I took the week off last week, and it was for a good reason, mind you.  I didn’t play any DFS, but I did play my regular seasonal leagues.  However, I wasn’t active on the waiver wire. You could say I took the week off from writing the streamers column, but I also wrote streamers off in my personal life, too.  I got to marry my best friend this past weekend, and it was amazing. [Jay’s Note: Congrats!]  I’m back on the grid now, and I’ll be looking at the waiver wire for my column each week, but I have my lineup cemented in my personal life for good. Let’s get to it!



Teddy Bridgewater (43 percent) at Detroit — The Teddy hype train was full steam in the offseason and the preseason.  For good reason, too.  He had Adrian Peterson to throw to out of the backfield, Kyle Rudolph healthy, Mike Wallace to take the top off of defenses and emerging go-to wide receiver Charles Johnson.  Well, none of that has really worked out as we thought.  The Vikings have established the run each week so far, but it hasn’t always worked despite the game script.  Bridgewater has been a let down for fantasy owners so far this year, but with two good (Rodgers, Dalton), one viable (Cutler) and one name (Manning) on bye this week, people need quarterback help.  His best game of the season so far came against the same Lions in Week 2 with 18.22 fantasy points.

I’d start him over: Sam Bradford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sam Bradford.

I’d sit him for: Matthew Stafford, Blake Bortles, Ryan Tannehill.

Blake Bortles (62 percent) vs. Buffalo — The secret is out on Bortles, who is being touted as a pickup throughout the industry.  It’s a London game, which makes me a little nervous, and it would help immensely if T.J. Yeldon, Allen Robinson and Julius Thomas are healthy to play.  If the latter two are, I’m rolling Bortles out with confidence this week.

I’d start him over: Teddy Bridgewater, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford.

I’d sit him for: Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, Eli Manning.


Tight Ends

Jordan Reed (50 percent) vs. Tampa Bay — There’s not much to say here other than it looks like Reed is good to go for Sunday.  He’s a tight end 1 each week that he’s healthy, which who knows how long it will last.  Pick him up and run him out there while you can.

I’d start him over: Gary Barnidge, Delanie Walker, Jordan Cameron.

I’d sit him for: Travis Kelce, Antonio Gates, Greg Olsen.

Ladarius Green (31 percent) vs. Oakland – It’s a deep sleeper pick, but I wouldn’t mind rolling Green out this week against the worst defense in the league against tight ends.  It seemed the Raiders schemed differently before their bye against Owen Daniels and the Broncos, but Daniels still had two targets in the end zone.  Gates is obviously the play you want here, but if you’re stuck without a tight end play this week, it’s worth gambling on Green, especially if the receiver corps is still banged up.

I’d start him over: Heath Miller, Benjamin Watson, Zach Ertz.

I’d sit him for: Charles Clay, Jordan Cameron, Delanie Walker.


Kickers and Defense & Special Teams

Josh Lambo (40 percent) vs. Oakland — He’s a kicker, who is a kicker, that kicks.  However, the matchup is great, as the Raiders have allowed the third most points to fantasy kickers this year.

I’d start him over: Josh Brown, Dan Carpenter, Kai Forbath.

I’d sit him for: Justin Tucker, Stephen Gostkowski, Chandler Catanzaro.

Miami (33 percent) vs. Houston — We finally saw a glimpse of what this unit can do.  You’ll dump them after this week, but I’ll take that defensive front against a bad offensive line.

I’d start them over: Atlanta, Buffalo, Pittsburgh.

I’d sit them for: St. Louis, Arizona.



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  1. Scott says:


    What would you like to see from Miami D tomorrow to keep them?

    • @Scott: Thanks! I like Miami tomorrow against Houston. I think what we saw last week was legit, although it would be the most Miami thing in the world for them to lost tomorrow as a trap game. Either way, I’m starting them with confidence and cutting them when the day is over since they play the Pats next week.

  2. Pppphhh says:


    I’ve asked this q in a couple threads. Quick background. Year one of a 3 year keeper league (then a player cannot be kept).

    My current wr depth: dez and martavis Bryant, Alshon, Antonio brown, Brandon Marshall Sammy Watkins
    Current rb depth: Lamar, c-mike, Forsett, devonta, tevin

    Been offered a $4james Starks for my $1 Christine Michael..

    A $11 Ronnie hillman for $1 christine Michael

    Unkeepabke cj Anderson for $13Sammy Watkins

    $15 frank gore for $3o Forsett

    $10 ameer Abdullah for $13 Sammy Watkins

    What sides if each would you like? I’m really torn in all of them. Part of me wants to keep c-mike but i don’t think joe randle is ever going away..

    • @Pppphhh: I would take Hillman for Michael. I’m not confident in C-Mike at all. Would take Gore for Forsett. I’d prefer to keep Michael over Starks and Watkins in both deals.

      • Ppppphhhh says:

        @Michael Waterloo:

        what about the watkins deals? rather have cj anderson or abdullah over him? theres a very small chance he ever plays for me or that i keep him, so just a bench depth move… wr for a rb.

        • @Ppppphhhh: Thanks! And I honestly like Watkins more than them both this year and going forward. If you’re hurting for RB depth this year, though, go ahead and make either deal. I’d lean Anderson.

  3. Scott says:

    Reed or Witten?

    • @Scott: Reed for me. Too much uncertainty with the Cowboys and Cassel.

  4. Dom B says:

    Hey are you worried about John Browns hamstring this week he hurt himself this week and I have him in my flex. Would you still play him over Steve Smith or is Steve Smith a better option,

    • @Dom B: Keep tabs on it up until kick off. If it’s still uncertain, go with Smith. If not, I like Brown better.

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Dom B: it’s both hamstrings on the freer of slaves. he already was playing with 1 hamstring, and then the other one flared up.

  5. 740 says:

    Hey, 10team h2h

    Who would u rather start. West, Morris, Yeldon?

    Thank u

    • @740: Ugly situation. West > Yeldon > Morris

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @Waterloo: west is getting cut next week when cobb’s back, and hasn’t gotten any attempt catch or rush in last 3 weeks while being healthy. Morris at least will play (hasn’t done much in a long time admittedly) and get some carries.

  6. Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

    OAK only 15th against TE’s, and gates might not play, or be used as decoy, either way green is still good play though, unless gates isn’t hurt at all and it’s all misinfo. gotta go with adjusted D ratings, these teams play better and worse teams, all their opp’s aren’t the same. Using Yahoo’s totals against doesn’t account for who the opponents were.

    it’s in the 2nd chart, the one that shows each team vs each type of receiver.

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