Just like Oprah with her giveaways, the football gods certainly gave us a lot of injuries to have to deal with in football and also to deal with in fantasy football. That is what this post is for though, to figure out the treats from the tricks (yeah, yeah, it was late but it still works).

Firstly, we are dealing with the season-ending injury of a consistent fantasy football contributor and one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game. Steve Smith Sr. went down on Sunday with a torn Achilles and is out for the season. Arguably the only wide receiver/tight end worth owning in Baltimore, the task will fall onto a rag-tag bunch of misfits. Now, whether or not the Ravens actually go out and try to acquire a wide receiver before the trade deadline on November 3rd is another story. But for the time being, considering who is there… it’ll be hard to figure out who will pick up the slack. But when Smith down with his back injury before, Kamar Aiken was the one who seemed to be the biggest beneficiary of Smith’s absence. He had two straight weeks of 75+ yards (Week 4 and 5) receiving and saw the most targets of any Ravens wide receiver during that span. He is immediately thrust into an inconsistent WR3 zone that owners need to grab, as first round pick Breshad Perriman does not seem like he will be playing this season. Aiken may not be worth playing right away, but he deserves to be on benches for those who are lacking wide receiver depth.

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It seems so long ago that we started our football journey, and here we are, at the half-way point. To celebrate, the NFL has decided to once again traverse the globe in a continuing effort to alienate football fans outside the United States, this time showcasing the hapless Lions (I nearly considered using the word “hopeless” instead, but let’s be honest, they do share the division with the Bears), going against the Chiefs sans Jamaal Charles. I hope London enjoys Stafford forcing throws into a quadruple-teamed Calvin Johnson and Alex Smith checkdowns as much as we do. Something also of note is that there are currently five undefeated teams in the NFL thus far, including the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals, proving that the Atheists were onto something. Two of those teams, the Broncos and Packers, will face off for tonight’s Sunday Night Football showcase, allowing the entire NBC crew ample time to tell us how good Peyton Manning is despite having the arm strength of my great grandmother. Who’s been dead for almost 40 years…

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