After checking out the week 12 schedule, I realized football fans have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season:

Packers @ Lions – Easily the most anticipated game of the season.  I am praying the Lions bring their A game.

49ers @ Ravens – Two of the best defenses in the game (if you’re into that kind of thing).  Plus, it’s nice to see a little family reunion come the holiday season.

Bills @ Jets – Couldn’t be a bigger game in terms of AFC wildcard implications.

Patriots @ Eagles – Two of the best offenses in the game (if you’re into that kind of thing).  Hey, wait a second…

Broncos @ Chargers – 4th quarter hero v. 4th quarter zero.

Giants @ SaintsGiants need a win vs. a tough Saints team.

That is a lineup one can only dream about.  If you have trouble waiting, like me, here are some stats to get you through hump day:

The 49ers have yet to allow a rushing touchdown in 10 games. 

The Ravens are only one of 7 teams that have at least 10 rushing touchdowns on the season.  Hate to say it, but I think the streak ends with this game.

The Houston Texans have the number 1 defense in the league.

The Texans are the only team allowing less than 270 YPG.  Last year the Texans had the 30th ranked defense, allowing 377 YPG.  What a difference a year makes…

Darrell Revis is having a ridiculous year.

Revis has held opposing QBs to under a 3.0 passer rating on the season.  Asomugha who?

Demarco Murray is 11th in the league in rushing.

Murray has 674 yards on the year with a videogame-like 6.7 YPC.  He is not in the top 25 in rushing attempts.

People probably aren’t surprised that Arian Foster is in the top 10 in rushing yards 740 yards.

What people may be surprised to find out is that Ben Tate is in the 10 in rushing yards as well with 686.  Tate (5.6) currently outrushes Foster (4.3) by over 1 YPC. 

Cam Newton set a rookie QB record with 9 rushing TDs on the year. 

Newton is currently 3rd in the league in rushing TDs only trailing AP and McCoy, both with 10.

The Cowboys have had a lead in the last 5 minutes of every game they have played with the exception of the Eagles game. 

Never before has a 6-4 record sounded so awful.

Phil Dawson is on pace to have the most 50+yd field goals in a season. 

Currently the record is 8.  Dawson is a perfect 6-6 through 10 games.  He is also 36 years old.

Aaron Rodgers posts a ridiculous 130.7 QBR

He is on pace to break the record for QBR in a season.  The next closest QB is Tom Brady with a 102.0 QBR.

Tim Tebow splits.

In the first three quarters, Tebow averages a 40.23 completion percentage and a 67.13 QBR.  In the 4th quarter Tebow completes 56% of his passes, has a 107.0 QBR and has a 5:1 TD to INT ratio.  And that’s only throwing the ball…

Philip Rivers has 17 INTs on the year…

Which is the most in league.  Before this season, Rivers has never thrown more than 15 INTs in a season.

  1. Nick says:

    Hey Kev, for week 12, im facing the other team with a 9-2 record (were tied for first) in my 10 team non-ppr league. I own Tebow & Sanchez (lost Schaub). Would you drop Sanchez to pickup and start Young, Flacco, Moore, Dalton, Smith, Ponder, Hanie, McCoy or Kolb?

    What would you do? Pickup one of these guys to start next week. Or Start Tebow and hold Sanchez/drop for a better backup…

  2. Nick says:

    Also have a question regarding my starting lineup for week 12…

    Who do you like at WR2&3 this week in my 10 team non-ppr? Antonio Brown, Santonio Holmes, Torrey Smith, Laurent Robinson?

    Also at flex would you play one of the receivers above (not used at WR) or who I currently have in — Kevin Smith. Other RB on bench include Starks and Helu…

  3. Mike Scobey says:

    I like Robinson and Smith, Helu doesn’t get enough carries and Starks is questionable. I like Smith over Robinson. WR’s are hard to predict. Like who would of thought Wayne would be this bad.

  4. Rodger says:

    How would you rank the following in terms of a flex play this week? Be much appreciated!

    RB Toby Gerhart
    RB Kevin Smith
    WR Santonio Holmes
    WR Mario Manningham
    RB Chris Johnson

  5. Benny says:

    Which of these would you start at flex this week in a .5 pt ppr: Tate or Spiller?

  6. Jeff says:

    Need to start one of these RBs this wk in a ppr. Who do you go with? Battle, Ogbannaya, Gerhart.

  7. Mike says:

    C.J. Spiller @ NYJ
    Jonathan Stewart @ IND

    who do I start this week? I like Stewart’s matchup but I feel like Spiller may be the better play since he should touch the ball more than Stewart will. I play in a .5 PPR league btw. What do you think?

  8. Kirk says:

    David Akers is 5-5 from 50+ yards. He is also 36 years old (he’ll be 37 in a couple weeks.) Just sayin’

  9. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    Gut/Stats – Keep Sanchez for now, but Tebow is the best fantasy QB out of the group (thanks to his running). Odds are one of the QBs in the group will have a better fantasy day, but because you are playing the other first place team and a win would be huge, now is not the time to take a crazy chance and bank on which one that is going to be. Start Tebow who is a safe bet for a solid day and keep Sanchez for now and give yourself an extra week to narrow down the list.

  10. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    Stats: All pretty similar… If I had to choose stats wise I would go Brown, Robinson and K. Smith for the flex.

    Gut: Brown, Torrey Smith and KSmith flex. Brown has been the more constant WR target and yardage wise, the 49ers give up the long ball, and KSmith… I just think he does it again.

  11. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Mike Scobey:

    RB can be tough to predict too. But, yes I like K. Smith over Robinson too.

  12. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    RB Toby Gerhart (5)
    RB Kevin Smith (3)
    WR Santonio Holmes (4)
    WR Mario Manningham (1)
    RB Chris Johnson (2)

    Chris Johnson is all upside and Manningham is a safer bet. Assess your situation and decide which one would suit your lineup better for the week.

  13. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    Really tough call.

    Stats: Tate
    Gut: …Tate in a close call.

  14. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:


    Battle is pointless and is too off and on with McCluster.
    I think Hardesty will be stealing a lot of Ogbannaya’s carries.

  15. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    Stats/Gut: Go Stewart. Its close enough to let the matchup determine the outcome… Colts v. Jets is a no brainer.

  16. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    It’s funny how nobody every remember second place. Thanks for the stat though, pretty cool. Love’d Akers when he was an Eagle.

  17. Clueless says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Not sure if you’re taking the day off of responding if you are no worries and I hope you have a great day today.

    Having a tough time trying to decide who to start. (PPR)

    Ray Rice, Darren Sproles or Antonio Brown –

    Rice is a stud but going up against tough SF D, Brown looks to have a good matchup against KC but I wonder if PIT will run it more.

    I currently have Rice and Brown in my lineup with Sproles on the bench.

    I need to choose 2 of the 3.


  18. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thanksgiving Day quick hit:

    There is always time for FFB, so no worries there. Happy turkey day to you too! I agree with the two you chose… because…

    Rice is too good to sit, regardless of his match up. Plus he can be featured heavily in the passing game during any given week, so it’s not JUST about the run game.

    Brown – Flowers on KC is a solid CB and will mostly line up against Wallace, leaving Brown to be the beneficiary of some extra targets.

    Sproles has been too off and on for me as of late and I don’t know what to make of him on his current match up. And with what I just said about Brown, no need to take the risk.

  19. Clueless says:

    Excellent – Thank you for the input I greatly appreciate it

  20. Robert says:

    News that Addai may sit out has me questioning who to start in flex.

    PPR league – Shonn Greene or Donald Brown?

    Greene has averaged about 9.6 pts in the last 4 games he was healthy,
    Brown 8.2, but Brown gets Carolina and their flag football defense.

    Need upside since Ray Rice crapped the bed for me.

    Who would you start?

  21. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    It was a tough week for Ray Rice owners. Terrible match up, but it’s not like you can sit him… if you’re league is half-decent anyways.

    Stats – Greene. When both backs are healthy Greene gets more carries and gets better production. As far as the Panthers JV run D, the Bills aren’t much better and have actually been just as bad over their last 3 games.

    Gut – Brown. Everything points to starting Greene… but I think Tomlinson steals more fantasy points from him than people think.

    I recommend starting Greene because more times than not given the same scenario he will outproduce Brown. But, if your gut is telling you Brown like mine is, don’t be afraid to go with it. Good luck.

  22. Stan dusky says:

    I’ll trade you Torrey smith for 37 dollars

  23. 37 Dollars says:

    My friend offered me torrey smyth for 37 dollars…should I do it?

  24. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Stan dusky: @37 Dollars:

    Assuming I cracked the code and you are the same person, I would totally take the 37 dollars. 37 dollars could buy you at least 3 domino’s pizzas depending on where you live. Get rid of Smith and play the match ups.

    *Couldn’t spell Smith the second time around?
    **Stan Dusky – I see what you did there… you clever little creep you.

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