The day is here.  The day where football snobs like us have to listen to friends of friends or spouses of neighbors or uncles of any sort (they’re the worst) who are eating your guacamole and clogging up your toilet, pontificate on the genius of Bill Belichick and tell you that Peyton Manning’s older brother was the “good” Manning.

After two weeks of non-stop talking heads telling me absolutely nothing of any interest I still believe the Colts will win.  As do my Razzball brethren when we went over our picks in the olden days (Wednesday).

The Gresham household will have a few gallons of chili simmering on the stove a little after noon and many Goose Island IPA’s disappearing soon after.  Have a fun and unproductive Super Sunday all you crazy Razzballers!!

Here are some links about the game.  I’m sure you need a refresher on who’s playing.

The Indianapolis Star and New Orleans Times-Picayune for some reason are interested in the game today.

NBC has a nice interactive matchup thingamawhozit for today’s game.  I highly recommend checking it out.

The Top 10 Super Bowl ads according to NFL fanhouse.

The Bleacher Report gives us their top 5 biggest Super Bowl upsets.

Football Outsiders breaks down the game and I mean BREAKS down the game. They are predicting a close one.

Do you know who was just inducted into Canton?  Well, crack a book!  Or, click here, whatever.

The Shutdown Corner ranks the top 5 quarterback combos in Super Bowl history.

Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force gives us his Stone Cold Lock Of The Week.

Cold Hard Football Facts debunks the old saying that “Defense wins championships.”

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News breaks down his Super Bowl day of TV viewing.

Mike Lupica’s take on The Game.

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