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Josh Morgan: The captain in you should take a shot of Morgan as the new aerial assault in San Fran has been turning coal into diamonds; if you’re a cagey owner, you just might find some in your stocking.  Jimmy Raye’s system has clearly benefited Morgan who has seen a jump in targets and production.  Last week he was targeted eight times (one behind Crabtree) catching seven balls for 61 yards and a touchdown.  Though his numbers in week 14 dipped slightly, he had six receptions in both week 12 and 13.  Though I wouldn’t bet the farm on Morgan, if you are an owner looking for a safe flex play without a tremendously high ceiling, I would take Morgan against the Lions.  Over his last four games he has been hovering around 5-6 receptions for 50-70 yards and his chances of scoring are relatively high this weekend.

Dwayne Bowe: Hey kids, Bowe knows drugs…and football.  Fresh off a four game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy (banned diuretic), Bowe had a strong showing with four catches for 56 yards on ten targets.  As much as I hate Dwayne Bowe (and I really hate Dwayne Bowe) you should grab him this weekend if he is somehow still on waivers.  He has a nice matchup against the Bengals who were absolutely torched by Vincent Jackson last week.  Who knows, perhaps his work ethic has improved as it is much harder to throw up after meals than it is to take a weight loss drug.

Mike Wallace: Many will be shopping at Wally world this holiday season but buyers beware; Wallace has only caught two passes in each of his last four games for a total of 156 yards.  His only two touchdowns over the last four weeks came this past weekend off his two receptions for 79 yards.  Yes, the win against the Packers may be the spark that Pittsburgh needs and yes, they do favor the pass which challenges everything I’ve ever known about Pittsburgh football, but to me he is a very risky play against Baltimore in one of the most important fantasy weeks of the year.  He is still a distant third on the team in targets, commanding only 11 over the past three weeks (Ward has 28 and Holmes has 31 over that same span), so before you jump on the Wallace wagon, proceed with caution.

Justin Gage: If success is “gauged” on touchdowns in your league, than Gage is “Justin’” time to bring you a fantasy championship.  Gage is truly a playmaker and he hasn’t had much time to reap the benefits of the newly polished Tennessee offense.  Starting in the 3rd receiver spot on Sunday after coming off a back injury, Gage was targeted three times (2nd behind Washington who had 5), catching two passes for 43 yards and two touchdowns.  Now that’s efficiency.  Expect Gage to see an increased role moving forward and he has a pretty good matchup against San Diego this weekend.

David Anderson: The Texans’ third receiver may actually have some safe play value in deep leagues.  Anderson’s role has certainly increased as a result of Daniels’ injury and he has been fairly consistent over the second half of the season.  Over the last three weeks Anderson has accumulated 15 targets.  Last week Anderson caught five passes for 34 yards and he has caught at least four passes in each of the last three games.  Don’t get me wrong, I think you have to be really desperate to use him, but if the other options are picked over he can at least give you some stability in deeper PPR leagues.

Devin Aromashadu: The man who caught eight passes for 76 yards and a touchdown in week 14 was much less impressive this past weekend, catching only two passes for ten yards.  The good news is that he was targeted ten times though three of those targets were intercepted.  The hapless Jay Cutler likes Aromashadu, but lately he’s been as responsible with the football as Tiger Woods has been with his marriage.  At this point I can’t say that I recommend Aromashadu, but he could be a risk reward play for you daring owners against a Minnesota pass defense that was ripped up by Matt Moore. P.S. check Hester’s injury status before investing.

Greg Camarillo: The Dolphins’ possession receiver has looked good lately and though I still think that Bess is the man, Camarillo’s consistency could come in handy, especially in PPR leagues.  This past weekend he led Dolphin receivers with ten targets, catching five passes for 46 yards.  Over the last three weeks, Camarillo is only one behind Bess in total targets with 27 and he had a monster game against Jacksonville in week 14, catching seven passes for 110 yards.  Camarillo’s lack of touchdown production will keep his ceiling low, but he may be able to provide a solid 8-12 points or more against Houston this weekend.

Target Trends

1. Player with the most targets last week

-Steve Smith (Car) (15)

2. Players with fewer targets last week than Deion Branch (10)

-Santonio Holmes, Marques Colston, Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, Donald Driver, Larry Fitzgerald

3. Brandon Marshall has the most targets over the last three weeks (48)

4. Michael Crabtree has the 6th most targets over the last three weeks (32)

5. New Orleans Saints’ receiver target leaders over the last three weeks

-Meachem (24), Colston (22)

6. Players with equal to or fewer targets than Malcom Floyd over the last three weeks

-Randy Moss, Desean Jackson, T.O., Donald Driver, Reggie Wayne

  1. Mr. Relevant says:

    ryan grant vs. SEA or jamaal charles vs. CIN?

  2. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Mr. Relevant: is it PPR? If so then you have to go w/ Charles. In standard I’d roll with Grant.

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Cheese: OK here’s the thing w/ Sproles:
    #1 he’s a return league monster
    #2 they franchised him this season and paid him a lot of money. With LT entering Free Agency, the Chargers could retain Sproles and make him the featured back next season.

    I am not in love with your best option, but it’s your best option. Drop Garrard, pick up Vick, see where you are at the beginning of next season. Your team is loaded with young talent so you should be in great position. Since your league allows you to play a Quarterback in your flex I’d try to put together a trade for someone like Matthew Stafford in the offseason/at the beginning of next year. Out of curiosity could you pick up someone like Brady Quinn? I assume you’ve examined this from every angle and that Vick’s the best you can do for the money.

  4. stumanji says:

    My opponent in the finals grabbed the Falcons D (even though he has 3 other options already), so my best options are now the Chargers, Bills, and (gulp!) Raiders. I’m leaning towards the Bills, but could Oak be a sneaky good play with DA returning and throwing picks all over the place?

  5. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Drew, thanks for looking into that. Isn’t LT signed through 2011?

    3/10/2009: Signed a three-year, $17.875 million contract.
    The deal contains $7.725 million guaranteed, including a $2.875 million signing bonus and $1 million of his second-year salary.
    Another $2 million is available through yardage-based incentives in 2010. 2009: $3.825 million, 2010: $3 million (+ $2 million roster bonus due in March), 2011: $6.15 million, 2012: Free Agent

  6. Josh says:

    @stumanji: I say go with the Bills. Cleveland did just score 41 points last week, and that was with Quinn doing less than nothing. The Raiders’ run D is every bit as bad as the Chiefs’, so I don’t see why Harrison can’t have another huge game.

  7. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Cheese: you’re right, I got LT confused with another player. Even so I’d still go in that direction.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: Tough choice. I don’t feel good about any of them, but I like Oakland.

  9. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Drew – Ya it’s my best option currently… I could wait til next year to draft a QB for $3,045,000 but I don’t know who’ll be available. And for that kind of money I’d be looking at a weak QB anyways. Vick is probably the best bet, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just make a trade like you said. Thanks.

    On a second note, for championship week, I have a pretty tough decision (same return yardage league).

    3 RB slots to use, and I gotta choose from..

    Sproles, Charles, Forsett, Harrison, McCoy

    I currently have Sproles, Charles and Harrison… Do you agree this is the best bet? SD plays TEN, will it be high scoring enough for me to use Sproles?

  10. Ian says:

    Need a RB2: Mendenhall, Fred Jackson, Barber, Harrison

    My gut is telling me to stick with Mendy, but I don’t particularly like the matchup. What do you think?

  11. Kristina says:

    Championship week! I need 2 RBs, non-PPR: Grant, Charles, Thomas. Leaning towards Grant and Thomas based on matchups. Which defense has a bigger week: GB or Cincy? Gut says to roll with GB and last week was an anomaly given neither team could run the ball. Thanks!

  12. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Cheese: As of right now I like those three. I am in the same boat in a championship (return yards) and I am going to play him.

    @Ian: Mendenhall, Harrison but it’s a tough call.

    @Kristina: I like the pics you’ve made

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