With a quarter of the season down we are seeing some flat out ridiculous trends that can no longer be deemed as flukes.  I guess the Broncos are really a fantasy powerhouse, Sims-Walker really is that bad, the Saints offense is a shell of what it once was, and rookies and undrafted free agents are on top of the world.

Guys I Like Going Forward

Mike Wallace-Wally has been a non-factor in the fantasy world so far this year (barring his two td game against the Bucs) but all that will change once Roethlisberger comes back.  Wallace is clearly the most explosive player on the Pittsburgh offense and I believe his stats will trump aging superstar Hines Ward’s.  Though the Steelers are on a bye, I mention him because he is a buy high candidate with tremendous upside.  Get him from a desperate owner who needs a win this week.

Mike Thomas-Thomas has consistently outgunned touted teammate Sims-Walker and now has 30 targets on the year to MSW’s 23.  Sims-Walker has been blanked twice (once against the Colts) and the fact that he only has 12 catches for 139 yards and 1 td through four games is unbelievable to say the least.  I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after the Jags’ pathetic offensive showings the first three weeks, but if they couldn’t get him the ball in a shootout with the Colts then it makes you wonder if he will ever regain the swagger he enjoyed last year.  The bills have a strong pass defense but I like Thomas over Sims-Walker again this week.  The only thing MSW should be catching is splinters on your bench.

Davone Bess-Other than the Dolphins special teams’ gaffs, Bess was the best player on the field Monday night.  Bess ran sharp routes, gashing the Pats for 9 receptions, 93 yards and a touch.  He did a number on the Jets a week before, and he is a guy who has continued to improve, showing spurts of greatness going back to last year.  Marshall is clearly the stud, but with the Dolphins struggling in the run game, expect Bess to put up decent numbers going forward.  Since the fins have a bye this week, Bess is available in the majority of leagues and a guy you can stash for the future.  Bess led Dolphin receivers with 12 targets last week.  Marshall, however, is 20 targets up on Bess for the season total with 48.

Michael Crabtree-I urged you to stay patient with him last week and he still disappointed, but with another week to adjust to a new offensive coordinator and a favorable matchup against the Eagles, it is do or die time for Crabtree.  Crabtree’s 5 catch 58 yard performance on six targets would not be that bad if he could just find the end zone.  I’ll admit that I’m a slightly bias ‘Niners fan but he has too much talent to ignore.  He still leads all receivers in targets (25) and if he crabs out again I promise I will stop mentioning him in a positive light.

Kenny Britt-Another repeat offender, Britt has been in this discussion before.  I mentioned him last week and he managed to score again on Sunday, catching three passes for 23 yards on a team high seven targets.  He has a good matchup against Dallas this week and with Gage out, Britt is the starter.  I expect him to remain at that spot and he seems to be out of Jeff Fisher’s doghouse which is nice.  He is another guy you can snag off free agency for a bye week fill in and a potential flex player down the road.

Brandon Stokley-I don’t necessarily like Stokley in the long term but with less than a week to prepare with the ‘Hawks he commanded 8 targets to the second place Mike Williams’ 5, posting the strongest statistical game with four catches and 62 yards.  A talented slot receiver, Stokley could offer the occasional spark but I would wait before risking a roster spot on him.

Brandon Lloyd-I stated last week that the Broncos were like the Saints in that you never know who is going to get the ball.  After four weeks however, Lloyd has emerged as the undisputed number 1 target in Denver.  He leads the team with 42 targets and 8 red zone targets and ranks 7th and 2nd in the league respectively.  His 18 targets ranked second in the league last week to Reggie Wayne’s 19 and he caught 11 of those targets for 115 yards.  There doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the Broncos passing game and Lloyd is the primary beneficiary.  He has a tough matchup against Baltimore this week, but he should be a solid play until Orton falls back to reality.

Stephen Williams-Williams has been filling in for an injured Steve Breaston which is a full time job in itself.  Williams is a big target (6’5” 205) and he certainly has potential.  The problem is the Arizona offense but it’s possible that Max Hall, who looked good in the preseason, could provide a positive spark going forward.  With Breaston’s proclivity for getting injured, Williams will have plenty of opportunities to showcase his talent.  Be patient but keep an eye on him.  He has a nice matchup against the Saints this week but I would be hesitant to start him even if you’re bye week desperate.  I’d prefer starting guys like Britt, Manningham, or even Harry Douglas over him as of now.

Random Stats

-Mark Clayton is 7th in the league with 42 targets.

-Darrius Heyward-Bey is 17th in the league with 33 targets, ahead of Colston, Jennings, Crabtree, Floyd, Maclin, Moss, and Harvin.

-Mike Thomas is 21st in total targets and has more targets than Colston, Jennings, Crabtree, Floyd, Maclin, Moss, and Harvin.


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  1. BAM says:

    GB is going to have to do something about their run game as the Kuhn/Jackson express isn’t gettin’ it done. I’ve picked up both Dimitri Nance, who may get work this weekend, and James Starks, who’s off PUP next week, in anticipation for a second half awakening by one of the two.

    Which of the two do you think have a better shot at taking the starters job and by when do you think that’ll happen? I can only sit on both for so long…Thx.

  2. Isles Guru says:


    If I already have MJD and Charles…

    Should I trade away Best and Clayton to get Fitz?

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: I’m in the Starks boat.

    @Isles Guru: I wouldn’t

  4. TonyD says:

    @ Doc

    Would you rather have Mike Wallace or Dez Bryant?

  5. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    trying to figure out my starters this week. I need 1 RB, 1 Flex, and 2 WR
    12 team PPR

    bradshaw (if he’s playing then I’m starting him. but you never know with ‘questionalbe’ status) @Hou
    Run DMC vs. SD
    michael bush vs. SD
    Fred Jackson vs. jac
    Louis Murphy vs. SD
    Malcolm Floyd vs. Oak
    Roy williams vs TEN

    I’m leaning towards bradshaw, bush,murphy, floyd.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TonyD: Tough. I think Dez is better, but like Wallace to step up with Ben. Leaning Wallace this season.

    @cleaver596: I’m on board with your first thought.

  7. Plainville says:

    Who’s a better flex play this week: Lesean McCoy or Santana Moss?

  8. danimal35 says:

    @Plainville: McCoy if he plays

  9. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Any chance, with all the twitter angst directed at MSW, that he gets some love this weekend and puts up more points than Mike Thomas?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Plainville: Going with McCoy. Hard to know how he’ll play dinged up, but he would get a ton of checkdowns.

    @TheEvilEmpire: There could be.

  11. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Would you use #1 waiver for Hernandez? I have Finley. I would try a trade with one of them. Tate would be the only person I could drop unless I drop K/DST and take 0 from one of them. Cutler not starting binds me this week.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: It’s pretty tough trading a TE for good value. I’d drop Tate, but with the #1 priority and not really needing him, I think I would hold.

  13. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Thanks I’ll hold. And no Thank you for the picture of Favre Dong in my head.

  14. nick m. says:

    I’ve got P.Thomas, gotta drop either Ivory or Betts because I need to make another move. PPR league- who is the better bet this week and beyond ( because it seems like I’m gonna need to hold one as PT is injury prone)?

  15. Rackem Rackers says:

    PPR 1, Who would you start this week?

    Hester @Car
    Mike Thomas @Buf
    Britt @Dal

  16. Bluety says:

    In a keeper PPR would you trade Dez for H. Ward. Dez is going to be my 7 round keeper next year. Also I have Brady and wes should i be looking to trade since the moss trade? Thanks

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: I’d lean Ivory.

    @Rackem Rackers: Britt

    @Bluety: I would want Dez in a keeper. He has top 5 ability. I could see shopping Brady. I think Welker will continue to get his.

  18. Vertigogo says:

    I want to drop Jacoby Jones for Mike Thomas. Agree? Or disagree?

  19. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Vertigo: I wouldn’t. Jones is a better athlete on a more explosive offense.

  20. Bluety says:

    would to start today as my #3 wr Dez or minn TE ?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bluety: Shiancoe

  22. Bluety says:

    My team T. Brady
    F. Gore
    J. Best
    R. Williams
    D. Jackson
    Would you accept this trade offer: Vick, M. Ryan, Marshall and Jacob for Brady, best, Kevin smith and Mason?

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