Mohamed Massaquoi: in addition to having the majority of all vowels in his name (except for that elusive “Y”) Massaquoi also gets the majority of targets.  This past week he was targeted 9 times (4 more than Robiskie, the next closest receiver) and had two targets inside the five yard line.  By now it’s clear that Massaquoi is the stud of the Brown’s offense though unfortunately that’s like being the toughest guy in France or having the best looking goiter in the nursing home.   Either way, Massaquoi’s production potential makes him a must snag off the waiver wire or you could try to sneak him in with a multi-player trade.  Through this point in the season, Massaquoi has accounted for 11% of his offensive targets, this despite being nearly invisible until his monster week 4 performance against Cincinnati.

Greg Jennings: for now Donald’s still in the driver’s seat with 5 more targets than Jennings to date.  However, despite having a fairly quiet game this past Sunday (5 catches for 52 yards) Jennings was actually targeted 9 times (six more than Driver) including a pass inside the five yard line.  Though Jennings continues to get looks, he is an increasingly problematic start considering the fact that the Packers have gone to a shorter passing game in an effort to keep Rodger’s on his feet.  This, coupled with the fact that it is going to get pretty damn cold in Green Bay, leads me to believe that short route Driver will continue to be the more logical start.   Though many experts will tell you to have patience with Jennings, it may not be a bad idea to trade him as he still commands 2nd to 3rd round value (but won’t for long).

Cardinal’s receivers: Though Whisenhunt will tell you that the Cardinal’s offense is play not player oriented, it is clear who the favorite is.  Though Fitzgerald has yet to break out, he has accounted for 17% of the Cardinal’s offensive targets this year, including 25% of the red zone looks.  This past week, Fitz had thirteen targets to Boldin’s seven and Breaston’s meager two.  If there is an impatient owner in your league, GET FITZ; It is only a matter of time before he puts up thirty on a weekly basis.  Boldin is a beast.  We all know that, but he makes his money trucking over ankle biters in the secondary, not in red zone.  To date, Boldin’s only been targeted six times in the RZ (Fitz has 12 targets and Breaston has 3).  Breaston’s inconsistency has put him neck and neck with Jerheme Urban in terms of targets this season.  Though being the third receiver on the Cardinal’s is like being the 2nd or first receiver anywhere else (i.e. Cleveland Browns) Breaston is far from a safe bet week to week and should be handled with caution.

Austin Collie: there’s no telling what will happen when Anthony Gonzalez comes back, but for now Collie has collared the majority of red zone looks.  This past week, Collie was targeted 9 times (the same as Wayne) but more importantly he was targeted three times in the red zone and hauled in one touchdown.  He now has four touchdowns in the last three games despite splitting time with Garcon.  Though choosing between Collie and Garcon is like choosing between a Toyota Corolla and a Hyundai Elantra, Collie seems to be the safer fantasy pick due his targets and production in the red zone.

Bobby Wade: Those who thought that Bobby blew his Wad-e in Minnesota were clearly mistaken.  Well maybe that’s a stretch, but Wade did have as many targets as his counterpart Dwayne Bowe.  The good news is that Cassel looked to Wade when they were down though he didn’t get any looks in the red zone (mainly because the Chiefs couldn’t get there).  But with byes chewing all of up and forcing us to start guys like Keenan Burton and Jacoby Jones, Wade seems to be a logical plug and play against the beleaguered Jaguars secondary.  And though the Chefs aren’t cooking up much for offensive production, Wade is only 8 total targets behind Bowe, with 6 red zone targets (Bowe has 9) and two targets inside the five yard line to Bowe’s one.

David Clowney: There was no clowning around this week as Clowney amassed 79 yards on four catches and a touchdown.  Clowney is available in most leagues and seems to be a good plug and play option against the Dolphins as long as Cotchery is still injured.  Yesterday against the hapless Raiders, Clowney had six targets, tops among Jets receivers and four more than Braylon Edwards.  With teams looking to take away Edwards’ big play presence; look for Clowney to get 4-6 receptions for 60-80 yards and a possible touchdown.

Mike Wallace: right now Wallace seems like a crunchy pickle on a Roethlis-burger.  He provides some snap, he’s kind of surprising, and he is becoming more and more dependable.  Wallace had six targets Sunday (Holmes had eight, Ward had three) on route to a solid fantasy performance as he ran for 19 yards and had 72 receiving yards and a touchdown.   The only problem with Wallace is that Big Ben likes to spread it around so much that you’re never quite sure who is going to get it.  For now Wallace is a must grab off of waivers and a possible play against Denver in week 9 as the Broncos will surely try to take away playmakers Holmes and Ward.  Holmes leads the Steelers with 59 total targets including three in the red zone.

Michael Crabtree: Crabtree was second to Isaac Bruce this week with six targets (Bruce had seven) and he hauled in five catches for 56 yards.  The fact that Singletary started Crabtree is enough to tell me that he has playmaker potential.  My guess is that Crabtree will get the most receiver targets from here on out and he would be a good person to snag before the trade deadline, possibly as an add-on in multi-player trades.  It should be obvious that if he is available on waivers in shallow leagues, you should snag him like crab apples off a tree.

  1. hideousmutants says:

    Speaking of WRs, I’m stupidly deep there (mostly thanks to my kids getting me up early and me beating everyone to the wire on Tues morning). I have Bolden, White, Colston, Ocho, Manningham, Rice. Schaub is my QB but I can’t help but target Brees, esp for his playoff schedule.

    I’m thinking of offering my backup QB (Palmer, whose stats look great thanks to last week) plus a WR for Brees. Would giving up one of my top 4 (White, Colston, Ocho, Bolden) with Palmer be too much for Brees? (I have a history of making trades just to make trades and this feels sort of like that).

  2. Drew

    Drew says:

    @hideousmutants: I would look to give up Roddy White

  3. Ian says:

    what Defense should I grab this week? San Diego v. Oakland or Arizona v. Carolina?

  4. Scott says:

    Who to sit? I need 2 RB 2 WR and a flex.

    Peterson vs GB
    Barber vs Sea
    Ray Rice vs Den
    Sims-Walker vs Ten
    Driver vs Min
    Sid Rice vs GB

    I’m leaning towards one of the receivers, but I’m not sure.


  5. Plainview says:

    Who do you like better this week:

    Romo or Garrard

    DeAngelo Williams or Marshawn Lynch

    My approach has always been to start the better player but the match ups here argue against that – thoughts?

  6. Quimmy says:

    Trade Thoughts

    12 Team .75 PPR 4pt Passing TD 6pt Rushing/Receiving TD

    QB – Hasselbeck, Cassell
    RB – Sjax, K.Smith, Addai, Beanie, Fjax
    WR – S.Smith, Boldin, Moore, Owens
    TE – Clark
    DST – Patriots and Cardinals

    I have been offered Greg Jennings for Addai and Owens, should I do it or could i get more for what I am giving up?

  7. Quimmy says:

    Sorry, we start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1 rb/wr flex, 1te, 1 dst

  8. Quimmy says:


    PPR? I would sit barber

  9. Scott says:

    @Quimmy: Not PPR, I was thinking that as well. Seems crazy though.

  10. Denys says:

    all three “value” Titans WRs are dwindling in the free agency.

    if you had to, and i mean HAD to, pick up one of them for a bye week replacement, which of the three would you get: Washington, Britt, or Gage?

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Scott: I think it’s between Driver and Rice, and even though Driver is facing the worse defense, I’d sit him and play Rice.

    @Plainview: Yeah, I think those are close enough that I’d go with the matchup. Garrard could have an epic day, and I like Lynch a lot more now that Fred Jackson has return duties.

    @Quimmy: Love dumping TO, but Jennings may not be the guy to target. And with Donald Brown dinged up for several weeks, Addai will get the majority of carries in IND. I’d say no on that trade.

    @Denys: I’m starting to like Britt out of that group. Washington and Gage can turn in some stinkers if they don’t score, at least Britt tends to get some yardage.

  12. Denys says:

    part 2: got offered – Jerricho Cotchery and LeSean McCoy for my Mendenhall. I have MJD/Knowshon Moreno off byeweeks, my backups are Ahmad Bradshaw and Willis McGahee… I was thinking of holding on to Mendenhall for “in case shit happens”. But do need a good WR3 (Cotchery) and it’s a keeper league, I think McCoy might have some value eventually, and Westbrook can’t stay healthy… thoughts?

  13. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Denys: It’s not a bad deal at all. Just know that you’ll have to wait on Cotchery’s hamstring issue to be sorted out. But it’s worth doing if you don’t need Cotchery immediately.

  14. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’m tossing around a trade idea in my head, looking for some feedback on it. The Fitzgerald owner in my league has expressed that he needs RB’s…I was thinking of offering Calvin Johnson + Fargas for Fitzgerald. My team looks like this:

    RB: S-Jax, Rice, Lynch, Fargas, Harrison, Snelling, Wolfe
    WR: Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Marshall, Maclin

    Not sure I like losing Fargas, but I figure McFadden will split carries when he returns, and Fitzgerald has a better situation (QB and no lingering injury).

    Thoughts on the offer?

  15. Sean says:

    Is Clowney worth a bye week replacement for this week? Or is Cotchery gonna return? I need a 3rd WR and just missed on Malcom Floyd. It is a PPR league. Or do you have other suggestions to throw in there?

  16. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Sean: You’d need to keep track of Cotchery’s status, but my suspicion is that he won’t play. Clowney’s decent. I’m assuming that if Floyd is gone, this league is fairly deep and guys like Collie, Garcon, and Avery are gone? Also check out Northcutt (assuming Calvin Johnson won’t play) and Torry Holt.

  17. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Sean: Also, it’s looking like Andre Johnson will play, but if he doesn’t, Jacoby Jones is an option that should be available in most leagues.

  18. Sean says:

    Thanks man…i’m gonna pick up Northcutt because those other guys aren’t available.

  19. unstopabull says:

    @mgeoffriau: Fargas value is only going to go down IMO so if you like Fitz over Mega I say pull the trigger since you do have Lynch as a safety RB.

  20. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    New post up! Let’s take questions over there.

  21. Joemontana says:

    “unfortunately that’s like being the toughest guy in France ”

    what does it means??

    what the deal with France?
    i’m a french NFL fan and I don’t understand this kind of comment

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