It was a fantastic week 7, where JB’s call of Chris Johnson going off came to fruition against Nick’s beloved, albeit terrible Buffalo Bills.  It’s not like JB has much of a leg to stand on though, as he is an eye-gouging Panthers fan.

Nick and JB react to the headlines from week 7 including Maurice Jones-Drew‘s injury and backup Rashad Jennings‘ value.  Then the hosts preview week 8 with JB’s up and down picks.

Meanwhile, Nick refuses to be berated any further on his David Wilson love, as his man-crush failed to have a single touch in week 7.

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  1. paulzone says:

    Need some quick trade advice.

    I give bradshaw & reggie bush for Ray Rice. Would you do it with this team?

    qb – luck / stafford / palmer
    rb – matthews / bradshaw / reggie bush / shonne greene / alex green / hardesty
    wr – megatron / wayne / aj green / denarius moore
    te – gonzo / rudolf
    k – zuerlein
    def – vikes

    • JB Gilpin says:

      @paulzone, wow, pretty loaded team. I think with all that depth it’s actually a pretty smart trade, that wouldn’t be as nice in a vacuum. I do that deal, I see the Ravens really focusing on giving Rice the ball in the 2nd half.

  2. Gibby says:

    Well, my team totally sucked this year, good thing I found out about the Daily’s or else I would be totally depressed already. Great podcast, enjoyed it a lot, and will be tweeting any questions, comments, or general insults next time lol

    • JB Gilpin

      Jonathan Gilpin says:

      @Gibby, Sounds good, we look forward to em!

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