Unless you purchased a certain car with a flux capacitor, that permeates time and space after accelerating to 88 mile per hour, off of Craigslist, reliving the past is not an option. But there are ways to recreate aspects of it. Press play on that special jam, and your past and present bodies, minds, and souls gyrate in unison. That old flame? You will never find the exact replica, but sometimes you can find someone eerily similar. When in a rut, often going back to the tried and true techniques brings clarity to a situation. That seems to be what Bill Belichick is doing in Patriots Land, as he drafted Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene in the 2020 NFL Draft, replicating the 2010 draft when he landed Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Can Asiasi and Keene be fantasy viable?

From a physical standpoint, there are tons of similarities.

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I just bet $40 on a UFC fighter named Song Yadong. Never bet against Yadong. Gotta think if the UFC can operate during a pandemic then the NFL can too, right? It better, one donkey can only rosterbate, mock draft and rosterbate to mock drafts for so long! Fortunately I stocked up on lotion back in February when others were foolishly hoarding masks, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, so I’m good for at least another six months. Update: Yadong just won. Give me more Yadong! Anyway, we gathered some big names together—not too close— for another dynasty rookie mock draft. If you missed it, check out our 1QB PPR dynasty rookie mock from the week before. This time we mocked a superflex PPR rookie draft, here’s our industry participants and results:   

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The 2020 tight end class lacks top end talent, but there were 5 players taken on day 2 which bodes well for future production. These will be my final off-season rankings now that we know landing spots and draft capital. For more background information, please check out my initial TE article for details on the players’ profiles and more of the process used to rank the position. 

The List!

Rank Movement Name Team  Draft Round
TE1 +1 Adam Trautman Saints 3
TE2 +1 Cole Kmet Bears 2
TE3 -2 Brycen Hopkins Rams 4
TE4 NR Devin Asiasi Patriots 3
TE5 NR Dalton Keene Patriots 3
TE6 +1 Colby Parkinson Seahawks 4
TE7 NR Josiah Deguara Packers 3

NOTE: There are no tiers for this list, as everyone is going to be a slow burn for fantasy relevance

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Top places to avoid during a pandemic? 

#1 Adam Gase’s Basement (not just during pandemics, that guy’s clearly crazy)

#2 Emergency Room

#3 Dentist Office

I avoided only one of those locations in the past 24 hours. It all started at dinner last night when I began to choke on some sugar beets. Taking Grey’s advice from this past week’s Razzball Patreon Podcast—where we talk TV shows, movies and a bunch of other nonsense each week for only $5/month to support the site, shameless plug!—my imaginary girlfriend dragged me to the front door and threw me outside. As Grey says, you don’t want EMTs coming into your house during a pandemic. So I crashed head first into the sidewalk cracking a 3 inch gash in my forehead which would require an ER visit along with 10 stitches. Next it was off to the dentist for an emergency repair of a chipped front donkey tooth. I now sit here, wearing sunglasses and nursing a concussion as I write this post which will surely make even less sense than usual. Anyway, here’s my top 50 rookies for 2020 PPR dynasty football:

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