Davone Bess-clearly the “Bess” receiver on the team, the man with the predator locks has emerged as a confident, productive receiver over the past few weeks.  Bess was fourth in the league last week with 14 targets and he has 25 over the past three weeks.  His monster game on Sunday during which he grabbed ten passes for 117 yards and a touchdown was clearly his most proficient game of the year, but Bess’ best may be yet to come.  He faces the abysmal Jaguars pass defense next weekend and could be a great flex play for those of you looking to gain a playoff berth.  He also faces the Titans and the Texans in the fantasy playoffs respectively.

Antonio Bryant-Bryant has come back strong from injury and he is showing why some drafted him in the middle of the pack.  Last week, he was 14th in the league with 11 targets, catching five passes for 116 yards against Carolina.  This was an improvement on his performance against Atlanta in week 12 during which he caught three passes for 91 yards.  Bryant is a big-play guy and though I don’t like his matchup this week against the Jets, he draws Seattle and NO for the playoffs.  If he is available on waivers I would definitely go after him.

Michael Crabtree-though the former holdout has yet to have a breakout game, Crabtree has been nothing if not consistent.  Over his last four games he is averaging 4.5 catches and 60 yards per contest and last week against Seattle he grabbed six passes for 60 yards.  As the Niners’ #1 guy, Crabtree gets his share of targets and he had 13 last week, good for 6th in the league.  Over the past three weeks, Crabtree has received 27 targets which puts him towards the top of all receivers.  Though Crabtree’s ceiling is low, if you are looking for a solid 8-12 points from your flex spot, he could be worth a look.  He also has Detroit in week 16.  It should be worth noting here that Josh Morgan has seen his targets skyrocket as well and he is fifth in RZ targets over the last three weeks (5).  Morgan could be worthy of consideration in deeper leagues.

Robert Meachem-I seem to keep coming back to him, and quite frankly, he continues to impress me.  I have owned Meachem for the last four weeks, electing to start him only once and I have regretted it.  The big knock on Meachem is his consistency, but over the last four weeks he has simply been a fantasy monster.  I think it is safe to say that he has surpassed Devery Henderson as Brees’ second favorite receiving target, and over the last three games, Meachem has commanded 19 targets, tying him with Colston for the team lead.  Meachem also gets a lot of attention in the RZ and his eight catch, 142 yard game made me a believer that he was more than just a guy who catches touchdowns.  Oh yeah, and Meachem scored yet again, bringing his touchdown total to eight, a team high.  I am definitely starting him this week against a piss porous Atlanta pass defense.

Louis Murphy-Murphy is getting a lot of hype this week due to his four catch, 128 yard and a touchdown performance last week, but I would be a reluctant to waste a waiver claim on him.  Over his last three games before last Sunday, Murphy had a total of three receptions for 51 yards.  Murphy has 18 targets over his last three games and though Gradkowski has provided a much needed spark to the Raider offense, I think the smarter waiver choice would be Meachem, Bryant, or Bess in that order.

Devin Thomas-Thomas was targeted eight times on Sunday and twice in the RZ.  Thomas made good on seven of those targets, garnering 100 yards and two touchdowns.  Like Murphy, Thomas has not been particularly productive aside from last week’s game, but he has been more of a consistent contributor to his team’s offense.  The Skin’s play Oakland, NYG, and Dallas in the coming weeks, which means that Thomas could have some value in the playoffs.  His 21 targets over the last three games should also raise some eyebrows and even if you can’t find a spot for him on your roster this year, he could be an intriguing option for next year in keeper leagues.

Devin Hester-over the past three weeks, Hester has all but vanished from fantasy relevancy.  This is largely due to his lack of targets as he has only 16 targets over the last three games, tying him with teammate Earl Bennett and putting him just two ahead of Johnny Knox.  Over that same span, Hester has only managed a total of five catches for 86 yards and zero touchdowns.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things will get much better for Hester who draws Green Bay, Baltimore, and Minnesota over the next three weeks.

Pierre Garcon-once again, Garcon is on the list after another stellar performance against a tough Tennessee defense on Sunday during which he caught six passes for 136 yards.  More importantly, Garcon’s targets have been increasing steadily and over the last three games Garcon has surpassed Wayne in that category (27 to 24 respectively).  Though Wayne is clearly the man, Garcon deserves to be started weekly at a WR 2 or flex spot depending on the matchup.

Target Trends Over the Last Three Weeks

Potentially Available Players With Over 25 Targets and Their Rank in the League

7. Brandon Gibson (30)

10. Mohammed Massaquoi (29)

11. Donnie Avery (29)

17. Pierre Garcon (27)

17. Kenny Britt (27)

17. Michael Crabtree (27)

25. Davone Bess (25)

#1 Guys With Under 20 Targets and Their Rank in the League

40. Nate Burleson (20)

40. Housh (20)

45. Marques Colston (19)

47. Vincent Jackson (18)

47. Roy Williams (18)

57. Devin Hester (16)

71. Greg Jennings (14)

Top 5 RZ Targets

1. Brandon Marshall (12)

2. Andre Johnson (9)

3. Pierre Garcon (8)

4. Santana Moss (7)

5. Josh Morgan (6)

  1. Jim Parkey says:

    Two questions, first, which two RBs would you pick: Cartright, K. Smith and L. McCoy?

    Second, this is my first year on a fantasy team. The league had a waiver cut-off last week. Is this unusual?

  2. cleaver596 says:

    I need a QB in case schaub can’t go this weekend. My choices are between campbell vs. OAK, Flacco vs. DET, or Vince young vs StL.

    I’m liking Young so far, because the redskins don’t have much in the way of WR and Nnamdi Asomugha can cause headaches for campbell. Flacco just hasn’t looked good lately at all. so that leaves me with Young correct?

  3. Jones

    Jones says:

    @Jim Parkey: Kolby or Kevin Smith? Kolby Smith is done for the year. I would take Kevin Smith and Cartwright if Cartwright is the starter against an awful Oakland defense. Check into the running back situation in Wash. first. Obviously, if you meant Kolby Smith, you would have to go back with Cartwright ad McCoy.

    @Cleaver592: I think you definately have to go with Young against StL. That’s a great matchup for him and though Flacco has Detroit I would consider him your third option.

  4. unstopabull says:

    Picked up Meachum 3 weeks ago and haven’t started him yet. Is this the week to use him? Pick 3 Colston, Meachum, Ocho, Austin. Having both N.O. wrs in against Atl should get me at least one TD right?

  5. Harley says:

    .5 ppr league, this week only, pick 2: Maclin, Antonio Bryant (I want to stay away bc of Revis), Garcon, Cotchery, Crabtree

    Also, do you think it is worthwhile to drop any of them, or Jerome Harrison (backup RB) for Bowe? I’m in round 1 of the playoffs, so if I win I could use him in semi’s and potentially finals.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Hey guys, PPR league, should I start Harrison, Forsett, Cartwright or Moreno?

  7. eldee says:

    No question this time, just a thanks for all this in-depth research and analysis you do here at Razzball.

  8. Doc says:

    Steve Slaton has been put on IR. No clear cut winner here, but Brown should still get the goal line work. Moats has a chance to be big in ppr the rest of the season. Deep leaguers should look at Chris Henry as an option as well.

  9. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    I currently own the Cincinnati D, and I’m in the first week of the playoffs, so I think I should make a move, especially since they are in Minnesota this week, and at San Diego next week. Here are potential plays that are available in my league (16 teams)… Buffalo, KC, Washington… that’s pretty much it. I was leaning towards Buffalo, especially with Cassel’s crappiness, and Charles proneness to fumble. Thanks!

  10. nick m. says:

    Who would you rather pick up with Slaton on IR – Moats or Brown in both PPR and Standard Scoring?

  11. Guy says:

    I know this is lame, but what kicker do you want for Week 15 and 16:

    Kaeding v Cin and @ Tenn
    Hartlet v Dal and v TB

  12. Ronnie P says:

    Should I go with Flacco or A Smith at QB ? Must WIN. Thanks.

  13. Doc says:

    @Ronnie P: I like Smith

  14. Doc says:

    @Guy: Hartley

  15. Doc says:

    @nick m.: I don’t love the situation but I like Moats the most

  16. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Chris Brown is still available in my league…but I’d have to drop Marshawn Lynch or Willis McGahee. I think McGahee is too valuable to me as a Rice handcuff, but I’m thinking about Lynch….

  17. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    I currently own the Cincinnati D, and I’m in the first week of the playoffs, so I think I should make a move, especially since they are in Minnesota this week, and at San Diego next week. Here are potential plays that are available in my league (16 teams)… Buffalo, KC, Washington… that’s pretty much it. I was leaning towards Buffalo, especially with Cassel’s crappiness, and Charles proneness to fumble.

  18. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Tyme: Did you check out the playoff defense chart yesterday? If you grab Buffalo, you’ll get NE and ATL the next 2 weeks after KC.

  19. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    Ya I saw that yesterday, but this is just a one week plug in… I would drop Buffalo after this match up then pick up another decent play.. Even though Cincinnati has been great this year, in Minnesota and then in SD are 2 unfavourable match ups

  20. GTS says:

    Start Garcon over Housh this week?

  21. GTS says:

    Also, best DST option: Eagles vs NYG, Cardinals vs SF, Broncos vs IND, or 49ers vs ARI? Thanks!

  22. Would I be crazy to start Bess over Sims-Walker this week? I realize the 8 targets for SW is solid, but it’s a must win this week for me. I could also stick Breaston in as my WR2.

  23. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    Ganther has been promoted to starting running back… Anyone worth dropping? Donald Brown, Breaston, Forsett
    PS this is a keeper league

  24. Dam says:

    Love the site, keep up the great work.. Opponent has Brees, pts for 0.5/ppr, 6/return TD – pick 5 (2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex): Gore, Rice, Charles, P Thomas, R Moss, VJax, Austin, Meachem, Harvin

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @unstopabull: Tough call. All 4 are startable in that group. ATL is the best matchup. You’d have to sit Austin or Ocho to start Meachem and you’d have to split the work up between him and Colston. Got any easier questions? I would sit Meachem again, but I know that is tough.

    @Harley: I like Maclin and Garcon

    @Jimbo: Tough, I like Moreno

    @eldee: Thanks! Glad you like it!

    @GTS: I like Garcon

    @GTS: I like the Eagles

    @FireLovie: I’d stick with MSW at home vs the Dolphins

    @Tyme: If you need him for a flex spot ganther will be nice against the Raiders, but I’m not in love with his keeper status. Breaston would be who I would drop if you need him.

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