Exclusive picture of the Packers' Front Office.

Exclusive picture of the Packers’ front office.

The world was not ready for yet another ACL casualty. I DREW THE LINE AT SHAUN SUISHAM. AND THAT LINE I DREW, THE ONE AT SHAUN SUISHAM? IT WAS CROSSED PEOPLE. Quite frankly my dear friends, that line has now been crossed ten-fold. More like a billion-fold actually. In today’s podcast, Tehol and yours truly go over some of the precarious situations that the Packers and Panthers now find themselves in with both their star receivers (Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin) done for the year. What happens to Davante Adams and David Funchess you might ask? Well, don’t worry, because we answer long and we answer hard. Whatever that means. We also go over other news around the league and talk a bit of Draft Strategy to get you ready for your upcoming drafts, which I’m sure are all in the Razzball Commenter Leagues. Right? RIGHT? Right. I mean, it’s a free league and you could win some pretty cool prizes… just saying.

Note: Because of the Jordypocalypse, all of our rankings, projections, and values have been updated and can be found here.

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