With the majority of trade deadlines closing last week, I thought it best to move on to a subject we all know is important but sometimes we have a hard time looking beyond the week at hand.  With thinking forward, I’m going to do my best to pander to those who are playoff bound and may have room on their bench to look beyond the week at hand.  Some of it will be grabbing the player who will be virtually ignored until he or she – hey, it could happen some day people – does something this week.  Others will be a wait and see call.  And others will be a look at those who have good matchups who could perform the following week and are a good stash for the time being.  So without further ado, let’s put on our x-ray glasses – you know, those kind that help you see into the future – and see what we can see for beyond week 12 for 2012 fantasy football…

Knowshon Moreno – I don’t even have to look at your league.  If it’s competitive enough, Ronnie Hillman will gone as you read this as the top replacement for Willis McGehee in Denver after he went down. Lance Ball also got a few carries so he’ll probably be an early morning/waiver nab too but I simply want to bring up the guy who’s going virtually ignored everywhere.  Now this is a grab and watch play.  If he does nothing this weekend, toss him back on the heap like all the other FA trash out there and be done with him.  You could might find a fantasy diamond in the rough or you might get cubic zirconia but he’s worth a kick of the tires at this point and it won’t feel like a kick in the ‘A’ to grab him right now.

Jacquizz Rodgers – As always, these are grabs as needed.  Though vastly improved defensively over the last few weeks, New Orleans still gives up the most fantasy points to opposing backs.  On only 7 touches, Rodgers turned in 62 total yards of offense while Turner only managed 15 yards on 13 carries.  Obviously can’t say for sure if it happens but splits like that say maybe Rodgers gets a few more touches against NO when they face up again in week 13 and at only 43% owned in yahoo leagues and 13% over at ESPN, he’s there for the taking if you’re in need.  Let’s also not forget the Falcons will want a fresh team for the playoffs and Turner is starting to show the second half plunge he did last year over the last 5 games (83 carries for only 254 yards and 2 TDs.  Good for a 3.0 YPC and a frownie face sticker).  Maybe we start seeing a team giving rest to its vets and for that reason, Rodgers could be a good week 13 and beyond stash.

Laurent Robinson – Just dropped a really bad game on the few fantasy owners he has (yahoo 10%/ESPN 26%) while Justin Blackmon went nuts.  I’ve already said I don’t believe in what Blackmon did but I do believe in the 24 targets over two weeks Laurent received prior to Sunday.  Given that the Bills have one of the worst defenses in the league, it’s not unthinkable Laurent regains his mojo in week 13 and may become an FA target after a date with a terrible Titans defense in week 12.  Stash me if you can.

Tony Moeaki – Don’t laugh.  Seriously, I have a typer’s lisp and it’s embarassing…sthop laughing at me!  But for reals, I’ve already mentioned a bit ago that Tony was a decent add if you were in need of a TE.  Is he going to replace your beloved Gronk?  Hells to the no, childrens, but he’ll definitely be a better pick up than Visanthe Shiancoe in my eyes.  Of course, I think we’re still looking at a 14 team league type of pick up here so I’m not going to try and sell him too hard.  I’ll simply say that over the last 4 weeks, he has been the 18th best TE…hrm, that’s still not a ringing endorsement.  But considering he had a goose egg game in the last 4, that means he’s been pretty good in 3 of them.  Thought you’d never see the silver lining to a goose egg day, din’cha?  Not sexy, not gonna score you many touchdowns – nor will any Chief – but he has a good matchup versus Carolina in week 13.  For those who are now without their beloved Gronk, he could be a decent fill-in.  Oh and this week?  He faces the Broncos, the team that gives up the most fantasy points to opposing Tight Ends.  You know, no bigs.