We are approaching the beginning of the Fantasy Football preseason. SURPRISE! And as it usually goes, there are Fantasy Football Rankings all over the place and everything else like strategy, auction values, projections, etc. will be falling into place soon… except for one big thing (that’s what she said). Your potential team name remains the one true mystery that must be solved! Be the Sherlock of your league. Don’t be the Dr. Watson. I mean, do be a doctor if you can, that seems like an admirable profession that pays well. More like: don’t be the “Watson” part. Actually, you know what? Being Martin Freeman isn’t that bad either, since he received millions to star in a plethora of The Hobbit movies with a guy who wears spandex and ping-pong balls as a living. So, actually, you can be both those guys AND have an amazing team name. That’s what I’m trying to say. I think…

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Following up on last week’s launch of weekly in-season NFL projections – aka the Pigskinonator – we are psyched to announce that we now have fantasy football player pages for all QB, RB, WR, TE, and defensive players!

Just like with baseball, our goal is to create the most useful player pages for FANTASY players. You’re our only target. We feel the big sports sites awkwardly bridge the gap between actual and fantasy sports fans – usually at the detriment of the degenerate latter. Not us! (I refuse to put a picture of the player’s face on our player pages. Last time I checked, there are no fantasy categories involving faces. Just a waste of space on the page.)

Some highlights:

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If you missed it this past weekend, we introduced a brand new tool called: The Pigskinator (along with a brand new DFSBot). If it sounds familiar, I blame Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka, the spellcheck destroyer). Also, it’s because this tool is based on the very successful and highly used Hitter-tron and Stream-o-Nator over on our Baseball site. The foundation of these tools, which can be found in our menu above, was based on either dark wizardry or black magic, depending on what level sorcerer Rudy is. I’m assuming he’s a level 96 dark mage, but I could be mistaken from how powerful his +9 to magic missile amulet is. I have no idea where this joke is going, but I’m sure the nerds loved it. Regardless, I’d like to kinda go over how I used the tools this past weekend, and how they might help you in a real sense. Other than a fake sense, which doesn’t seem helpful at all…

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Greetings from the secret, WiFi-enabled Razzball bunker! It has taken a while but we finally got our robots to broaden their heretofore MLB-limited expertise and start cranking out NFL in-season projections for both season-long (Standard, 1/2 PPR, PPR) and DFS.

It has been a mad sprint to being ready opening day so I don’t have all the documentation to share but hoping the below summary will suffice for now.

Before I lose those of you who have no interest in how the sausage is made, we’re making both the season-long and DFS projections free for the first 4 weeks of the NFL Season. Below are the links (also can be found under Tools in the top menu). Player pages should be up shortly (ETA end of next week).

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I’m proud to introduce this year’s iteration of Razzball’s very own draft tool: The War Room. First created by frequent community member and once-contributor: Nico, I’m happy to report that I’ve worked with him to bring this year’s version. You may know the Baseball version, and the Fantasy Football one follows the same general application. Here’s a brief rundown of what this tool can do for you…

  • The “User Input” feature enables customization of league sizes, roster settings, flex settings, and PPR settings.
  • The “War Room” tab summarizes the number of players taken by each team, and ranks each team by position.
  • The “Cheat Sheet” displays players in order of the 2016 Razzball Rankings, fully sortable, of course.
  • The “Projections” tab is a full display of the 2016 Razzball Projections, for those who like more in-depth information.

“Keep in mind, this spreadsheet is not locked, so if you’re an Ex(cel)pert, you can further customize this worksheet as needed. While the War Room is an excellent in-draft tool, I’ve found that a lot of value can come from it post-draft as well. Going back through the draft picks and assigning only the anticipated starters to each team can provide an even more accurate analysis of the league after draft day.” – Nico.

So after the jump, I’m happy to provide the 2016 Fantasy Football War Room!

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Soooo, yeah, I got bored. What can I say? Even with such an illustrious life of binge drinking and hanging out with your mom, there are empty spaces to fill. And I give you something that came out of one of those spaces. And while this is probably considered more a table than a chart (and a crude one at that!), I wouldn’t have been able to make a nautical joke in the title. I’m all about the nautical jokes, baby. The thought process here is, (and be careful, you’ll be entering my thoughts, so duck if you see heavy amounts of tacos, or, you know, do your best motorboat impersonation):

“Well, you know what I would really like? Besides a fudgesicle? Actually, that’s all I’d really like. Wait, then I can’t explain my chart. Well… okay, but this is the last favor I’m doing for you. (What, this is how my brain works… kinda makes you wonder why you are even here, right?) So… what I’d like right now, besides fudge in my mouth, is a sort of reference thingamajig and tells me where all my picks will land if I’m picking, let’s say, 5th in a 12-team draft. Where are the rest of my picks? WHERE I ASK YOU! Look at all this internal strife. FUUUUDGE.”

So, you see all that? I needed something to tell me where my picks are, because I react to math like I do canned asparagus. This is a bad thing for all you canned asparagus lovers out there. All three of you. So, here’s a nifty chart/table-thang (thing?) that won’t necessarily help you navigate international waters, but might come in handy during your drafts…

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