We had a special presentation last night as we aired, for the first time ever, the 2016 Razzball Writers League Draft. If you were bored, nappy from all the Labor Day BBQ, or just wanting to make fun of Tehol, you had the chance to join us and have a bit of fun! And some of you did! We had a few hundred viewers last night, which was great. I’m happy that this new presentation was well-received, and not to be outdone, we made sure to record the draft as well, for posterity. And to hold Tehol accountable for the things he said. The YouTube recap can be found below, along with the team info and complete draft recap after the jump!

And if you’d like to join your very own RCL, you can here!

Notes: Tehol, Zach, Matt ([email protected]) all joined me for the commentary. If you just want to watch myself and [email protected] analyse and grade all the teams, that starts at the 1:33:40 mark. Thanks for watching!

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