Doc is back and has another room full of patients after last week’s spate of season-ending injuries.

Rob Gronkowski was lost for the season after tearing two ligaments in his knee. Arizona lost safety Tyrann Mathieu to a torn ACL and LCL which ends his strong rookie season. Baltimore wide receiver Brandon Stokely suffered a concussion and is done for the season. Green Bay put seldom-used receiver Myles White on IR with a knee injury and it leaves the Packers few options in the passing game. Brandon Jacobs of the Giants is done after getting a cartilage graft in his left knee.

You get the idea. People are dropping like flies at the end of the season but most of them aren’t fantasy-relevant which makes it easier to sift through the impacts of said injuries.

Gronkowski being done makes Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman better options, especially in PPR formats. When you factor in Kenbrell Thompkins (hip) being questionable for this week, it makes both of those wide receivers Tom Brady’s top targets. Shane Vereen is also back there too but when it comes to deep passes he really has two choices.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

I’m looking across my lineups this week, and I’m feeling like my teams’ narratives  are like The Other Guys.  My Samuel L. and the Rock who were guns blazin’ and taking care of business have gone down to ridiculous injuries, and I’ve got to go with the wild card play of the cop who shot Derek Jeter, then the lanky cop with the crazy Gator past (no not Aaron Hernandez!) to try and fill in.  Marlon Brown last week got me my first desk pop!  Those TDs were nice.  So I’m hoping to be your Michael Keaton and get the police unit to work together, while also trying to keep my Bed Bath & Beyond profitable and my employees from chasing waterfalls.

Going back to last week’s picks, Marlon Brown actually won me a league last week!  I liked that one.  Terrelle Pryor and Josh McCown gave you solid games as deep QB plays, and Le’Veon Bell also was very solid.  My very deep Myles White call was more for James Jones behind hypothetically out, then the Aaron Rodgers injury made things worse, but a loss nonetheless.  For my benchers, Matt Ryan was awful and I indeed got the Vincent Jackson bench right!  I feel like I’ve missed on VJax 4-5 times over the past 2 years.  Fred Jackson was a wash, but Tom Brady and Danny Amendola had huge games.  My bad on that one, I knew the Steelers D was bad, but didn’t think the Pats O would get it together.  Here’s who I like in week 10 and their % started in ESPN and Yahoo, respectively (NOTE – these are not always recommendations for 1-for-1 swaps, just guys I like who are understarted and guys I hate overstarted):

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Ohhhhhh man.  Another week and another 6 teams on bye.  That makes 20% of players gone. So it’s kinda like Tehol’s weekly Writer’s League lineup.

Luckily my one really bad team was the only one hit with terrible byes last week, but this week… Man… Lots of tough cookies.  Guru is already talking smack because my 8-0 boys have James Starks at RB Eddie Royal in there in my flex.  Spoiler alert!  Neither are recommendations below.  Slim Pickens on the wire.  Plus ally of the JB world Justin Blackmon went on a Jessie Pinkman bender.  It’s all coming to an end.  But I must maintain the faith, visualize a redonkulous upset, and hope my path to perfection stays true.

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Good tidings everyone and welcome, once again, to this quickly/drunkenly-typed post of one handsome man’s observations of Sunday Night Football. Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me it’s time to watch Josh Freeman again already? Oh wait, he’s out with a concussion. Nice. So instead we get… Christian Ponder? Sigh.

the drinking game I played

Take a sip of PBR in a wine glass…

…whenever Mike McCarthy called a totally worthless run play.

…every time Christian Ponder completely whiffed on an open man.

…whenever Christian Ponder looked totally confused about life.

…every time Cris Collinsworth gushed over BJ Raji.

Chug a wine glass full of PBR…

…every time Mason Crosby shanked a kick.

…whenever I felt like it, because Christian Ponder, bro.

Please, blog, may I have some more?