting RB for a TE coming off an injury.

  2. Wacha Wacha says:

    Hey Jay which side of this trade do you prefer?
    E Sanders for Sankey and Gerhart

    Ive got D Thomas, C Patterson, and K Wright at WR and
    Murray, Stacy, Ellington, C Johnson, and B Pierce at RB

      • Wacha Wacha says:


        Thanks! My bad calling you Jay… need more sleep!

        • Nico says:

          @Wacha Wacha: I’ve been called worse! haha

  3. Adam Jonesin says:

    Hey Nico,
    I start 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex in a standard 12-team league.
    My WRs are: Demariyus Thomas, Antonio Brown, Reggie Wayne, Crabtree, Steve Smith, Cooks, and Quick. My TE is Witten.

    I was offered Jimmy Graham and Sanu or Cooper for Antonio Brown and Witten. Think I should pull the trigger?

    • Nico says:

      @Adam Jonesin: I like Brown. He’s been so consistent this year. You get a slight upgrade from Cooper to Sanu, but you will never play Sanu, so it’s not worth it in my opinion. I’d probably try trading one of your lower WR’s for a Dwayne Allen or Kelce.

    • Erik says:

      I’d make the trade. You’ve got nice talent at WR that you can’t fit into your lineup every week. I look at it this way, Graham and Brown are about even (personally I think Graham will end the season with more points, but you could make a good argument that Brown will…they’re close enough).

      So now let’s look at who you’d be starting instead of Witten if you have Graham as your TE: your pick of Wayne, Crabtree, Smith, Cooks or Quick…all of these guys are likely to end the season with more points than Witten.

      So your starting line up will score more points if you make the deal. If you think Brown will score a lot more points than Graham this season, so be it, but I don’t think it will happen. More points in your starting lineup means more wins.

      • Nico says:

        @Erik: I can see your point. I completely missed DT in there. I was assuming Brown was his #1. In that case, he’s rolling out DT, Smith and Crabtree every week, and I could feel confident in that.

  4. Dat Dude v4 says:

    Asiata or Forsett

    .5 ppr

    • @Dat Dude v4:

      This answer should be too obvious. Asiata has been playing full time and killing it, while Forsett is splitting duties.

    • Nico says:

      @Dat Dude v4: Dat Dude! What happened to v3? I have to agree with James on this one.

  5. Mike says:

    Hey Nico, some RBs hit the waiver on Wed, and clears tommorow can u please rank for a Rest of Season pickup? Taliaferro, Steven Jackson, Donald Brown, and Toby Gerhart. Thanks

    • Nico says:

      @Mike: Gerhart, Jackson, Brown, Taliaferro. Gerhart takes first solely based on the fact that I think he’ll be the starter all year, as opposed to Jackson and his injuries, Brown being replaced by Mathews, and who knows in Bmore.

  6. Sange76 says:

    12 team keeper

    I like
    To mix and match on d and my team is deep
    Enough to carry two.
    Which 2?
    New England (current d), Cleveland, Baltimore, or philly?


    • Nico says:

      @Sange76: I lean NE and BAL

  7. Adam says:

    Deep league, +1 PPR

    Would you trade Ivory and McKinnon for Montee Ball? I’m not even sure at this point that Ball will outperform Ivory alone, but I know people were really high on him in the preseason. And I don’t know quite how much to value my McKinnon lottery ticket.

    • Nico says:

      @Adam: I think it’s a buy low on Ball sell high on Ivory deal there. Ivory has a history of injuries, and while I’m a Jets fan and hope this continues, you just never know with him. You’re getting the better player. Go for Ball.

  8. friar says:

    Thanks for the streaming advice (Miami won it for me last week!).

    I’ve got a trade question that Jay deemed “close,” so I’m hoping you might be able to give me more clarity with a second opinion.

    Which side would you prefer in this swap of high-end QB/RB pairs (non-ppr): Stafford + Murray or Ryan + Bernard? Thanks!

    • Nico says:

      @friar: That’s great to hear! I’m going to lean Ryan/Bernard. As much as I love Murray, I think the Cowboys face tougher defenses going forward, and there’s always the risk of injury.

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