And the award season continues!  If only Ricky Gervais were here to help Al Davis off the toilet and put his teeth and skin back in/on.  But sadly all we have is Ol’ Doc (that’s me) taking us back to the days of yore.  We are almost out of Razzball awards.  We had to give one to Grey on his birthday yesterday.  He said he’d never won anything and he was in the corner next to the Matthew Berry Fat Head we got him, drinking a year’s worth of strawberry daiquiris.  It was sad really.   So this could be the last award post, but maybe not, but maybe it will be.

The RB Bust Award(s) (sponsored by Arby’s)

Shonn Greene & Ryan Mathews: I asked the Twitter people who they thought was a bigger bust and most leaned toward Mr. Greene because he actually had some experience and finished the previous season strong. But no matter which way you cut it, they both were drafted high and they both sucked rather hard. Mathews was 32nd and Greene was the 37th ranked fantasy running back at the end of the season.  Greene wasn’t very good and LT outplayed him and Mathews was always hurt and Tolbert knew the offense better. Both have a chance for bounce back seasons, but Mathews looked like the more talented player this year.  Of course you have to worry about him getting injured, but his risk/reward is pretty high.  Greene poses an interesting dilemma.  LT can’t live forever, but Joe McKnight showed that he doesn’t completely suck, so where does that leave Greene?  Not a round 2 or 3 pick, that’s where.

The Breakout, Break Your Ankles, Player Of The Year

Darren McFadden: So Arian Foster would probably be the biggest breakout, but Run DMC was more surprising and frankly, a more exciting and potentially better player.  DMac finished with 1,664 total yards, 47 receptions and averaged 5.2 yards a carry and 10.8 yards a reception.  That is good enough for the 6th overall fantasy running back and that was with an s-load of missed time due to injuries. If I wasn’t worried about his injury history I would easily have him as a top 3 back going into next season.  Last season I was grabbing Jamaal Charles late in the first round and I think next season it will be DMC unless the hype machine really takes hold.

Best Fantasy Kicker

Whoever Faced The Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals gave up 160 fantasy points to kickers this season. That’s 10 a game and they were pretty consistent about it.  Their stats don’t have a huge game here and there skewing the data.  Sebastian Janikowski led the league with 150 points which I believe is less than 160. Of course you couldn’t always pick up the kicker who was facing the Cardinals, but there were plenty of times you could and it worked.  The Cardinals red zone defense was stout this season, so they gave up a lot of field goals.  It’s hard to find a crappy defense that is good in the redzone!  They were them.

Best Second Half Wide Receiver

Mike Wallace: In the last 8 games of the season 60 Minutes led the league with 750 yards receiving. He ended up as the 6th best fantasy receiver and that was without his quarterback for 4 weeks.  I would be worried that he is just a deep threat due to his 21 yards a reception, but he showed on many occasions that he wasn’t just a Randy Moss type jerk wagon and would go over the middle if need be.  He’s a top 5 receiver next season and maybe higher.

The Bad Ass When Not Concussed Award

Austin Collie: The guy was unstoppable when he wasn’t getting knocked out.  I admit to completely missing on this guy by once again falling for the Anthony Gonzalez’s bull mularkey.  Collie averaged over 12 fantasy points a game, but that includes games he left early due to head trauma.  Collie’s future is a bit precarious.  If he recovers well and is cleared to play next season it will still be hard to draft him up to his potential, because any new concussion would most likely take him out for an extended period and most likely the whole season.

  1. charlie batch says:

    Dwayne Bowe needs an award. ‘Gets you into the playoffs just to watch you cry’ award?

  2. Penguin says:

    Hey Doc, FanDuel’s doing 1 last week of football.

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