It’s Football Friday here at Razzball headquarters.  I just saw Grey drinking a daiquiri he received in the mail from a loyal reader who is on the verge of winning his baseball league.  He is saying something, he wants to thank everyone for, wait, he’s slurring his words, thank everyone for, uh, oh, he just passed out.  Anyway, here is a run down of Sunday’s games in the National Football League, enjoy!

Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles

The storyline will be Michael Vick and how much he plays, but for the fantasy world and really for the rest of the world the storyline should be a little more branched.  Matt Cassel gets the pleasure of going to The Linc, now I don’t know about you, but I would rather eat black olives than do that. (Black Olives are the Devil’s fruit) The Chiefs are going to have a tough time in Philly. Would I start Cassel, no. LJ, no. Bowe, yes, because the guy can get in the endzone, but don’t expect much more, that’s just selfish.

Kevin Kolb should get his second start in a row and after putting up big numbers he is worth a flier if you are hurting at QB.  But there is a chance that DeSean Jackson might be limited with a groin injury which would hurt Kolb, but I’m guessing it hurts DeSean a little more.  If Jackson doesn’t play Brent Celek would get a nice boost.  The RB situation is normal for the Eagles with Westbrook not practicing on Thursday.  He doesn’t practice that often when he is feeling good so this isn’t a surprise, but with McCoy in the wings it could make it easier to sit Westy if there are any doubts.  He is the king of game-time decisions, but thankfully this is a 1 pm game (for you east coast biasers).

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

The Browns have a lot of problems.  Brady Quinn at the quarterback position might be the biggest. He hasn’t been stretching the field and even though a longer field wouldn’t help the offense, it might help their pitiful defense.  My old nemesis Jamal Lewis hasn’t practiced this week and it might give my bestus bud James Davis a chance, unfortunately it will be tough for him to prove his worth against the Ravens run defense. He isn’t worth a start, but if you own him hope for a few tough runs and for Lewis to be attacked by robots.

In Baltimore, against the Browns defense you have a recipe for some good home offensive cooking.  Add some Flacco, a little McGahee, a pinch of Mason, and a whole Heap of Rice and you’ll have yourself a healthy serving of fantasy goodness.

Washington Redskins @ Detroit Lions

The Redskins have scored a whopping 1 TD’s this season and are amazingly 1-1.  Offenses usually get better against a Detroit defense who has surrendered 72 points in 2 games. I can’t say that Washington will even win this game, but they should be able to move the ball better than they have.  You are going to start Clinton Portis and Chris Cooley of course and even Santana Moss who I consider benchable in many of their games.  In this game you can even throw Campbell and Randle El in there.  I’m not counting on huge games from each of these schmos, but they should have ample opportunities.

Detroit has now lost 19 games in a row.  In my opinion that is not very good. But this here is a good example of how fantasy and reality aren’t the same thing, also, they are two completely different words.  Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith are every week starters on a team that can’t win a game.  For some reason I am looking forward to this game. It may be masochistic, but I kinda like these losers, but I am a Cubs fan as well.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

The Jags are one of the worst teams in the league.  That is a sad statement for a team that usually has a tough D and has one of the best running backs in the league.  The good thing about fake football is we don’t really care about crazy things like wins and what not.  This game could be a shootout and that’s the way we like it, uh huh, uh huh.  MJD should have a field day, whatever that is, and I would feel good about throwing David Garrard, Torry Holt, Marcedes Lewis and Mike Sims-Walker out there against them.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Schaub, it was the age of Slaton, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us and then we met the Jags and the fantasy walls came tumbling down.  This should be the game that our old pal Steve Slaton gets back on track. The Jags are still ok against the run, but they are poor against stopping running backs from catching the ball.  If Slaton doesn’t catch at least 5 passes I’m going to find Kubiak and drive him back to Denver and throw him in a vat of fermenting beer.  Oh, and Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels are no-brainer starts.  Kevin Walter was still limited in practice, but if he completes a full practice today I’d start him as well.

Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots

The Falcons look like a real team.  Even in down games Matt Ryan puts up adequate fantasy numbers.  It is all there.  A good offensive line, QB, RB, WR and TE.  And each one is an every game start even on the road in New England.  And if you’re in a league that starts offensive lines that is just weird.

Brady hasn’t been Brady this year, but he’s shown signs and I have no doubt he’ll turn it around.  The Falcons weakness is their run D, but there aren’t many fantasy RB’s in New England.  the Falcons won’t have an answer for Moss like the Jets did with Darelle Revis so he should get back on track and it looks like Welker should be ok to go.

Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams

The Packers O-line is awful right now, but thankfully for them the Rams aren’t exactly sack masters.  You can safely play every living Packer and some who have passed on.

If I was a Rams fan I would be hoping for Warren Beatty to come back from heaven to QB my team.  But you’ve got to go with watcha got.  The Packers haven’t been great against #1 receivers so I would play Laurent Robinson because there is a great chance they will be down and needing to throw.  And you might as well start SJax.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I would never draft Eli Manning.  It wouldn’t even cross my mind to draft Eli Manning. I don’t even like saying the name Eli Manning. Is that so wrong?  I guess so because he is playing well and throwing to parenthetical Steve Smith and his brother from another mother, but with a similar, but ham-phenated name, Mario Manningham. If you would have told me Smith and Manningham would be 1-2 in the NFC in receiving yards after week 2 I would have punched you in the mouth.  You have to feel good about starting all of them, even the 3.3 yards per carry Brandon Jacobs, against a Bucs team that is 31st in the league in defense.

The Bucs have been airing it out because they can’t seem to stop anybody, ever.  The Giants D even though banged up is still stopping people through the air, but their run D hasn’t been great.  The loss of Justin Tuck won’t help.  So I wouldn’t be afraid to start Caddy and Derrick Ward.  Winslow will still be the primary receiver, but otherwise it might be a tough go for the passing offense.

Tennessee Titans @ New York Jets

This is why you don’t draft defenses early.  The Titans have given up a whopping 339 yards through the air.  Is that from the first two games?  No sir, that’s per game.  The Jets are tough on the pass and Revis will shut down Justin Gage or Nate Washington.  I’m pretty sure he could cover both of them at the same time, so I would give both of them a time out.  They are also tough against the run, but not as much.  Chris Johnson won’t repeat last week, but you have to start him.  Sit LenDale because I doubt he’ll have too many opportunities.

With the Titans pass defense you have to throw Cotchery and Keller out there who have both looked good.  Sanchez is a gamble and I would sit him but if you are feeling frisky, and the eagle flies with the dove, you might as well love the one your with.  I’d sit Sir Thomas Jones and flex out ol’ Leon Washington.

San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings

Gore rode the Seahawks D and put them up wet, but Minnesota don’t play like that.  Gore of course is an every week start, but there is less to like about this matchup.  The Vikings are giving up more yards per game on the ground than usual, but they have yet to give up a TD.  And they have only given up 157 yards per game through the air (double that and you still don’t have as many as the Titans per game!).  I don’t like the chances of any 49er having a fantasy worthy game other than Gore.

Brett Favre is old.  Let’s face cold old facts.  He can’t throw the ball very far and my hopes of him stretching the field have been broken like I’m sure one of his calcium deficient bones will be at some point this year.  The 49ers D has been stout against the run and a little looser against the pass.  Purple Jesus should levetate those rush D numbers, but asking for 200 yards and 3 TD’s is selfish and uncalled for!  Some of us never had the #1 pick okay!  I like Harvin and Berrian as starters, but lets stop there before we embarrass ourselves.

New Orleans Saints @ Buffalo Bills

With Bell out and Pierre Thomas still in limbo it looks like Drew Brees may throw about 79 times in this game.  The Bills have been poor to horrible against the pass and I see no reason they won’t be humiliated like every other team Drew Brees has picked apart this year.  Start Colston, Shockey, Bush and Henderson without reservations.  In return leagues give Meachem a whirl. And if you are in a TD heavy league throw Hamilton at them.

The Bills haven’t exactly been slouches on the offensive side of the ball which bodes well for a high scoring fantasy free for all.  Fred Jackson has been insane and should continue catching passes and running hard.  Trent Edwards will need to throw the ball early and often to at least attempt to keep up with the Saints so Owens and Lee are worthy starting as well.

Chicago Bears @ Seattle Seahawks

The Bears showed a little heart against the Steelers and get an injury plagued Seahawks team.  Gore ran all over them last week, and I see Matt Forte finally living up to his high draft pick status.  Cutler might not blow the doors off the Seahawks, but I see an good day that won’t kill you fantasy wise.  The Bears receivers are hard to read right now.  Johnny Knox has the potential to really do something this year, but I’m holding my judgment for now and sitting him down with Earl Bennett.  Hester is still the #1 receiver if you can call him that and I think the safest play this week.

I don’t think Hasselbeck will play.  This really hurts all of the Seahawks.  I feel good about Carlson and ok about Houshmandzadeh, but I’d look for a backup for Jones.  Wallace will hurt him.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers have beaten the Bengals 8 times in a row at Paul Brown stadium (shouldn’t that be the Browns’ stadium?).  And they are coming off a tough loss.  I’m looking for a grind it out kinda game between two rivals which isn’t the best scenario for fantasy.  I think you have to start Roethlisberger, Holmes and Ward, but I can’t trust their running backs to do much.

The Steelers pass D is their weakness, especially with Polamalu out so you need to start Ocho, and Palmer is a toss up for me right now.  I feel like there are some good matchups out there this week and you could probably find a QB not going up against the Steelers.  Cedric Benson is a flex play at best.  His ceiling for this game is 70 yards and a TD, but more like sans TD.

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders looked good at home in week one and then not so good away in week 2.  Of course they lost in week one and won and week 2.  Crazy kids!  So back home against Denver I have to think they’ll play at least a little better.  The Broncos D has been good this year, but they also have played the Browns and that’ll pad anybodies stats.  I’m starting Darren McFadden and Zach Miller, but that’s where I draw the line!

The Broncos are still trying to find their bearings and Oakland really isn’t the best place to do that even though the Raiders are owned by the decaying one.  We still don’t know what is happening with the WR rotation or the RB rotation.  Marshall, Royal and Moreno should come out on top of all this eventually, but we are going to have a lot of pitiful fake football records waiting on that to happen.  I’m sitting Marshall like Josh McDaniels seems to be doing.  He is going up against Asomugha so it isn’t a stretch.  I’m starting Royal and Moreno.  I think Moreno will start getting the bulk of the carries this week and the Raiders run D isn’t the best in the league.

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers

Ronnie Brown meet the huge hole where Jamal Williams used to live.  Now run through it.  The Ravens ran all over the Chargers with Old Willis McGahee and after Mr. Brown’s Monday night game you might see a little less of Ricky Williams.  You have to get Ted Ginn Jr. in there, but I’m holding off on Bess until it looks like he’s going to get more work.

LT doesn’t look like he’ll play yet again.  If the slow healing isn’t a sign of old age I don’t know what is.  I’m still healing from sitting on the couch all day.  Rivers, Gates, Sproles and Jackson are all must starts.  Miami’s pass D is weak and their run D is strong.  Thankfully for Sproles owners he likes to catch the ball.

Inianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals run D has been a strength this year.  I would sit both Addai and Brown.  Peyton will find Clark and Wayne and you will start them all or I swear I will not be that pleased with your decision making abilities.  Garcon had that one catch and run to save his fantasy night on Monday, but it sure is hard to count on that.  He should see more targets if the Colts can keep their time of possession above 15 minutes, but he is far from reliable.  He’s an emergency starter.

The Colts pass D is tops in the league, but of course it’s hard to sit Warner, Fitz or Boldin.  If I had a decent backup for Warner with a good matchup I might sit him, and if you own Warner you better have a decent backup.  The Colts problem is their run D as usual.  Tim Hightower is a must start and even Beanie might sneak some yards in there, but I’d sit him until he shores up more touches.

  1. matthole says:

    which 2 RBs would you start in 10 team 1/2ppr league….turner, portis, sproles, hightower


  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @matthole: Turner and Portis

  3. Byron says:

    @ Doc- Trying to decide who to start- Warner or Garrard? Garrard is going against Houston which is a much better matchup than Indy but I also have Fitzgerald- Gotta love the double points

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Byron: I like Garrards matchup, but he hasn’t looked good out there. Gotta go with Warner.

  5. matthole says:

    @Doc: Thanks, whod you slot as your WR3 in 1/2ppr: Desean jackson, lee evans, laurent robinson, johnny knox

    Thanks again

  6. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    @Doc: 2 RB league 1 PPR. Chris johnson, Reggie Bush, Brandon jacobs or Fred Jackson?

  7. matthole says:

    @mgeoffriau: whyd u recommend bush over both jackson and jacobs?

    not worried charles woodson will shutdown robinson?

  8. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @matthole: I think Woodson is one of those DB’s that constantly alternates between being overrated and underrated. He’s good, but I don’t think he’s the kind of DB that you sit someone for (like Asomugha and maybe Revis). He might limit the yards Robinson gets after the catch, but I don’t think he’s going to shut him down.

    In a PPR league, I don’t think Jacobs will keep pace with Bush or Jackson. I chose Bush as he may get additional carries with PT and Mike Bell dinged up, plus I don’t think NO can stop a decent passing attack so you may see Edwards throw outside to Lee Evans and TO more often, not checkdown to Jackson quite as much.

    But, I’d say Bush and Jackson are pretty even….mostly gut instinct in choosing Bush.

  9. herschel says:

    12 team ppr. Bess, burleson, stuckey or randel-el?


  10. Calogero says:

    I’ve got both a flex and QB quandary this week…

    Derrick Ward, Shady McCoy, or Knowshon?
    Romo or Garrard?

  11. Dave says:

    Trade question…

    Forte for Calvin Johnson?
    my rbs
    Forte, Barber, McFadden, R. Bush, McCoy, M. Bell, Norwood
    Wrs – Steve Smith (both), Hester, Lee
    start 3 wrs, 3 rbs. standard scoring.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Tough, it’s between Stuckey and Randle El and I like El more in ppr.

    @Calogero: Ward, Romo.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dave: I love Megatron, but you should stick with Forte.

  14. Calogero says:

    @Doc: Ward over Shady, even if Westbrook is inactive?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Calogero: No, but I’m assuming Westbrook plays. If he doesn’t, McCoy is a go.

  16. Marvin N. says:

    So Doc,

    I have Celek and Winslow…Winslow’s my starter but should I be looking at Celek this week given DeSean’s possible issues? I also have DeSean and wonder if I should sit him but my only option is Bobby Wade…what do ya think?

  17. Atomic says:

    I too am struggling with who to start this week (8 team league) Thoughts?:

    at 2nd QB: Edwards or Cutler?

    fill 2 RB’s and 1 Flex: R Brown, Chris Johnson, Slaton, Rice, DeSean J. or D. Henderson?

    I keep reading both good and bad things about all these guys for this week, so am having a hard time differentiating. Thanks.

  18. salipp says:

    No ppr. would you trade Harvin for Royal?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Atomic: Edwards, and your studs Brown, CJ, Slaton

    @salipp: That’s tough. I love Royal, but Harvin has a ton of upside. Right now I’d stick with Harvin.

  20. salipp says:

    If Mr. Softee, I mean LT ever decides to play again, who would you target in a trade as equal value. I drafted him in Rd. 2(18). I also have C. Johnson, McFadden and C. Wells. Or a WR perhaps?

  21. Byron says:

    @Doc- Also trying to decide between Mccoy and Mcfadden in a ppr league

  22. Atomic says:

    @Doc: Thanks! I was mainly unsure between Slaton and Rice. Love the Razzball!

  23. Marvin N. says:

    @Doc – checking in again bro. I’m really stuck with this Celek vs. Winslow thing, especially if DeSean isn’t 100%. Also, if i don’t play DeSean, is it safe to roll with Wade?

  24. Nick says:

    Hey Doc, for this week would you find a replacement for Larry Johnson, he is in my wr/rb spot or a replacement for Addai & Jones at RB. I have Roy Williams, Housh & Fitzgerald at WR as well as Brees & Shockey. I could drop Mike Bell or Health Miller on my bench.

    I’m in a 10 team league so there are alot of options, could you rank some guys you would pickup for this week that are worth dropping Bell and/or Miller. I’m thinking something like a McCoy. There is also R Williams, Mike Bush, Evans, Taylor, McClain. At WR theres Knox, Robinson, Murphy, Clayton, Gage, Stuckey, Muhammad, N Washington.

    There are probably more options but thats all I’ll list

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Marvin N.: I’d go with Celek. He should get a lot of looks and the Giants should really try to stop Winslow.

    @Nick: I would drop Miller for McCoy just for the long term and hopefully is Westy doesn’t go this week as well. Other than that I would stick with who you have.

    @Byron: If Westy is inactive I’d go with McCoy, but otherwise McFadden.

  26. jamiesonmj says:

    1) “And if you’re in a league that starts offensive lines that is just weird.”

    2) “If you would have told me Smith and Manningham would be 1-2 in the NFC in receiving yards after week 2 I would have punched you in the mouth. ”

    3) “If the slow healing isn’t a sign of old age I don’t know what is. I’m still healing from sitting on the couch all day.”

    4) “Peyton will find Clark and Wayne and you will start them all or I swear I will not be that pleased with your decision making abilities.”

    I shat myself, a couple of times. LOL.

  27. Nick says:

    Thanks Doc. Keep up the good work here

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    It looks like Ward will be the starter because Caddy’s bionic knee is acting up. Adam Schefter thinks Westy will play so Ward is probably the way to go, but things change.

    @jamiesonmj: hah

    @Nick: No prob, thanks.

  29. Nick says:

    @Doc: Also, would you start Folk or Bironas? I own both and want to trade one to a team that needs a kicker. Also I have Jet defense, don’t know if I should drop another player to grab a defense for week 3 or take a chance with the Jets, maybe they will put up fantasy points this week unlike last week which was an excellent performance but no fantasy value.

  30. Dad says:

    @Doc: Better defense play this week: Broncos or Redskins?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: @Nick: I’d say, see which one they want. They are apples to apples.

    I like the Jets D, but it depends on matchups and who you have on the waiver wire.

    @Dad: Broncos.

  32. anon says:

    I got two offers for LDT..

    Tomlinson and Zach Miller for Hightower and Beannie Wells? (I also have Olsen at TE)


    LDT for Derrick Ward and Eddie Royal

    Reject both??

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @anon: I would reject them, but I think you have to work this. They are trying to buy low, but if you can get decent value I think you have to consider dumping his old bones.

  34. anon says:

    I would LOVE to be wash my hands of him. I offered him straight up for Slaton, Grant, Barber, and Brown. Considering offering him for Jacobs or Kevin Smith as well.

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @anon: Hah, yeah he’s dead weight. He could come back, but Sproles will continue to hurt what value he has. I’d keep throwing those offers out there especially if it will make your fantasy mind happier!

  36. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Still feeling positive about Braylon over Brandon Marshall or Devin Hester?

    My first instinct was Braylon, but since yesterday I’ve been wondering if Hester isn’t a better choice…

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mgeoffriau: The Ravens will stuff the run and Quinn will have to throw it a lot. I don’t love the matchup, but I like it more than Hester. Stokley has been hurtng so if he’s out Marshall would have to get more work. If he’s out I’d go Marshall.

  38. adamh says:

    No to LJ huh? OK, pick an RB and flex out of these guys:

    RB Lendale
    RB LJ
    RB Mendenhall
    RB Moore
    WR Nate Washington

    Also, if Welker goes down, I am forced to insert Washington into wideout slot. Basically, pick RB and then rank the rest for this week. Thanks.

  39. adamh says:

    Followup: if Welker is out, do you think dropping Shonn Greene for Edelman to play flex is a decent move? He was targeted a shit-ton last week. Or should I continue to ride Greene out for potentialness.

  40. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Doc: Got it, thanks. I had forgotten the Stokely news — I’ll keep an eye on that.

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @adamh: Well, that’s a qualified no depending on your choices of course!

    LJ, LenDale, Mendy, Nate, Moore

  42. adamh says:

    Its a 0.5 PPR league. Sorry for the messy posts.

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @adamh: I think Welker is going to play, but now Moss didn’t practice because of a back problem! Is Gallaway available. Edelman was limited on Thursday, but I haven’t heard today. If Edelman and Welker play together it may cause a vortex in the space time continuum. It is a HUGE mess right now that I hope clears up soon.

  44. adamh says:

    @Doc: HAHA awesome.

    Ixnay on the Galloway front. Best available are Muhsin (recently dropped), Randle El, Michael Jenkins, Britt, Morgan, and Bruce.

  45. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Already starting Turner the Burner, need two from these RBs this week: Slaton vs Jax, F Jackson vs NO, and McGahee vs Cle… 1/2 point per reception.

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @adamh: I’d probably roll with El if Welker doesn’t play, but i think he will.

    @Joe B: Can’t go wrong with any of them. I think Jackson is going to have a good game in his bid to keep getting touches after Lynch comes back.

  47. paulzone says:

    who would you choose to start this week at qb: warner, big ben, or cutler?

    i need to trade!!!

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paulzone: Warner

  49. eldee says:

    Eep. Looks like wy two starting WRs (Randy Moss and Dwayne Bowe) are questionable. With only Eddie Royal on my bench, who would you add in case they both can’t go: Laurent Robinson (vs. GB), Robert Meacham (vs. Buf), Chansi Stuckey (vs. Ten) or Nate Burleson (vs. Chi)? I’ve heard compelling cases for each of them.

  50. G says:

    Someone just offered me Westbrook and Bradshaw for I take it? And yet it is ppr

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @eldee: I think Robinson will get a lot of targets because the Packers are going to whoop up on them.

    @G: Ugh. I just can’t in good conscious recommend Westbrook for anyone, even LT.

  52. agarthered says:

    Start Mcfadden or Reggie Bush in one league?

    Start Westbrook or Moreno in other league?

    Leaning towards Bush and Westbrook(if he plays).

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @agarthered: Agreed. Moreno was just put on the injury list as well so watch that. I like McFadden, but Bush should get a lot of work and could have a big game.

  54. eldee says:

    @Doc: Thanks. Amazing how quickly that injury report can change your outlook on a week. Tuesday I felt awesome with Shady and Choice looking to get plenty of touches due to injury… now their starters both look like they’ll at least dress and I’m scouring the wire to fine a receiver in case one of my studs is out. Frowny face.

  55. danimal35 says:

    three different leagues, who to start:

    Flacco or Garrard

    Schaub or Rodgers

    Leftwich, Kolb, Pennington or Campbell (i know, i know)

  56. Doc

    Doc says:

    @danimal35: Garrard, Rodgers, Campbell

  57. ETMcgee says:

    hey, i recently found the site through the baseball version, and have enjoyed what i’ve seen thusfar. good stuff.

    who would you start in non ppr, 15yds rec =1, w/ fractional points?
    (pick 3): Gore, K Smith, Sproles, RRice, Fred Jackson.

    I’m leaning towards gore, sproles, freddy; but am a little wary of sitting ksmith vs washington since he is in a 1 back system. rushing yards are standard 10yds per with fractions. Thanks.

  58. ryan says:

    TDs= 6 pts, NOT PPR, 10 yards = 1 pt..Bonuses at 100,150+ yards gained.

    Choose 3 WRs: Colston, TO, Housh, Burleson, L. Coles…Available free agent WRs: Stokley, Knox, Muhsin, Bruce, Jenkins, etc.

    and Choose 2 RBs: S. Jackson @ GB, Slaton @ JAX, Felix Jones @ CAR, or Leon Washington @ TEN.

  59. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ETMcgee: Thanks, glad you found us. I think you have to go with Smith in a non-ppr. Gore, Sproles, Smith

    @ryan: Colston, TO, Housh. Not happy about Housh, but your options are slim.

    SJax, Slaton — Just to be safe I’d stay away from the Monday night game and I think Slaton is going to have a nice game against Jax.

  60. paulzone says:

    which wr this week (no ppr): hester, burleson, robinson?

  61. sickmangarner says:

    probably too late to get this in but would you start Manningham over Roddy White (against NE)?

  62. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sickmangarner: I’d still go Roddy.

  63. sickmangarner says:

    thanks! Way to be quick on the response.

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