The entire Jets offense was giddy when Sam Darnold strolled into the locker-room Sunday carrying his vintage Coca-Cola bottle. After four weeks of quarantine with the kissing disease, Darnold was ready to play games with his favorite group of guys. First, the young QB locked eyes with Robby Anderson (5 catches for 125 yards and his 1st touchdown) for a juicy 92 yard score. Next he played touch and squeeze with Ryan Griffin (3 catches for 28 yards and his 1st touchdown). Even Le’Veon Bell (14 carries for 50 yards and his 2nd touchdown) snuck into the circle and gave the bottle a twirl. Sammy Big D went 23/32 for 338 yards and 2 touchdowns in his triumphant return as the Jets upset the Cowboys. Anyway, here’s what else I saw during yesterday’s late games in fantasy football:

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With everything we know about valuing players in fantasy football the following series of statements does not make any sense. Corey Davis is drafted as PPR WR27 in 2018 (Per Fantasy Football Calculator). Corey Davis finishes the 2018 season as PPR WR28. Corey Davis turns 24 years old. Corey Davis is drafted at WR38 for the 2019 season (Per Fantasy Football Calculator).

Obviously, there are more factors that go into a successful or failed season than what is highlighted in such a simplistic form. Here are some quick hits that will help dig into this claim a little deeper:

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Streaming on a Team Plan

All my teams are packed

I’m ready to go

I’m standing here waiting for Thursday

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But your playoffs are breakin’

It’s early no more

The teams awaiting

He’s blowin his own horn

Already I’m so lonesome atop

I could die (if I lose)

But I’m streaming on a team plan

Don’t know when I’ll ever lose again

Oh babe, I hate to lose

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We have a London game! It should mean earlier football but instead it is the same time as the other early games but unfortunately the NFL is putting this game at noon as well. We all will have to wait another week to get a bonus 3 and a half hours of football. Speaking of London, apparently the Jaguars becoming London’s official team is closer to becoming a reality according to their ownership. That seems like nothing but a sh*tshow. Jacksonville finally has a competitor to root for and NOW it’s time for this. Khan wants to keep the team based in Jacksonville while playing some or most of their home games at Wembley stadium. Who would want to sign there? That’s taking away a lot of what home field advantage has to offer. Does Blake Bortles really play that much better overseas? But, if we can get more 8:30 games I might not complain that much. 

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Prediction for this week’s Bears game, 352 to t’ree. I know, I know, but I think Miami keeps it close and gets the late field goal. It’s time to appoint a new master of ceremony for Da Bears though, and I think it may be Da Mitch! Da Mitch actually did throw that ball over them mountains. He hangs out with Chuck Norris’s beard on the weekend. He beat Al Bundy’s record and threw for 5 TDs for Polk High School.

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My apologies for dragging MB through the mud last week on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sorry MB. I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good looking. I’m not very attractive.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the greatest thing since sliced bread (is it really that hard to slice bread?), but then what does that make Patrick Mahomes? What was the greatest thing before sliced bread? The wheel? So Mahomes is the greatest thing since the wheel, and we could maybe say that Patrick is rollin’ with Ma-homies.

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All things must come to an end as is the case with this series. We went through the first roundrounds two and threerounds four and five, and the middle rounds. Now, it is time to close out with with late round values. We will define late rounds as anything in the 9th round or later. Depending on roster size, this will be for your flex spot or later. There are many different kinds of scoring and preferences so I’m just going to go by the names that I like and have already been targeting.

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Pierre Garçon is the newly signed #1 wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers. You are probably asking yourself: “Why does the lead receiver of a team that Vegas predicts will win four or five games in 2017 matter for Fantasy Football drafts and why did I click on this article?” Great question, the three key reasons why Pierre Garçon is a super sleeper in 2017 Fantasy Football drafts are his projected opportunity, his reunion with an old offensive mastermind, and very his low price.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Razzball’s Fantasy Football 2017 Division Previews. On this piece, we’ll take a look at this year’s AFC East. In past offseasons, we’ve seen many versions of the same headline: “Watch Out Patriots, Dolphins/Bills/Jets Are The New Team To Beat”. And while we haven’t seen that storyline yet, this is a division that moved in the right direction as a whole. It’s good to see that just for football in general. There are a lot of fantasy storylines and scenarios to dive into, so let’s get right to it…

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At some point, we’re going to get old. Technically, some of us are already there (children of the 80’s unite!). Okay, we’re not that old, but age is probably subjective anyways. And before I give myself an existential crisis, the point I’m trying to make is that Fantasy Sports might be one of those things that don’t have a shelf life. But this season has made me question that conclusion more than usual. I mean, sure, there are things we can do to spice up the experience. Like Craigslist and sex, maybe we’d pay attention more if money is involved, thus, the evolution of money leagues. DFS is, of course, an offshoot. But with NFL’s noticeable ratings drop this year, talk of rearranging when commercials are shown (haha, dream on), the retiring of Thursday Night Football (naw, Jags vs. Titans is always a good idea!) have been some of the things discussed internally. But time is a flat circle, maaaaaaan, so I wouldn’t expect much of anything the NFL does to change. The officiating has been garbage, the penalties for celebrations is an infringement on my right to not eye-roll infinitely. And really, whatever that was on Sunday Night Football last night, which was flexed!… It’s almost as if they aren’t even trying. (Can’t quite tell if I’m talking about the NFL or the Panthers.) The Chargers lost, but I think you already knew that based on this lede, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be mopey. What’s that? Westworld won’t be back on until 2018? Okay. Time to burn this motherf*cker down!

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