Another of our great writers here at Razzball, Nic Romero, highlights the Tampa Bay-Seattle matchup as one that should yield some high scoring. With an over/under of 53 points, there’s a lot of fantasy production to be had, and as such, many of the players on these rosters will be featured as good options in this article. But honestly, the implied total of 23.5 points for the Buccaneers seems low. Since when is there a shootout with Tampa Bay involved where they don’t score like 70 points and still find a way to lose by 3?

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A few years ago, my brother entered a team into a $1 daily fantasy league with around 56,000 people taking part. He entered several other teams into other leagues, some of which required a $20 entry, some $10, and so on.

By Monday night, all but one of his teams were out of the running. But in that $1 league, he wasn’t just in the money. He was in first place. And though he admittedly did his research with all of the lineups, that $1 team was more of a “gut” team, where he just kind of went against the most obvious choices, stacked Russell Wilson (5 TDs) and Doug Baldwin (3 TDs), had a vintage AP performance (158 yards, 2 TDs), got production from role players (29.6 pts from Brandon Marshall, 17 points from CIN DST), and the rest was history. A couple days later, he was $12,000 richer, and he’s been an advocate of going with his gut feeling ever since.

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Sometimes when you stream, you get House of Cards season 1, but sometimes you get Fuller House. We hope that our rosters are set at this point in the season, but injuries and bad match-ups happen and you may be scrambling around looking for streaming options and hopefully I can at least reach Netflix Arrested Development level with these recommendations for this week.

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Streaming on a Team Plan

All my teams are packed

I’m ready to go

I’m standing here waiting for Thursday

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But your playoffs are breakin’

It’s early no more

The teams awaiting

He’s blowin his own horn

Already I’m so lonesome atop

I could die (if I lose)

But I’m streaming on a team plan

Don’t know when I’ll ever lose again

Oh babe, I hate to lose

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Sometimes you pick up a streamer and it’s just like a Tinder hookup. You use them and then toss them back before the night (aka waivers) are over. Other times, it’s more like John Denver and you have to tear yourself away from your streaming options, and you find yourself singing, “I’m streaming, on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go.” The best case scenario is that you find yourself falling in love with a new starter, or starting option, that you can roster all season. While most streaming options fall into the Tinder hookup category, I hope some others have given you at least a couple weeks of production.

Jameis Winston and Cameron Brate may have you thinking about putting a ring on it. Will Dissly, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jesse James, got their numbers put in the phone, but then we ghosted them after a couple weeks. Fitz lost his job and “No, I don’t want no scrubs.” Dissly got injured, and Jesse James was a victim of the hot ex coming back into the picture.  Most streaming options will be more like Jimmy Garoppolo’s preseason date than Reese Witherspoon/Katherine Heigel rom-com characters, but keep your eye out for THE ONE that could be potential season long difference makers as you look for bye week fill ins and streamers.

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I guess this question is really a two parter because there’s a yang to this yin. But to be honest, it’s Monday after week 16 has almost concluded. Losers need not apply. *Hears readership heading for exits*. Wait, wait, wait, did I say losers? I meant Lugers! Yeah, that’s it! You know, people who luge? Yeah, get the eff out, winter Olympic sports people! And take that Jamaican bobsled team with ya! Now where was I before I was rudely interrupted by a buncha sore Lugers…oh yeah, we were talking Fantasy Football, of course. The kind of Fantasy Football that wins championships, i.e. the bestest kind. For all the talk of JC Superstar and Knowshon this year, it’s kinda been lost in the shuffle that LeSean McCoy has been beasting all year. Ok, it’s hard to say that about @CutOnDime25 but when you think about it, it’s kinda true. Everyone talked about how he could be a fantasy stud in the off-season when Chip came to town but really, everyone was talking about Chip not him. Then Vick started the year off hot, so Michael Vick was the point of discussion. Then Vick sucked and that, of course, was the point of discussion. Then in waltzed Nick Foles who started running Chip’s offense at full steam and then he was the point of discussion. It’s odd that a guy can lead the NFL in rushing yards and be a bit of an afterthought in this game we play but that’s what happens when you’re consistently good but rarely breakout great in this game. Everyone wants week 15 JC Superstar, week 8 Megatron, week 13 Josh Gordon (will someone PLEASE give that man a nickname). But Shady has just ‘been there’. He’s had some big rushing days, don’t get me wrong as his 133 yards on the ground Sunday were his 6th 100+ yard effort of the year and he does have a 200+ yard snow game to his credit. I don’t know, maybe I’m Chris Collinsworth’ing this whole shizz and creating a narrative that doesn’t need to be made but I swear I’ve heard more about other players of this caliber over the course of the season than LeSean. Here’s to you, Shady, and the joy of the championships you brought to all those peoples out there who aren’t Lugers. In other news from week 16 of the 2013 Fantasy Football season…

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I swear, players with names like this were made for Razzball. Do you know how many puns I’m gonna squeeze out of this down the stretch with him? Trust me, you don’t even know. But more to the point, we here have been all over this guy this week. This isn’t an ‘I toldja so’ but I do hope you all listened to the Razzball Podcast on Tuesday when I said you should pick up Chris Rainey. Then I hope you read the first comment on the Podcast post where I clarified who I was talking about. Anyone out there picking up the 5th string RB for the Steelers…mea culpa. Hopefully you read my BUY column on the following day and made sure it was Bobby Rainey. Sure, I didn’t tell you to start him but Tampa Bay said Leonard was starting. And clearly Tampa Bay never lies…wait, what? Neverthewho! Finally, as if we didn’t treat you like a baby seal enough, we clubbed you over the head on Friday with J-FOH making Rainey the lead in The Handcuff Report. All this to say, unless you were in a coma for the last week, we got you in early on this gem. And if you’re reading us first after coming out of a coma, thank you! Now you should really put life in perspective if we’re the first thing you think of upon waking from something like that. But now that we’re done slapping each other on the ass for the good call over here, let’s get to the numbers: Rainey carried the load in Tampa with 30 carries for 163 yards and 2 TDs on the ground while chipping in 2 for 4 through the air and another score. Yes, that’s three TDs from a guy who’s 23% owned as of mid-day Sunday which probably means he was owned under 10% prior to games starting. Seriously guys, put it at automatic waivers when Sundays start. Cheaters! But more about Bobby: that boy ain’t right…to opposing defenses. There was a lot of concern about his size holding him back from being a lead RB but all I have to say to that is Warrick Dunn. Bobby (5-8, 212) and Warrick (5-9, 180) have a little in common in that area. Everyone wants to pick on the little guy back there but little doesn’t mean these guys can’t carry the load when presented. Looking forward, Rainey had a nice matchup against a Falcons team that has given up plenty on the ground to fantasy backs on the year so I’m not going to anoint him straight away. I’d like to see a little adversity before I do that but I do think if you nabbed him, you’ve got a mid-tier RB2 right now with explosive upside and the potential to make up for all the RB heartache you’ve no doubt suffered to date. Here’s to Rainey making you into the Reigning champion this year. See? We got this for days, people. In other news from Sunday of week 11 for 2013 Fantasy Football…

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