1.  The Bengals have a 5 game winning streak.  The last time the Bengals had a 5 game winning streak was in 1988.  They made it to the Super Bowl that year.

2.  The NFL offense is becoming more and more pass-oriented.  As a result, Aaron Rodgers is on pace to have the highest QBR in a season (129.1), Wes Welker is on pace to have the most receiving yards in a season (1920), and Calvin Johnson is only 1 touchdown off the pace of Randy Moss’s 23 touchdown season in 2007.

3.  Eli Manning is on pace have the most 4th quarter comebacks in a single season (8).  The current record is 7 set in 2009 by his older brother, Peyton.  Manning blood runs cold.

4.  The 49ers have still not allowed a rushing touchdown.  Week 9 against the Redskins was the first time they failed to record a rushing touchdown on offense.

5.  In the 4 games Tebow has played this season, he is averaging 18 Fantasy PPG.  You can look at this in two ways:  1) This is .25 more than fellow run-heavy QB Mike Vick (17.75).  2) If Tebow averaged 18 Fantasy PPG over a 16 game season, he would have finished as the 4th best fantasy quarterback in 2010.

6.  With the money gained from his new contract, Fitzpatrick should treat his offensive linemen to a steak dinner.  He has only been sacked 8 times on the season, the only all-year starting QB to have fewer than 10 sacks on the year.

7. Anquan Boldin is averaging 5.15 receptions per game.  That is about 2 receptions more than the rest of the Raven’s receivers combined (Smith, Williams, Evans average a COMBINED 3.25 receptions per game).

8.  Scott Chandler leads tight ends in touchdowns with 6.  But don’t be fooled, he only has 21 targets on the year, meaning if he doesn’t get a touchdown, he’s useless from a fantasy perspective.

9.  Green Bay’s Passer Rating Differential (+46.8) is the highest in the league.  The last two teams to lead the league in Passer Rating Differential were the Packers in ’10 and the Saints in ’09.  Both teams won the Super Bowl during their respective years.

10.   The Colts Point Differential is a -157, losing by an average of 17.4 PPG.  Based on the Colts current PPG (14.2), it would take them just over 11 shutout games to break even.  Yikes!

11.  The New England Patriots defense is averaging 313.96 passing yards against per game.  No team has ever allowed over 284 passing yards against per game.

12.  After week 9, five teams are allowing more than 5 YPC against – Saints (5.3), Bears (5.2), Lions (5.2), Raiders (5.2), and the Rams (5.2).In the previous two seasons, no team has allowed more than 4.8 YPC against.

13.  At home, the Saints are 4-0 and a +90.  On the road the Saints are 2-3 and a -8.

14.  Despite the Bears allowing the second most rushing yards against on the season, they have the 2nd least rushing attempts against (20.9).  This anomaly can be attributed to the fact that the Bears have allowed a stingy 3.8 YPC average over the previous three seasons.

15.  Both Jared Allen (12.5) and DeMarcus Ware (12.0) are on pace to break Strahan’s single season sack record of 22.5.

  1. EK says:

    Pls rank for this week (non PPR):

    Jacoby Ford
    Laurent Robinson
    Maurice Morris
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Steve Breaston

  2. Salty Balty says:

    Two questions:

    (1) Start Chris Johnson or Michael Bush? Bush has looked great, but I’m concerned about the short week and Johnson has a good matchup. (Either one would be starting at Flex, I have Shady and Forte as my RBs).

    (2) Pick 2: Brandon Lloyd, Dez Bryant, or Julio Jones. I’m leaning toward Jones and Bryant. Non-ppr league.


  3. Mike says:

    I just received a trade offer in my keeper league. Keepers are players drafted after the 3rd round and they can be kept for 3 years. I was offered Mark Ingram for Beanie Wells. Both players were drafted in the 4th round so they can both be kept for 3 years. Im thinking of making this move even though Ingram isnt doing as good as Wells this year. I think Ingram is more talented as has more future upside. What do you think?

  4. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    All are pretty similarly valued but…

    Jacoby Ford (4)
    Laurent Robinson (1)
    Maurice Morris (5)
    Mike Williams (3)
    Steve Breaston (2)

  5. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Salty Balty:

    1) Johnson. He is playing the worst fantasy run defense in the league and is coming off a decent game by his season’s standards. While I am weary of both Johnson and his consistency, I wouldn’t have the stones to sit him this week.

    2) Go with your gut. I’ve been playing fantasy football for a long time and I can say that I have never been mad for going with my gut feeling, good call or not. Over time I’ve learned to never go against my gut feeling because if I do and I’m wrong, I get pissed for second guessing myself.

  6. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    While I agree Ingram is the more talented RB, he also has the more talented QB on a throw heavy team and more talented back-ups (Sproles and Thomas) who are both inked until the 2015 season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas is eventually traded, but for right now I would probably keep Wells. Like always, this is just food for thought. Go with your gut in the end. Good luck.

  7. anthony says:

    Hey kevin,
    I’m deciding on who to put as my flex but this time its a little tricky, hope u can help.
    Non ppr standard league.

    Desean jackson (boom or bust)
    Beanie wells
    Jackie battle
    Daniel thomas
    Or Percy harvin?
    Thanks a lot.

  8. Nick CB says:

    Hi there–could use some help with my WR’s. Starting Bowe and Julio Jones, but past that it’s murky (it’s a non-ppr standard league). How would you rank the following in terms of startibility (I only have room for two more)?

    Manningham (playing a tough Niners D)
    Jacoby Ford (Moore got the bulk of the targets last week)
    Laurent Robinson (Bryant and Witten hurt his value)
    Santonio Holmes (Never seems to get enough targets)
    Eric Decker (Ugh. Tebow.)

  9. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I would narrow your options down to either Wells or Jackson. Neither Battle, Thomas nor Harvin have shown enough consistency to warrant their lack of upside.

    Wells’s knee scares me. He only averaged 2.0 YPC against a paper thin Rams run defense last week and if you take out one 14 yard run, he averaged less than a yard per carry. I just don’t trust him, even against a similarly thin Eagles run defense. Knee injuries are tricky.

    Jackson has been terrible in his last three games. However, there is a silver lining. In each of those games he has been in the top 3 in targets, averaging 7 targets per game. This shows that why many people have given up on the underachiever, Vick and the Eagles haven’t and that’s enough for me to push him over Wells for the week. It doesn’t hurt that the Cardinals have a terrible pass defense that often gives up big plays.

    Go Jackson unless you find out miraculous news about Wells’s knee later on in the week.

  10. Drew Crew says:

    Need two out of Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and Brandon Lloyd in ppr. Kinda wanna bench Lloyd because of Joe Haden.

  11. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Drew Crew:

    Brown and Jones for that exact reason. Making my job easy…

  12. Nick CB says:

    Any thoughts on my question?

  13. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Nick CB:

    My bad, Nick; I accidentally skipped over your question. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Anyways…

    1A. Holmes – He has scored in 3 of his last 4 games. He scored the last time he played the Patriots. The Patriots have the worst secondary in the league.

    1B. Manningham – He leads his teams in red zone targets. He has scored in his last two games. He is a targeted heavily. I bet Nicks sits out.

    3. Laurent Robinson – He’s filled in for Austin before (2 games) and averaged 82.5 yards per game and 7.5 targets per game. He’s also scored in his last two games (even with Austin healthy). Sure Witten/Bryant take targets away from Robinson, but they also deflect coverage off him too.

    4. Decker – He’s Tebow’s favorite WR. Unfortunately, I like Tebow for his running, not his passing.

    5. Ford – I don’t trust Palmer and I especially don’t trust Ford. I’m one of the Moore over Ford guys. We’ll see which one edges ahead this week.

    Again sorry for overlooking your question. I guess I make mistakes too, sometimes… once.

  14. Nick CB says:

    Thanks Kevin! Don’t sweat it–always grateful for the help.

  15. Trade question. 12 team PPR with standard scoring. I get Dez Bryant for Willis McGahee. My WRs are Fitzgerald, Denarius Moore, Mike Williams (TB), Benn and if waivers go through, Vincent Brown. RBs are Fred Jackson, Sproles, Deangelo, Best, Delone Carter and Jacquizz. We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. And I play the guy I would be trading with in week 12.

  16. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Ivar Anderson:

    Accept that deal, a.s.a.p!!! It’s not even that Bryant tops Willis because I am seeing them as more of a wash, but lets think logically. Are you going to sit Jackson or Sproles in a PPR league? I know I wouldn’t. In that case, McGahee would just be sitting on your bench. If you can get Bryant for him, that would solidify your WR1 and WR2 slots and you can play the match-up game between Moore, Williams and Benn for the WR3 slot.

    And it shouldn’t matter in the broad scheme of things, but Bryant’s week 12 match-up is a lot better than McGahee’s.

  17. Thanks, Kevin. You convinced me.

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