Each week I will preview a couple of games that are ripe with fantasy juice for us to squeeze. Highlighting which players have a path to eat, DFS plays, and studs that should be faded.

Bonus content – The 50/50 Club: Seeking streaming options, managing through roster injuries, filling bye weeks, or looking for bargain DFS plays? This year I will select, what I’ve coined as, the 50/50 club. A weekly fantasy roster (QB, RB/RB, WR/WR, TE, DST) comprised of players that have ownership numbers less than 50% across major fantasy platforms. The following week we’ll review how we performed. At the end of the year, we will see how we stack up cumulatively at each position. Can we field a top 12 QB or TE, or top 24 RB/WR over the course of the season?

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Another year, another Absolutely FAABulous back at cha! I’m your host, Phil B. ready to help you make the best, cost-effective additions using your Free Agent Acquisition Budget (Though I also like Free Agent Auction Bidding), or FAAB. FAAB allows every player a chance to get any free agent every week (as long as you have the cash) and that’s why it’s the best. If you read my Auction Draft Primer you know I like using fake money for fantasy football and FAAB is more of the same. 

I did A Zero Week primer back in ‘17 (it feels much longer ago if an apostrophe is used) and you can read that here. I’ll try not to re-hash too much of that, so to quickly sum it up, it works like so: After the draft, every team is given a certain dollar amount (for our purposes that is going to be $100) and then, after each week, each team can bid any amount (up to $100) for any unowned players.When your team wins a player, then your budget is reduced by that cost. So you win a guy for $7; now you have $93 to spend the rest of the season. However all leagues are different and let’s say your league gives $250 FAAB. If so, just multiply the values here by 2.5. If you need further assistance, just drop a line in the comments as to the quirks of your league.

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Completed Previews: AFC North – NFC North – NFC East Part I – NFC East Part II – AFC East Part I – AFC East Part II – NFC South Part I – NFC South Part II – AFC South Part I

2019 projections referenced below are based on razzball.com 2019 projections managed and updated by our very own @RudyGamble . ADP, and strength of schedule referenced are based on fantasypros.com consensus data.

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Well the top guys of a week ago did not live up to their hype, did they?  Here are their stats from Week 2:

Javorius Allen – 5 Rec, 35 yards, 66 rush yards, 1 TD.

Kerwynn Williams – 22 rush yards.

Kenny Golladay – 1 Rec, 8 yards.

Tarik Cohen – 8 Rec, 55 yds, 13 rush yards, 1 fumble lost.

Nelson Agholor – 1 Rec, 9 yards, 1 TD.

Williams was quiet this week as the Cardinals looked bad against Indy and Chris Johnson definitely took carries. The whole Cardinals offense still doesn’t look right; let’s hope they get back on track Week 3 but Johnson & Ellington were on the field in overtime and that worries me. On the bright side: Williams is also their return man to add to his value. Don’t cut bait after one week…

Allen looked good on his TD run and is settling in as Woodhead light, which is a hoppy sardines-infused dark chocolate almond butter IPA with less calories. Flacco likes to throw so Allen should remain a flex play, although West is still the bellcow there.

Cohen could have looked better, but Howard was also terrible and the Bears simply got owned, so that Cohen salvaged some fantasy value is good to see. Cohen clearly benefits from being on the field for all the passing the Bears will do. So hold him if you added him last week because better days are coming.

Agholor salvaged some value catching a garbage time TD (though based on that score the Eagles actually had a chance to win (on a Hail Mary), so was it really in garbage time?)

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Well, well, well, here we are again my lovelies, Week 15!  We are a’tappin’ on the backdoor of playoff season.  This past week was very unkind to yours truly in the Fantasy Football area, as it seems my Black Widow Curse went on a feeding frenzy and decimated every piece of man soul on my rosters.  Hell, even George, the groundskeeper I picked up back in Week 3, went down with a severed spine AND a triple felony.  Yes, this has to be one of the most unforgiving Fantasy Football seasons I have ever had the displeasure of engaging in.  The amount of pain I have endured this season would make even the Marquis de Sade blush.  Thankfully, it is almost over and I can go back to my life of ComiCons and meth smoking.  Like I mentioned in my very first Hit it or Quit it post for Razzball, playing Fantasy Football is a lot like dating… sometimes you are the one doing the screwing, and sometimes you are the one getting screwed.  So, as we knock on the backdoor of playoffs, lay back, get comfy, throw on some Luther Vandross, and let me do my thing (I’ll even buy you dinner first) with this week’s Hit it or Quit it.

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