During a football draft one year, we hit round six and I made the quote: “Here’s where it gets interesting, yet boring.” Seven years later, I still hear about it. But what those silly fools I play with don’t understand is that the statement’s not that Johnny Bananas in reality. Sure, everyone and their mom (mom’s don’t play fantasy football…they have Pinterest…) knows the names of the first few rounds, and you should all know to wait for upside, defenses and kickers for the final rounds, but what about the clusterf*ck in the middle? It can be a big pile of I don’t knows, wild guesses, and ESPN says he’s ranked 50th overall!!!’s. So let’s sort through the trash like Scrooge McDuck diving into his treasure room of gold coins and mine those players for the middle rounds to find some overrated hype, underrated targets, and the sleepiest of sleepers…

[graphiq id=”9jTc8YBeuhL” title=”Tyrod Taylor Overview” width=”640″ height=”548″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/9jTc8YBeuhL” link=”http://football-players.pointafter.com/l/20375/Tyrod-Taylor” link_text=”Tyrod Taylor Overview | PointAfter”]

Oh, wait. You didn’t thi…no. Certainly not. You thought I meant T-Sizzle? Haha, I just thought it would be fun to put an attractive blonde on the post. Sex sells, #amiright? Well, while it may not sell much in fantasy football, players with sexy stat lines sure do. And if you ask me, ol’ Tyrod has the ceiling to produce attractive results with the best of them. So, now we’ll gently switch from Taylor to Taylor.

Currently ranked #125 overall in the FantasyPros Consensus Rankings, and QB17, Taylor’s being horrifically under drafted. This was the #9 QB last season. Part of Taylor’s magic is that he doesn’t have to pass to bring great value. Never eclipsing 300 yards in any of his 16 starts, Taylor made the most of his completions with multiple TDs in 6 games. He really caught fire towards the end of the year, not mistakenly at the same time Sammy Watkins went all-world, as well. With 10 TDs in his final five, and 273 yards rushing across that span, Tyrod flashed his massive upside. Now to why he’s ranked 17th.

With injuries all across the offense, and skeptical skill players around him, you could easily view Taylor’s 2015 as his ceiling rather than the start of his floor. I’m aware of this. Injuries in other QBs last season could be argued as another reason why he reached the Top 10 (see: Andrew Luck, Tony Romo), but listen…for all the negatives, you can find the same amount of positives. For instance, Taylor only threw 6 INTs all year, half of those coming in one horrible game against the Patriots in Week 2. He didn’t turn the ball over, ran for a ton of yards, and held a baseline of 15 PPG. All that to say, the big reason why you want Tyrod Taylor is that his upside is higher than every other QB in his giant tier. After the starting QBs are gone you’re left with the likes of Kirk Counsins, Philip Rivers, Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Jamies Winston, Ryan Tannehill, Matthew Stafford…I mean, the list goes on…it’s most likely your QB2. If it’s up to me, I’m taking the highest upside. And since this article is up to me, that would be Tyrod Taylor, a potential top 8 QB going for twice that in drafts.

Guys, Tyrod Taylor is so sleepy…


  1. TDs everywhere says:

    Who would you drop to snag a kicker?

    Rivers, Winston
    Cj anderson, go bernard, woodhead, ivory, Sims
    Odell, Mike evans, ty hilton, decker, trav Benjamin
    Martellus, zach miller


    • TDs everywhere says:

      @TDs everywhere:

      League is 12 team .5ppr

      • @TDs everywhere: That’s a great squad TDs! I’d most likely drop one of the TE. Take your pick. They’re both bottom tier starters. The thinking is that if the chosen one doesn’t well you can most likely find TE on the waivers with a good matchup or a hot streak. All of your other options have enough wild card potential and upside where you need to hold onto them coming into the season.

  2. Andy says:

    I’m with you, except I took the more extreme position and drafted Taylor as my QB1. I prefer to load up on RB’sand WR’s before drafting my QB and TE.

    • @Andy: Solid option. You can snag him so late and fully fill your bench before drafting a QB. I don’t like waiting on TE until the 9-12, as there’s an elite group to me just a few rounds earlier, but you have the right idea this year for the late rounds.

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